The Loved Lover

After beautiful and unforgettable dating moments, a beautiful young couple decides to live together. Pérola and Pedro swore fidelity and love each other forever until only death separated them.
Six Months passed by of eternal happiness and swears of love until Pedro met Vanessita to her co-worker who excited her a lot.
Pedro, when he saw Vanessita there with that beautiful skirt, with sweet reddish lips, those big breasts, that neckline the color of Eden’s apple and that little square bigger than the popozuda woman sighed a moment. Pedro couldn’t stand the curves of that woman’s body and decided to conquer her.
Days later things were ready for him, Pedro with his charm and his position in the company, easily won Vanessita and made her his lover. Pedro and Vanessita had sex anywhere, the sexual attraction between them was so great that they did crazy, sweet carnal sins.
Pedro’s wife, Pérola, was already suspicious of his beloved, because he no longer touched her in bed and when he went out he kissed her. Every night Pedro went out to meet Vanessita. With the pleasures and madness that Vanessita did in bed, Pedro stopped paying attention to his wife.
Pearl felt alone, the woman didn’t know what was going on with her husband, why had he changed so much? The carrilho, pampering the attention where Pedro had forgotten? It must be her fault, because she did not fix her hair and did not take care of her beauty, pearl looked at her reflection in the mirror, she was beautiful, her nails done in her hair and the beauty was well built.
Crazy pearl, he decided to win back his beloved by making a dinner by candlelight and a night of love to rekindle the love that had long cooled between them.

  • Love, dinner is on the table – cried pearl smiling – my love today is rice with offal, it has asparagus, I did it the way you like it love, I bought wine, champagne, the glacier is full of beer and fresh water love.
  • What? – Pedro shouted with a strange air – No love, I’m not going to have dinner at home, you know I have a meeting, love, besides your food is a mess, put too much salt too much pepper makes a total crap – said Pedro fixing his necktie
  • But love, I …
  • For pearl, Sai, get out! ..
    Pedro opened the door and left, went to meet his lover. Hot kisses and chocolate-flavored kisses rolled over. Pedro was already crazy about loves for Vanessita, that woman brought an unparalleled pleasure in her body, fire in her panties, Pedro ended up sleeping at Vanessita’s house so crazy.
    Pérola did not sleep that night, she spent the whole night calling and thinking about her beloved – Where will my husband be? Who will you be with? Why don’t you answer Pedro’s cell phone? Did something happen to my husband, my God?
    A thousand and one pearly questions raises but none answers.
    The next day Pedro returns.
  • Love, thank God, where did you spend the night? You make me worried.
  • I was working, I didn’t see the hours go by, when I woke up it was late I ended up sleeping there.
    Pedro takes off his clothes and goes to the bathroom, pearl takes his shirt and smells, he smelled of women’s perfume, pearl sees in the corner of the collar, a reddish stain, she does not doubt it is a woman’s lipstick. Then Pearl cries for a moment and pretends that she saw nothing.
    Two days later, pearl tries to win back her beloved again, as she felt she was losing him. Pearl searches on the internet how to win back her love, she searches for the best lingerie to drive a man crazy. The woman goes to a boutique to buy red lingerie, heels and does everything according to the tips she found on the internet. Pearl Paint your lips red and get all fiery.
    When her lover returns from work, Pérola surprises him with her new fetish, picks him up and gives him a kiss, lays him on the bed and takes off his shirt very slowly, filling him with kisses.
  • What? What’s that Pearl? what nonsense are these Pearl? For! You know I’m tired and I don’t feel like making love, get out! leaves!…
    Pedro takes the Pearl off him and throws it away, goes out into the street thinking about Vanessita. Pedro calls Vanessita and asks to see her.
    Vanessita was a dangerous homebreaker who had already destroyed 30 more marriages.
  • Hi love!
  • Hi Vanessa, I already missed you love, I want to be in your arms love. – Said Pedro taking the head
  • ooH pedro, we should talk, I don’t like something.
  • What’s wrong? Speak to me.
  • Is that! Yeah … It’s your wife, you know! I can’t stand seeing you with her anymore, you have to decide, who you want to stay with, choose Pedro, me or her, I don’t want to share you, I want you whole or nothing, I’m tired of having you in half Pedro, Decide until tomorrow or me or her. – Vanessita turned off her cell phone
    Pedro returned home, that night Pedro did not sleep, because he had to decide whether to stay with Vanessita or Pearl his wife.

