Fucked by my niece’s boyfriend

What I am going to tell you happened when I was still in college, lived in one city and studied in another. When I needed to sleep in the city where I study, because sometimes I have classes at night and the next morning, I stay at a niece’s house.
Her boyfriend usually sleeps there almost every day, but I get along very well with both of them and since I am a favor, I don’t complain about anything. I arrived home tired and heard them having sex, she moans loudly, I think sometimes they don’t even realize that I arrived, because out of respect I always go quiet when I get home late (like 23 hours).
As I was at the end of the course, sometimes I stayed until later, as we left the fakul and went to a bar near the apartment. Many times I arrived and they don’t even notice that I arrive, I take my shower and go to bed.
On a night like this I arrived at 1 am, I went in as always quiet, I heard loud music in the room, a gloom (I think it was the light from the lamp) and the door just leaned close, I got close and heard some moans, I didn’t contain my curiosity and I went to the crack in the door, I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear the moans well, until I was already excited, I opened the door a little more, leaving a larger crack and I could see her on all fours and he was eating her hard, I felt my panties get wet, but before they could see me, I got out of there and went to the front door, opened it and slammed it hard so that they realized I was coming, I heard her say hi and then the door was closed.
That vision in my head, I drank some caipas of wine and I was excited, I kept thinking about the scene I had just seen. I took my things and went to take a shower, when I was naked in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, I felt hot, horny, I ran my hand over my pussy, I was wet. I got in the shower, and I couldn’t resist, I put my little finger inside my pussy and I masturbated, thinking about getting on all fours and with her boyfriend eating me, feeling a different dick, I came tasty, but my lust didn’t pass. I slowly dried myself, put on black panties, and my pajamas, went to my room.
In the bedroom I only thought about the scene, my lust wouldn’t pass, I turned from side to side on the bed, until I couldn’t sleep, I turned on the lamp and tried to read something, I wanted that scene to get out of my head, but I couldn’t , I put my hand on my breast already with the hard nipples and the other inside the panties, I started to masturbate, I was crazy. The pajama pants were getting in the way, I had no doubts, I took them off and also the panties, getting naked from the waist down, I started masturbating again, but the enjoyment didn’t come, I didn’t want my finger, I wanted something bigger. I took the hairbrush that was in the bidet and stuck the handle all inside me, as it was soaked in, it got in easily and I started masturbating again, my breasts hard and the brush in and out of my pussy. Without meaning to, I started to moan loudly, and suddenly I saw the door open, I stopped right away, it was the boyfriend who was looking at me in amazement, wow what a situation, I stopped right away, but the brush inside me denounced me, he laughed and left the room. I was there, ashamed, I didn’t know what to do, that’s when I managed, after about 5 minutes, to get out of the hypnosis I was in, I put on my pajamas and thinking that he had come back to the room, because he heard a snore, I went to the kitchen, have a glass of water, but when I turn on the light I have a surprise, in the dark HE was smoking a cigarette in the service area next to the kitchen, I almost died, I really went crazy, but he said with total serenity:

  • What were you doing, did you thirst? Did I arrive at the wrong time? I doubt that you managed to finish it. I approached him and said that it was not what he was thinking, but he countered saying that he was not thinking anything and laughed sarcastically, I got closer trying to argue, but I smelled that male smell, it smelled just had sex and before I said anything HE was saying that he liked what he saw, that my pussy was cute, well shaved the way he liked it, I started asking him to forget, not to tell what he had seen, it was when he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me towards him, our mouths were very close and we ended up kissing, ours got wet, the nipples of my breasts were stiff and I noticed that during the kiss his hand sought my ass, touched it, touched my butt, put his hand inside my pajamas, put my hand on my tail, I tried to remove my hand, but he moved his hand to the front, brushed my little hair with it and reached the pussy, it was wet, turned me on my back and in my ear d I was going to finish with what I had interrupted, put his finger on my clitoris, started to massage, then I started to moan, HE stuck his finger inside me, and put his other hand in my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. It was when I was crazy with lust I put his fingers in my mouth and started to suck one by one, I wanted the cock inside me, I wanted to at least suck his dick, I ran my hand inside his pants, I lowered and I felt the hard cock, pulsing in my hand, lightly started to masturbate very slowly, in my ear he called me naughty, piranha and in a sudden movement he squatted in front of him, told me to suck, and then I took that dick and I ran my tongue through it all the way, from the base to the head, he asked me to put it all in my mouth, and that’s what I did, I put it all in my mouth and with my hand massaged the bag, took the stick out of my mouth and I was jerking, he grabbed me by the hair and moaned softly, I believe he was going to come, because he took my mouth off the stick, left me there squatting and left, I was disappointed, and I decided to drink water and lie down. When he was finishing drinking water he appeared, said that he had gone to look at his girlfriend, and he caught me placing me leaning on the sink, lowered my pijirinha and adjusted the stick between my legs, and without saying anything he put his head, I groaned, I asked saying that I wanted everything and he pushed that stick in my honeyed PUSSY, started to punch and ask me to roll it, wow how good it was, I started moaning, screaming, he put his hand and covered my mouth, I started to come, he stopped punching, letting me feel my enjoyment, and put his finger in my ass, it hurt, but I didn’t complain and kept enjoying my enjoyment. I was quiet with the hard cock in the pussy and a finger in my ass, he came to the mouth very close to my ear and said he hadn’t come yet, falls for the nonsense to ask what he wanted me to do, laughed, knelt down again and told me to suck. I sucked that tasty cock, as he didn’t come, I decided to jerk off the dick, and then he groaned, told me he was going to come, when the first jet came wetting my hair I put it in my mouth and let him fill my mouth with his cum. He took me by the hand, stood up, kissed my mouth and said that he wanted more, that he wanted to eat me calmly, I said that I also wanted, said that I would think of a way and that I also think about how to do it. He said he was going to bed, but “told” me to sleep with the taste of cum, not to brush my teeth, because if I wouldn’t tell what I had seen and happened to everyone, that he was just a boyfriend, that he didn’t have so much to lose , but that I did, he gave me another kiss, ran his hand over my pussy and disappeared, entering his room.
  • I lay down without brushing my teeth, and fell asleep thinking about staying with him somewhere else where I could enjoy even more.

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