The naughty students ate me tasty

Carla Janete

This really happened to me, I am a teacher, I have 1.70, medium breasts, big ass, I am beautiful, at the end of the year, at high school graduation the school director appointed some teachers to take the students on an excursion on the beach. I must say that I am married and I have never betrayed my husband. Well, getting there, the weather was wonderful, I put on a bikini and went to the beach, I noticed that the students noticed my ass, I thought it was normal because they had never seen me in a bikini. One of the students I knew was very naughty and eater… .but I didn’t care. Night came and they invented going to a bar near the waterfront… and they invited me, there were several students, some teachers, at first everything was a party, but I started drinking caipirinha and I got a little high, then the naughty student said that the teacher should go to the accommodation because I was getting drunk, and offered to take me, I was staggering and another student went along, on the way they said let’s walk a little on the beach that passes the pileque… they took me to a place far away that there was nobody, I was wearing a long dress, a T-shirt, oh … the naughty student started rubbing my ass, I thought it wasn’t intentional … but suddenly he said nothing and lowered my dress, leaving me only in my panties. he returned the dress..but I was really dizzy and fell on the floor, at that moment the two students started to rub my breast and in my pussy I started to get horny, but he said don’t do it yet boys with your teacher .. the most naughty said time i want to eat you teacher the time came… when i tried to get up he lifted my shirt and started sucking my breasts and another one took off my panties softened at the time… horny… they got naked and the most naughty put his dick in my mouth, when i looked I was sucking a huge and thick penis … and the other sucking my pussy, I couldn’t take the lust and let him suck me … and I started to suck more willingly, the second student took his dick and started to masturbate him while sucking another, the naughty student ended up cumming in my mouth, and the other immediately put his dick in my mouth, while sucking … the naughty student left there and took a dip in the water … ..the other student ended up enjoying it too … I got up and tried find my clothes… when the student came back there, teacher… this is just the first time… now we go to the accommodation in our room… I said you guys are crazy if someone sees us there… no one will see a teacher… .if it is not us let’s tell what happened here… with me someone’s knowledge was…
getting there they put me in the shower and started to pass my hand and put my finger in my xaninha and my ass … then they laid me on the bed and the big guy raised my legs put the condom on … he buried that log at once, never he had seen a penis of that size that must have been about 23 cm..and very thick… making me cry out in pain and pleasure… .the other student watched… when I was on top he started to stick his wet finger in my ass, realizing the that he wanted I tried to get off the top but the naughty student held me and I kept his dick buried and my butt up … the other student quickly buried it in my ass, covering my mouth so as not to scream … wow, I felt a really horny and I started to come… like crazy… I never felt so much pleasure… we stayed like that until they came… when he left me… I saw the damage they did to my xaninha and the ass…. I asked them not to tell anyone… .but the other day I noticed that the students were strangers in the p ray… and some looked at me and laughed… I think the bastards said they ate me for the kids… but it was the greatest madness I have ever done. My husband doesn’t even dream that I did it on the beach ..

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