Pedro looks at the pearl asleep and he feels that he loves her, but Vanessita’s carnal delights do not leave his head, those tight lips and breasts, that Vanessita’s hot and moist pussy were like an ace for Pedro, he couldn’t let go, already he was hooked.
The next day Pedro decides who he wants to stay with. Call Vanessita to her home with Pearl and say.

  • Pearl, I know this will hurt but, I have to be frank with you – says Pedro looking at his wife who did not understand what was going on – Pearl, I don’t love you anymore, I stopped loving you a long time ago.
    Pearl with tears in her eyes asks.
  • Love what? What happened to you, Pedro? How come you don’t love me anymore, what did I do Pedro?
  • You didn’t do anything, Pearl, Vanessita did, she stole my heart, now I’m sending her.
    Crazy pearl, tears fall from those beautiful eyes that look at Vanessita for an instant
  • Is there nothing left between us, Pedro? – Desperate Pearl question
  • nothing pearl !! There was nothing left, just beautiful memories of you – says Pedro hugging Vanessita.
    Pearl shot almost fainting, she crying tries to say something to Pedro but Vanessita interrupts and tells him
  • Listen here, young lady! You heard what Pedro said, he doesn’t love you anymore, I don’t want to see you here again, I’m now his wife, the new owner of this house, so get out of here and don’t come back – Vanessita throwing a pearl out.
    After Pérola leaves, Pedro thinks about her, he feels that the love between them was great, he also feels that he really loved her. He takes the celualr and tries to turn it on, but pride does not allow it.
    A month passed, Pedro living with Vanessita, things were no longer the same for him, he no longer enjoyed anything or wanted to work because the absence of the pearl had not done him any good. When he made love to Vanessita, there was no fire in his panties and his kisses no longer set him on fire.
    One night while Vanessita slept, Pedro sits there in bed looking at her, suddenly Vanessita’s cell phone rings, a message has entered, Pedro takes the cell phone and opened the message, shock! It was a message from Vanessita’s lover who said: “love the day after yesterday, I keep thinking about you, your kisses, your smell and the image of your black panties does not leave me, when you come back to love me?”
    Pedro goes crazy with that sms, he looks at Vanessita asleep. He never imagined that Vanessita could do such a thing to him.
    Pedro maddened wakes up Vanessita, asks for an explanation, Vanessita tries to lie, smacks fly from one cheek to another and a fierce argument invades that room.
    The next day Pedro sends Vanessita away and keeps thinking about Pérola about the evil he had done to her, so Pedro decides to look for his beloved Pearl to ask her forgiveness and come back together.

Pedro calls Pérola and begs her to meet him at the company, he wanted one last conversation.

  • Hi love – says Pedro with an air of regret.
    Pearl doesn’t answer, Pedro continues.
  • Love I know I made a mistake, I hurt you a lot, I made a lot more mistakes. My worst sin was to take you away from me and my life, know that I suffered a lot from it, not a day passed that I did not suffer from this sin.
    Pedro said all this crying And Pérola also cried.
  • I love you love – says Pedro kissing the pearl hands – I know that you will not forgive me, I did you a terrible evil, and if by chance today is the last day that we will see each other, I want you to know that I always love you I loved and I will love you, you will always be my beautiful Pearl, the one I loved so much …
    Until Pedro ended his speech, Pérola crying, kissed him for a moment and said that she loved him too much, but she would not return to him because she had met a new man who treated him well and gave him a lot of love.
    Meanwhile, Vanessita was listening to everything from across the room.
    Pedro wept like a child, begged for the pearl to come home.
  • Pearl I beg you, come home love, for God come back to me, come home love I love you – said Pedro kneeling
  • don’t Peter don’t do this, don’t kneel please, I don’t well Pedro
  • how can you not Pearl? Is there nothing left between the Pearl people? Asked Peter desperately
  • no Pedro, nothing was left, just beautiful remember you.
    Said Pearl, closing the door.
    Pedro stood there, desperate, crying while Vanessita listened to everything from across the room.
    If you want to love your woman / man don’t try others, A lover can take everything away and leave you empty. Above all, never make your lover your wife
    Author: Bei Baldjine Velaskis

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