Delicious night of love with lots of slutty

I came home with a lot of bad intentions, I went to the pharmacy, I bought a water-based lubricating gel, I went to the market and I bought a good quality wine and imported beers.
I took a good shower and went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks to wait for Fernanda to arrive. Kind of going against it, they usually do it for us men.
While waiting for Fernanda to come home from work, I prepared a bath with smelling bath salts. As soon as she entered the door, I gave a very nice kiss and took off her clothes while still in the living room, she wanted to go to the kitchen to see the mess, but I didn’t let her lead her to the bedroom so she could relax a little. I put scented candles in the bath, all with soft perfumes.
As soon as she sat in the bathtub with her smooth pussy, I took off my bathrobe and was already naked and with a very hard cock, I started a massage on her shoulders and she wanted to start a work subject, I interrupted her with a tongue kiss and from then on she he realized that the thing was heating up. She pulled me by the stick and approached her mouth, took a mouthful and started sucking on her head and with her eyes closed I saw that she was in the mood.
She sucked sometimes the balls and now the little head, making me delirious with lust. We played for a while in the bathroom and went to our bed, I laid her on the bed and covered her face with the towel, spread her legs wide and started flicking from bottom to top in the middle of her legs and she opened herself more and more to feel the whole length of my tongue on your body. She held her legs wide open and I got the message by dedicating myself to flicking her pinkish ass out with moans and disconnected words.

I put two fingers in her pussy already soaked with joy and I did an intense coming and going while licking her ass. She came a lot and came to tremble as in a multiple orgasm. As soon as my fingers were very wet with her enjoyment, I put a finger in her ass making it to enter easily, she was very soft and relaxed. I stuck one more finger and she took it easy, while sucking on her clit putting her mouth as if she were kissing her mouth. Fernanda wiggled a lot and I stuck my fingers deeper in that pink ass, as soon as I realized that she was going to come, I put the third finger that came in easy and she came taking my head from her pussy so that I would stop sucking her grelinho. I took my fingers off her ass very slowly and left her lying on the soft bed.
I went to the kitchen and opened the bottle of wine and came back with the snacks, a glass for her and a beer for me. I put the tray on the bed and lit an aromatic candle in the room and left the lights off, remaining only in the light of the candle and its aroma. As soon as we drank and drank our drinks, she came over to me to get back to the bastard. She started sucking my dick in the meantime, I took the lubricant that was on the servant and she as a good little bitch who understood the message and turned her tail so I could lubricate it. I spent a little lubricant on her ass and I was playing with her ass and she sucked my dick with her very wet mouth.
-Stick your little finger, love.
-So take your little bitch, do you want to suck a cock while taking it in the ass?
-Yes I do, I love to suck and give my ass, put two fingers in it, break me in very tasty, go horny.
I poked two fingers without mercy and she moaned and suckled like a bitch in heat, moaning and wiggling.
Put her on the side and fit with your help in her ass and I put it slowly, as soon as the head went all in, she threw her hips back, fitting everything in the ass and was moving slowly while I caressed her pussy.
-Put two fingers go love, put it in my pussy too, go …
-You like to have pussy and ass broken into together is dirty.
-Huhum, I love it, don’t stop, put it hard on the two that I want to enjoy.
I messed up and she came like never before.
We gave her time to recover and I took a tube of deodorant from these aerosol and put two condoms on it and she was a little apprehensive about it and I told her it was the same size as my dick and that she was used to it and it would be no different, even a little apprehensive she let it roll to see where it would go.
I put her on the side again and put it in her ass, as it was broken, it got in easy. I put the tube in her pussy and slowly put it in until halfway in, she moaned loudly.
-Wow, it’s tearing me up….
-You want me to stop love?
-No, it’s very tasty, put it faster.
I increased the pace and spoke beasts in his ear.
-So now you have two cocks getting into you, aren’t you dirty?
-Yes, both are delicious, break my naughty ass, that’s how you like it, enjoy it, come. Put it in my pussy too, it’s a delight to have two dicks at the same time, wow, because I haven’t tasted it before, it’s delicious.
-So take it dirty, come on my cock and I’ll fill your ass with warm cum.
Fernanda wiggled so much that I came and got no action and she sat on my fattening cock and continued pounding the tube in the pussy until she came again and fell soft on my side with the tube still inside the pussy.
She took it out very slowly and gave me a kiss thanking her for the night she said was perfect.
Our bed was sweaty and fucking sweaty everywhere.
We rested a little more and as soon as she got herself together and me too, she was on all fours in bed and just said, choose where you want to go, I’m all yours, my hot male. I am at your disposal, eat me however you want. In this, my cock hardened and I got up on the bed and ordered her to open her ass and I positioned it behind her and put it in her pussy, which was well broken, since it had not yet returned to normal state, it was very dilated, I put it in her ass. and pumped until I almost came and put her sitting on the bed and I standing in front of her, I enjoyed her little angelic face and she licked the cum that fell on her little mouth.
We went back to the bathtub and fell asleep there until the water cooled a little and woke us up. We slept and the next morning I received a nice coffee in bed and the naughty came only in a little apron, nuazinha in “pelo”, she shaves everything, lisinha. We went back to bed and another sex section.

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