Lost and naked in the waterfall


Guys, my name is Paula, I’m 27 years old, married, 1 son, I live in Brasília and I’m going to report here a true case that happened to me when I was 14 years old. I have been reading tales for a long time and now I took the courage to tell them, even my husband doesn’t know that.
I lived in the interior of MG and almost every Sunday my 16 year old cousin and I went to the waterfall that was about 10 km from the city. It was about 9 in the morning when she stopped by the house and asked me to go, I looked at the sky and said: Renata is a little cloudy, we better not go! She insisted, I already put on a bikini, pack, pack and let’s go. At her insistence, we went… We spent the day as usual, swam, tanned, played, ate sandwiches, etc. In the late afternoon, we went to take the last shower very quickly, to clean the sand to leave because it started raining, and leaving the waterfall we saw that our tires were flat, and our clothes and towels were gone, we were desperate because on foot we would have to leave and we would only arrive at night and in a bikini! We were terrified because there should have been some pervert who had done this !! In addition, I bought my bikini when I was 12 and had a lot of pain after that, it was very indecent, my ass and breasts barely fit in it!
We walked a little and arrived at a shed and saw 4 boys eating barbecue and drinking beer. They were the same boys who went to the waterfall around noon and watched us. My cousin said to me that they should have come back and stolen our clothes and withered the tires, but without a choice we asked for help.
My cousin knew one Pedro who was the oldest about 20 years old and the son of the owner of the store she worked for. He was the only one with a car, he was dark, with straight black hair, about 175 tall, very strong, he was doing weight training, he was beautiful, playboy style. She hitchhiked him, all embarrassed in a bikini, with the other 3 eating us with their eyes. Pedro said that they were leaving only tomorrow, that we could sleep there looking naughty. We told him it was going to be bad, we were going to be badly spoken in the city, which was very small. We begged him to give us a ride. He gave each of us a glass of beer and called Renata to speak to him inside the house. I stayed out and Marcos, who was dating my roommate and was 17, said to me: you look beautiful in that bikini, I was red with embarrassment, but I said thanks, I drank all beer, I had never drunk before. I was very embarrassed, I covered my groin with my hands because my hair appeared in the white dental floss. I turned around and realized that the other 2 boys were not taking their eyes off my ass. Thank God Renata came back and pulled me over and said: Paula, we have a problem: Pedro said he takes us, but just by giving it to them! I told her terrified, you’re crazy, you know I’m a virgin, you know I did anal a few months ago with my boyfriend so I wouldn’t lose my virginity, you’re crazy. I asked her if he knew she was not a virgin and she said that he already knew because her ex had told him. She said that she had already explained that I was a virgin with a “pussy” and he said that it was okay, they wouldn’t even touch my pursuit and that was it or we would have to sleep there with them and the whole city would know.
Deep down, I was a little excited about the situation and Marcos’s previous praise. With that Peter comes and talks and then decided? Renata said, yes, let’s go, but nobody can know, he said: be calm Linda and pulled her arm hard to the shed and the other three entered with him. I was immobilized, after about 10 minutes, I looked through the crack in the door and I saw Pedro eating her on all fours and the other three laughing, putting the stick in her mouth, I don’t remember, I was terrified and at the same time horny! Unfortunately, the door made a noise and Pedro said: come Paulinha, I ran to the corral in fear, Pedro came after me and said: Paula was almost coming and you and hindered me, shall we go in? I said I was ashamed of the boys, he took the luscious stick out and said: suck here a little beautiful, just a little and took off my bra and started sucking my breasts greedily … Oh, as he was very affectionate, I started to suck his dick with desire, his was much bigger and thicker than my boyfriend from school who was 15 years old. After a minute he said, ok now take us, he pulled my hair, pulled the lace on my panties and said suck more beautiful, I was completely naked, I sucked again and the bastard came in my mouth, I spit and almost threw up on by the time he was on the floor on all fours almost vomiting. Worse than I realized that Marcos was on the side seeing everything, he said: now suck for me, he said that he wasn’t vomiting with his sperm, the bastard didn’t even wait for me to get up and stuffed it in my anus, that’s when Renata and the other two arrived , all naked, there was that bacchanal, they lined up to eat us, my ass burned from being so stung, I sucked a lot too !! It was a mixture of fear, lust, excitement! When it was about 9 pm, they took us to the city. Pedro came to me several times after that, we had a flirt, I continued with my boyfriend, but I couldn’t help going out with Pedro, he took me to his father’s store, after a few months, I left my boyfriend and lost my virginity to him. After that, the rumor started to spread throughout the city, we think that for the other three boys, then I started missing school and missed the year, we never told that, nor does my husband know, thank God I moved out of the city shortly after! I remembered that now because we went to this city on vacation, I have relatives there and the owner of the Pizzeria there is Pedro, we had dinner there and I realized that he never took his eyes off me, he looked at me a little jealously, he must have thought he married a rich man from Brasilia and did well! my husband doesn’t even suspect what I did.

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