The first time with my lover


Hello, my name is Davi, I am 41 years old, I live in the interior of SP, I have been married for 12 years and I have a wonderful family, and a very good life. One of my few problems is that since I was very young I have a huge lust, and all the time. I masturbate early, in the afternoon and at night, regardless of having sex with my wife or my lover. Yes, I have had a lover since before I started dating my wife, since I was 22 years old. After all, with all the lust I feel, it would be impossible to have only my wife as a sexual partner. I wrote that this was one of my few problems because it really is a problem for a married person to have to masturbate and have a lover to quench the fire. Morally the right thing would be for me to control myself and fulfill myself only with my wife, who is a wonderful woman, wonderful mother, friend and wonderful lover, but despite that I need more and I can’t resist. Regardless of being a man or woman, I believe that a married person who, like me, feels horny all the time and loves sex, must make a decision: or control himself, taking medicine, undergoing therapy, doing whatever it takes to remain faithful, or relax and enjoy, as the minister says … rss. But in this second option, do it in a way that is as promiscuous as possible, as you will not want your spouse to suffer from any illness that sexual adventures can bring, right? That was my case, when I was 22, I was still dating my first girlfriend, and I got this sex friend. She is still today a very beautiful and hot woman, who has the same fire as me, and who also at that time dated, but who wanted more and more sex. We were at the beginning of the chat age, we were still using the icq, and quite unintentionally, I called this girl from my class of college friends, whom I will call Ana, to chat. The first chat was so delicious that we created the habit of chatting every night and we end where all chats between man and woman end: talking about sex, saying what you like, and wondering why not try each other. Both Ana and I were at the end of the courtship, which lasted for me 5 years, and 4 years for her. Both had experienced sex only in that first courtship. My then girlfriend was very good with a stick, just as Ana’s boyfriend was also very hot, according to her. So there we were Ana and me, thirsty for something new, for knowing what each other’s taste would be, both wanting to increase the bed experience. And we had the idea that it would be much better for us to experiment and if it worked out to become lovers, than to be jumping from branch to branch looking for new partners when it hit the roof. We arranged for me to take her by car in a shopping mall in the city, we had to be very discreet for both of us, we still had serious dating and we just wanted sex, nothing more, this was what was agreed and intended by us. She wore a long black skirt and a tight white blouse, her breasts were very marked on the blouse, blonde, very long and straight hair, fleshy mouth, 1.70m, about 65kg at that time and even today, with the only difference that she added now about 280ml of silicone, a woman’s delight. Anyway, I was about to kiss a friend who I had always been horny with and who wanted the same thing as me, without complications, without dating, just fucking nice, satisfying each other’s desire for sex. She got in the car and while trying to kiss me on the cheek, as usual, I turned around and gave a peck. Hmm, what a soft mouth I said, and she responded with the most naughty smile in the world. I started the car and took the road to go to a very nice motel that was in the neighboring city. Soon she started to run a hand over my hand and over my leg, squeezing my thigh and I also corresponded placing my hand on her leg feeling the soft thigh, going up the skirt to the knee and smoothing her skin, she didn’t let the skirt go up there. I thought she was going to turn yellow, but the lust was already huge, her hands were already looking for each other’s sex over her clothes, she squeezed my throbbing cock and I was feeling her breasts and going down to her thighs and between them , she already spread her legs to receive my touch. I couldn’t take it and stopped the car at the shoulder, and at the same time she came to kiss me. What a kiss, I still feel that kiss, that desire, that desperation to get my tongue in your mouth and at the same time receive your tongue in mine. His lips were pressed together, his hands were restless on so much cloth that he was in the way, our bodies were already glued together, he was already lying on top of her. I remember that first kiss lasted more than 15 minutes. It was total bliss that first hold, even without orgasm. I stopped and said that we needed to get to the motel soon, otherwise I would eat it right there. She said so let’s go. I went back to my seat and we started off again.

