Abused by 3 males in the crowded bus

I am married, I am currently 31 years old, and we have had no children, my husband is always tired and although I am a very attractive woman, he has hardly been looking for me for sex lately. I confess that I have also left him halfway, I am working too hard, and I do not like him very much … I live far from my job and I take the bus every day. One of these days, stay late at work and take the 19: 20h bus, this one doesn’t usually come very crowded, but most of the passengers are men, few women at this time. I sat in the back to relax, in the aisle chair and I put my bag on the armchair next to the window to prevent someone sitting next to me. The bus went on… the route is long and on this day there was a lot of traffic, so it really takes time, soon it started to fill up, because the employees of a factory a guy came by my side and stood up, I took the bag off so he could sit, because I thought it was boring to leave him standing and hold the place, but he told me very politely, so I could be calm , that he would go on standing, that was fine. I didn’t even think about it anymore and went back to relaxing. Another time passed and I feel that he leaned against my bench in front of me and started rubbing my arm. I thought to myself: “naughty, that’s why he wanted to stand up”. The swing of the bus helped, and I felt that his penis was getting hard under his pants, that turned me on too, he was a handsome, dark, well-dressed boy, he was perfumed, and I was needy… When I suddenly saw him touching the zipper on his pants, he was taking his penis out, gave me a chill in the belly, my heart raced! He put his penis on my shoulder very discreetly and started rubbing. I thought about reacting, screaming, getting out of there, but stay without action, I didn’t imagine that could happen, I wasn’t prepared, and he was getting harder, and started rubbing my face. It seemed that everything was conspiring for this to happen … The stretch is dark, and the driver leaves the lights off at this time, and as the seats are of those high upholstery, nobody could see anything, I was already dying with lust too, so he he pulled my face a little and put the penis on my lips, I ended up giving in and opened my mouth a little, he took advantage of it and stuck it in half and kept punching slowly. His penis was fragrant, I tried to resist, but I was ashamed to make a scandal, and it didn’t take long for him to come in my mouth, without warning, just like that! I was scared, I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty, I had nothing to clean myself, and I was ashamed to spit on the floor and someone to see, I ended up swallowing everything without thinking straight! I had never swallowed sperm in my life, my husband always asked me for it , but I was disgusted, whenever I let him come in my mouth, I would run out to spit and brush my teeth, but at that moment I was super excited, and also because I had no alternative, I think that was why I swallowed. I couldn’t believe what was going on, so I always disgusted my sperm! He closed the zipper and left, leaving me so shaken, he didn’t say anything, not even a touch. It gave me a lot of remorse, despite being excited. I thought no one had seen it, but my mistake, at the same time he touched another man already with a super hard penis outside, I think he saw everything and he already had a very hard penis, even beating. This one was more crude, it held my face and was already trying to stick it in my mouth. His penis was sweaty, and a little salty, I was disgusted, I took my mouth off, but he pulled it back. I didn’t want to suck it either, because I knew that if I started I would have to go all the way, and swallow sperm again. I thought about making a scandal but I was ashamed, because I had just sucked the boy and he must have seen everything, and he could tell everyone on the bus, so I thought it was better to be quiet. Before I put it in my mouth I tried to clean it with my hand, but he didn’t let me, he took my hand away and put it in my mouth in a hurry. That turned me on too much, that smell, that taste, he was a half-fat man with a beard, his penis was thick, and the fact that I had no alternative drove me crazy. In my mind I said: “I’m going to have to suck this dirty dick, I have no choice” and that lessened my guilt, thinking that I didn’t have much choice, because I lost my reason when I sucked the first one. I was wearing a skirt, I couldn’t resist the lust and I started to touch myself discreetly, I pulled my panties aside, I was super wet, and I was rubbing my clitoris. I had a feeling of guilt, because with my husband I always made him wash his penis first, or even put his mouth on it, and now I was sucking on a stranger, who just opened his pants and took his penis off the side of his underwear, the way he did. it was kept all day, without washing. But I gave in and started enjoying it.

He took a little longer than the boy, and I was enjoying it, enjoying it better, touching me too. When again without warning, I feel another cum in my mouth! They were strong jets that splashed in my throat, the sperm was thick and disgusting, different from the boy who was thinner and sweeter, but I was almost enjoying it too, I didn’t even think about anything and I was swallowing fast, I was literally sucking on that penis fat. I started to come too, I couldn’t take the lust, I tried to moan softly so no one would notice, and the fuck just kept coming out of my mouth! I swallowed everything, while I came together rubbing my wet pussy hard. He also zipped up his pants and left, like the first one, and at the same time another one pulled over, I think he was a colleague because he was in the same uniform. I was already putting my penis in my mouth and I didn’t even resist, because I was still very horny. This one was thin and tall, and very ugly, normally I would be disgusted with kissing a man like that, but in my state of excitement, I concentrated what was down there and I didn’t even look up. His penis was very beautiful, with a big red head, very thick. I was also sweaty, and a bit salty to stay in my underwear all day, with a strong smell, but I was still very horny and I didn’t care. This didn’t even have to stick in my mouth, I was already sucking hard and moving my mouth back and forth, it was delicious. I continued to masturbate, I saw that there was no one else around, and I let go a little more, spread my legs wide, pulled the panties more sideways, and stuck two fingers in vagina, which was very wet, and I got into it while sucking on that unknown penis. It took a little longer, and I ended up coming before him, but when he heard me moaning and realized I was coming, he couldn’t stand it and came in my mouth too , it was already the third cumshot I took! This one ejaculated a lot too, like the fat man, and his fucking taste was strong, but as I was having an orgasm at the exact moment, I didn’t even care and I went on swallowing. it was going to come out more, (this was too much! My husband I didn’t enjoy it that much, much less I swallowed his sperm,), that excited me too much, that amount, and with that my orgasm was very intense, one of the best I ever had. The emotional side greatly influences the orgasm of us women, that situation, of being doing something wrong, of being a dirty little bitch, moved me a lot. When he took the penis out of my mouth, pushed the skin forward and even sneezed a little in my blouse, which was black and there was that white goo, and I kept looking at it for a while, thinking that I had just swallowed a lot of that fucking goo… Then he zipped up and hurried away, because their point was coming. I was worried, I was totally satisfied with two orgasms, which is very rare for me, and I didn’t want to suck anybody else, if someone else came, it would be complicated, even because I was a little sick, for all the fucking I took. Thankfully, there was no other… I remembered my husband and I felt sorry for him, who always asked me to swallow, it seemed so important to him and I never did. If he knew that I did this with three strangers, and still on a bus with more people around, he would kill me, for sure and literally, he would kill me … My point was coming too, and the boy with the first blow job went by and gave me a card, with your phone. I was so sorry and ashamed at this point, that I almost threw it away, but I kept it. I’m thinking of calling him now, because I keep reminding myself of what happened, and it gives me an uncontrollable lust, I can’t even work properly. I wanted to feel those thick chicks inside me, but in that situation on the bus, it would be very dangerous. But I think if I call, I’ll give him a lot, and I’m afraid to get involved

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