I ate my dentist

My name is Luís, I am dark, light brown eyes, 1.79 in height, I have a defined body for swimming, I tend to be successful among women.
I go to the dentist once a month just for maintenance, however, the dentist I was used to going to just closed. So I had to find another dentist to go, after a few days of research, I finally made the decision to go to a doctor’s office that was close to my house, recommended by a friend. The office was new and whoever worked there had probably just graduated, however, I decided to take a risk due to the price, my situation was not the most comfortable. I called the office and a sweet voice answered, I thought I was the secretary but I found out I was the dentist, as the place was new, she even took care of making and scheduling appointments because the secretary would arrive in 1 day.
I explained my case and made an appointment for two days from now. I spent those two days quietly and on Wednesday, at 17:30 I was rushing because I had the appointment scheduled for 18:20. I took a shower, brushed my teeth well, put on a presentable outfit and headed for the office. The place was small, but cozy, when I arrived I was welcomed by the secretary and sat in the waiting room.
Anyone who goes to the dentist knows how boring it is to sit around waiting. I stared at nothing and at the secretary, who was not even thrown out. She must have been 21 years old, a redhead, about 1.70 in height, perky breasts, but not too big, her ass couldn’t be seen, because she spent most of her time sitting, but by their legs, which were quite thick, I imagine her ass was very tasty. When it was 6:35 pm, more or less, I heard the dentist calling me for an appointment, so I went to her office and upon entering I was literally shocked by what I saw. The dentist was beautiful, blonde with honey-colored eyes, about 1.75 in height, a beautiful little mouth, she was 26 years old, she was wearing those dentist uniforms but her blouse had a generous neckline that revealed her breasts, medium and hard, the ass was going to drive anyone crazy, I watched as she went to sit the ass practically screaming for my name, perky and he was mesmerized as she walked. I was shocked by this woman’s body. She said something to me, but I don’t remember what it was, I was traveling through her body, I came back to her when she said “so … are you Louis right?”, “Yes, it’s me” said a little nervous. She started talking to me, to find out what I would like to do, talk to a dentist.
After 15 minutes of talking and drooling over her, she told me to lie down in the dentist’s chair, she said “open your mouth for me to see”, I obeyed and she came close, looking at my mouth. I felt her heat close to me and it was driving me crazy, I looked at her breasts over the neckline and it only increased my lust. I was already made of wood and trying to disguise it with a napkin. She walked away from me and smiling, she said that today I wouldn’t be able to start anything, that she would make a new appointment and see what the best payment methods would be. I was there nervous hoping she wouldn’t look at my dick. On the other hand, I had, in the remotest of thoughts, a feeling that something could happen between us. She turned her head and then returned to look at me, giggled, I realized that she had seen my situation, she kind of embarrassed continued talking, from time to time I noticed her looking to the right and seeing the volume in my pants. At a certain point she was speechless and when I looked at her, I decided to risk something.
I thought “she already saw my situation and she still did, I’ll try”, I put my right arm behind her and pulled her face close to me, I gave her a tremendous kiss. I started rubbing her hand, and she reciprocated by rubbing my belly, I pulled her on top of me, so that she kept both legs on top of me and my cock brushing her pussy, she rubbed herself while we we kissed them madly. I put one hand under her shirt and started to caress her chest, then I took off her shirt and bra, leaving her breasts exposed, I started to suck them and I slid my right hand up to her pussy, for under the pants. I started to caress her and she let out a little moaning, afraid the secretary would hear, she got off me and I took off my shirt and pants, leaving only my underwear and with my dick practically jumping out.
She lay down on the chair, I approached and took off her pants, I started to run my hand over the panties that were all wet, I lowered her panties and I saw, there, all for me, a little mouse with little hair, just a few hairs in a “v” shape, the fleshy and tight little cones, those perfect for eating. I fell in that pussy, I ran my tongue, I sucked and she was moaning in disguise, she said some things like “go on … suck me Luís, lick my pussy, she is all yours!” in a short time she came yelling more like a relief “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, at that time I think the secretary heard. She got up and I lay on the chair, she lowered my underpants and started to run her tongue around the head of my dick, she was delirious, she massaged my balls while running her tongue up and down on my dick , she started to put the stick almost inside her mouth (20cm), she licked and sucked with great desire, like someone in the desert who finds water.
I was just about to come and told her to stop that I still want to play a lot more. I got out of the chair and she lay down in front of me, I approached, kissed her and started to put my dick in her tight little pussy, she let out some “ahhhh uihhhhh” I buried my dick all over her and started pulling her legs and pumping, she moaned and said things like “eat me, ahhh, go Luís, bury me, my pussy is yours” I was completely fascinated by eating this woman. I was pumping hard and the chair even went backwards, so it touched a counter and stayed there, just making a noise. I pumped while saying “go, you little bitch, now what? I love to eat you… go go! ” she let out a howl “aaaaaaaaahhh” and I realized that she had come, right after that I accelerated the pace and came too, we stayed there a little longer, in that position and took my dick out of it. She started to suck again in order to make the dick hard again, with her oral, which was wonderful, then I was in a sweet spot again, this time she didn’t lie down on the chair, but was supported on her with her ass turned for me, I stuck it in her pussy behind and to my surprise she said “no, not there …”. I didn’t need to say anything else, I started to lick her ass, then I put one finger, two fingers while sucking her pussy, she was super excited. I put my dick in the little asshole of her ass, all pink and tight, I was shoving it and she was giving me a little moaning pain “aiiii, uuuuui, ahhhh” I shoved everything and I noticed a smile on her face, this bitch liked to take it in the ass! I started to make movements slowly, and she started to roll, then I started to pump harder, we couldn’t control ourselves anymore and we were both moaning loudly. “Go bitch, roll me that your ass is now mine!”, She said “then eat me, fuck me that I’m yours”, I looked to the left and saw the secretary peering through the door with her hand in her pussy , I didn’t even care, because in the middle of that fuck, nothing would stop me.
I came, and I came a lot with moans of pleasure. The dentist saw the secretary and did not call, continued to roll around and all sweaty and satisfied, got up, put on her clothes and told the secretary to go back to the room and cancel the appointments. I sat down in the chair and the secretary came back saying that I had already canceled the appointments, both acting as if nothing had happened. The dentist told the secretary to go home, she left, the dentist approached me, said her name … Helena. He kissed me and convinced me to put on my clothes and leave. I didn’t know if I would come back here, or if it would happen again, I just realized that I had better go. I left the office with memories of one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.

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