In the first minute, she lowered herself onto my lap and excused herself because she couldn’t wait any longer to taste my cock. He opened the button and the zipper, took my dick that was super hard and luscious and licked it from the tip of his head to my bag. She licked with the tip of her tongue to go down my cock and with her whole tongue on the way up. I asked if I liked the taste of it, she went up to my mouth and kissed me saying that she loved my taste, she licked it again and I was delirious, because she hadn’t touched her lips to him yet, just her tongue. He stayed that way until he realized I was going to come. I tried to hold on, but it was impossible … 22 years old … first caught with a lover who was as or more dirty than me … imagine … rss … I tried to warn her, but she was quicker and didn’t let me avoid it, she took it in with a softer mouth and wet that I’ve ever felt on my dick. I came, flooded his mouth with many jets of cum that kept coming out. She swallowed, kept it in her mouth, continued to suck me, put my whole cock in her mouth, at an ideal pace for the time of enjoyment. Perfect! She didn’t want to stop, and my dick insisted on not resting. Even after I stopped fucking, she sucked and licked, had swallowed everything without losing a drop, and was sucking me for the 30km we rode until I entered the motel, I came again without having interrupted the contractions of the first enjoyment, she again swallowed it all, and I still wasn’t tired of sucking. He only stopped when I told him he had arrived at the reception, got up, kissed, asked for the best suite and entered. Ana was beautiful, tastier than ever, she waited for me to go down to open the door for her, we entered the suite, grabbed her and continued that first kiss that seemed not to be over yet. We hugged and we were undressing each other without kissing. It was so delicious what I didn’t believe. I thought I had to drop everything and ask this woman to marry me, who was the woman of my dreams, I had forgotten everything and everyone, I just wanted to have her forever. We were naked, standing embraced and holding each other, kissing us, our mouths went up to each other’s ears and neck and met again, our hands caressed and strolled over the other’s body. My very hard cock rubbed in his hair, slid down the middle of his thighs and was going to hit the curve of his butt, we didn’t try to fit it in the pussy yet, I don’t know why. Anyway, we loosen up a little to get our breath back and to look straight at the suite. She wanted to pee, I followed her and said I wanted to see, she uninhibited sat on the toilet in a totally sensual way teasing me, I bent down and kissed her on the mouth, while I heard the pee noise coming out, she started to poke my dick, I got up and put it in my mouth, sucking and sucking, licking my balls and swallowing almost all of my dick again. Ah what a mouth!

We got up, she wanted to take a shower, wash, I didn’t consent and I took her in my lap and went to bed, she insisted that she wanted to wash, I said I wanted her like this, I laid her on the bed, she bent her knees, opening the legs, and said: then come, suck my pussy even though I can’t take any more lust, suck my grill, put your tongue right on you kid. I was crazy, I didn’t even kiss her thighs, nor my belly, I went with my tongue right on the hot grill, kissed and sucked, she dripped the meladinho she was so horny, with a mixture of salty because of the pee, delicious , she licked her pussy lips, nibbled at the grill, put the tip of her tongue in the door, she moaned loudly and like a mare in heat, grabbed my head and pulled, my tongue walked around her grill, went down around the lips, up to the grill and down through the pussy, oh how she dripped some delicious honey, dripped, I was all drooling, rubbed my mouth a little on her thighs pausing, and she moaned louder and told me to come back and stick your tongue in it, ahhh … how you suck yummy … I want it every day, she said … I stopped at the door, went in a little, and went down to your ass. Ahhh, the first lick I gave to that little ring made her jump on the bed, now her hands were trying to pull my mouth away, but I grabbed her by the ass and didn’t take the tongue out of her ass, she got in more and more, she started screaming … what a thing … .Paaaaaaaara… .so naaaoo… naaao in the ass… they never did that… naaaaoo… ..paaaaaaaraaa… .for favoooorr …… .naaaao paaaara I’m going to enjoy it…. .ahhhhhh …… .meat that tongue in my ass… ..vaiiiii meeeete ……… ahhhhhh… She contracted and stretched her legs, I sucked and licked her ass until the grill, then she stopped moving, I was even worried … Passed out?… No, I was just ecstatic… she pulled me up, kissing me, this time lightly, calmly, and feeling my cock that was still stiff and that even hurt, asked how I wanted to get in. On all fours I said. That woman had taken a whore’s course, but that sexy, stripper-like whore that drives the guy crazy just because of the way she moves, because the way she turned, passed one leg over me, upturned her ass with a triangular sun mark and those little blond hairs around the gullet, by the butt and covering the legs, he spread his knees, propped his elbows on the bed, tossed his hair on one side and turned his head on the other side looking at me and saying: come my hot, my male, fuck my pussy, put it without mercy, punch this hard stick, fill me with this dick, go put it, fuck it do what you want, I’m yours. I didn’t believe it was there. She had a sculptural body, blonde, tanned, bikini marks, hair, blonde hair, and she was a real whore in bed, she teased me anyway, with what she said, the way she moved, how she looked at me, how she moved the mouth, everything was very perfect. She wanted to be my lover, she sucked very well, she was my friend, she was beautiful and hot. Nothing was missing. She noticed my amazement and said: fuck you or do I have to call another male huh? I answered with a slap on her ass, grabbed her around the waist, fitted the tip of my cock in her little hole and punched it all at once, until I felt the bag was crushed against her ass, I held it in there, I didn’t take it, she gave a howl, aiiii… .yummy… I needed this…… go strip and poe, start punching me… fuck me tasty… I stood there feeling her pussy chewing on my dick, it was very tight, hot, totally wet, I held her tighter to let her start coming and going, I wanted to stay there for a while, she got mad, she got mad, she tried to let go, she tried to get away, but I held on tight, she screamed… move your kid…. and poe… .so I can’t take it… my cock pulsed tight inside her and finally I removed it all and I was brushing the lips of her pussy, rubbing the grill and putting only the head inside, skirt and brush again, I had to let go because I couldn’t take it anymore, she tried with all her strength to go with my body backwards to punch my whole dick to inside again and when I released it I let it move at will.

