I saw my husband eating the neighbor


My name is Helena, I am a young woman of 27 years old I have light brown eyes and long curly hair, I measure 1.71 cm and I weigh 68 kg, I consider myself a very hot woman and I masturbate every day. I want to make love all the time but my husband was not what I expected. Some time ago I noticed that my husband was very nervous when a woman passed by who took her son at the school bus stop, she passed by and he did everything to go home again and said that he had forgotten his wallet or anything until that one day I caught him talking to his wife. I did not throw myself at her because I am not scandalous but I was full of anger, the woman was whiter than a wall, she was a little tall, red hair, and very dry, very thin, she had nothing behind or in front but I was suspicious that there was something between them or that it was starting. So I started investigating, pretending I was going to my mother’s house to sleep and in fact I was inside the closet that gave a complete view of the bed and the PC table, everything and I knew he wouldn’t see me because his clothes were on closet outside the room on the corridor. So I did everything I should do and put myself in there and I waited, so to my surprise he came and took a shower, he must have eaten and fell asleep and when he falls asleep nothing wakes him up, nothing at all! When I heard snoring, I tiptoed out, ate something, pissed and went back there, the desire to discover something was so great that I took a sheet and lay down to sleep. In the morning the alarm clock went off, he got up as he always showered, I don’t even know if he drank coffee and left and to my surprise I had thought that nothing would happen I heard the key in the door and I ran back to the closet and started listening voices and laughter, and my heart was racing I didn’t think I could take it with so much anger. But at the same time I liked it because when I imagined I was all wet and masturbated always thinking about him with others but at the same time I was a little jealous. He entered the room with her and said that I had gone to my mother’s house. From the conversation I saw that they had had nothing before and it was there that it was just an attraction, she sat on the PC chair and he was on the side of the bed talking to her, and saw that she was wearing a white top and baggy pants sports, he sat down and she started saying that she didn’t know how I was leaving him alone!
The big whore snake was poisonous, and I saw that my husband’s hand started to touch her leg on the pants and pulled her up, he stood up and he sat on the bed, started kissing her belly and she pulled her hair caressed him and he lifted her top and began to squeeze her breasts hard and started to suck one and squeeze the other and with the other hand over her pants rubbing her pussy that was breathing more and more and they didn’t even speak, after some time so he lifted her up and took off her pants and sat her on the pc table and he sat on the chair and her thong that barely covered her pussy made him crazy!
He opened her legs and put them on his shoulders and pulled the floss to the side and started to run his tongue first in the groin and then started to lick it and she screamed and he pressed the pouting of her chest sometimes put his finger in her ass went to stick her tongue and touched her clitoris and she was crazy with lust. She went to his lap on the bed laid him down he put her sitting on his face and he sucked and she screamed and wiggled in my husband’s mouth and I wet could not do anything to not find out, I was horny and hatred and saw that he suckled her with taste, then she went down and took off his pants and started sucking on that thick cock and sucked it with greed full of desire and licked and caressed the eggs and he started speaking in Spanish to she because he is Spanish, so that she sucked everything that she was a whore that sucked very well and that he was loving her mouth, and she licked her head and wanked at the same time. He asked her to put the cunt in his face and they made a 69 he licked the cunt and stuck his finger in her ass and the bitch moaned and screamed and she sucked it until she gave a very loud moan and he stopped and he didn’t come. She put it on top of his cock and she jumped like crazy and her stiff little breasts didn’t even move.
He would bite his lips and she wouldn’t stop and he would squeeze those titties and touch her clitoris, she moved well, I confess that even I was horny for her, she was good in bed and had a dream pussy. Those crazy movements stopped and he put her on 4 and held her around the waist and made her gallop and made that bitch get so sore from being so fucked up.

Then he placed her in front of him, he knelt on the bed, held it and opened both her legs very high and put the stick very hard and she was already unable to stand it must have come several times but he swims. He suddenly took the stick out and I just saw milk flying to her forehead on her breasts and she ran her hand and sucked everything. Then they hugged each other without any loving kisses and lay talking about the fuck and he caressed her pussy, rested she cleaned and dressed and had to go and he too because he had to work but before he took a shower and tidied up his things for me not to see and I was there in the greatest drought.
When I came out of the closet, I masturbated and wondered how I could say that I saw it, because I confess that I died of lust.

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