She would roll her ass, [she would go forward until she felt that her head was going to escape, then she would move away and swallow all over again, she started to accelerate, she punched tasty, she wiggled a lot, until I held her again and I started punching and getting deep that horny pussy. I pumped about 5 minutes or more, with her asking me to fuck harder, moaning and looking at myself, biting my lips, I slowed down to lean over and kiss her, she bit my lips and told me to punch my dick more. We came together, I told her I couldn’t take it, she told me to flood her pussy with cum and in the first jet she started to come, she squeezed my cock so tightly that it hurt, she was lying down, I lay over her holding a little mine weight, without taking the stick out of it and we rest for a few minutes. We were wet with sweat, I kissed her on the back of the neck, I kissed her back, I turned and finally kissed and bit her breasts, she took one hand to her pussy and started to masturbate, I watched her run her fingers over her pussy and lick it, massage the grill, stick two whole fingers in the pussy, with the other hand started to jerk me off, my cock was already awake and it was a little sore, I kissed your mouth, your tireless tongue rubbed against mine, how horny we were both… come on up, eat me daddy mommy, she asked. I settled in between her legs, I looked at her, we kept our eyes fixed on each other, while she fixed my dick in her cave, I started a slow movement, I was feeling every inch of her pussy, as soon as she came in, I came back halfway and put it all on again… .this, at this rate… my taste doesn’t change… I continued like that, our hips tightened, the breath deep, she came in 30 seconds, this time in silence looking at me, kissing me slowly, her arms squeezing me in a nice hug. A bed partnership that would last until today, 20 years later, was sealed with an intensity, quality and friendship that I could not even dream of at that time. We went to take a shower, I met and washed every millimeter of her body, and she was mine, we were in no hurry, that was the time to exchange looks and kisses tighter, we hugged, went back to bed and talked for 2 hours, made love and we had a good time 2 more times, we tried about 15 positions, something like 20 years old… heheh… we took another shower and left. This had been the beginning of a union between almost eternal lovers. It was our option to soften and erase the horny out of control that we felt in equal intensity. It was a union between friends who got along really well in bed. We concluded together that the best thing would be to never date each other because it would jeopardize the friendship and this skin thing and the mutual lust that had started and that should last forever. After all, we were still dating other people, and we didn’t want to break up with them. I would still be with my girlfriend for another year, and she with her boyfriend for another 2 years, but never again would the two of us go more than a week without meeting and enjoying what we do very well together. This has been going on for almost 20 years.

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