My sister and my friend are so naughty !?

When I was just two, our parents enrolled us in a club, me, my older sister and them. The club where we joined was very cool, away from the city, courts for playing almost all sports, there were pools, a lake, fountains, trails, mazes and was surrounded by trees. In this club my sister, Luana, met a girl, her age called Mariana while we were playing in the children’s pool. Luana became friends with Mariana and became best friends.
After a few years, when I was 4 and they were 8, Luana, my sister, she has brown hair, hazel eyes, white, smooth and delicate skin, a little thin and tall, Mariana, my sister’s friend, is brunette Long, straight hair, brown eyes, smooth and delicate skin, full lips, thick thighs, she was not thin, but she was certainly not fat and she is also a little shorter than my sister. They began to visit each other, each going to the other’s house, to sleep or just to visit. I really liked Mariana as a friend, because she always played with me. A few years later, when they were 11 and I was 7, our parents started to leave the house more, leaving us a lot of time alone, so they started to feel more comfortable. The two began to bathe together and started walking around the house wearing nothing but panties and bra, even though I saw, they didn’t care! They sat beside me half-naked, as if nothing was happening, hugged me, it was always like this: Mariana came to our house, the two went to my sister’s room, took off their clothes and were just wearing their underwear. I thought that they only did this here and that our parents didn’t know, but I was wrong, in relation to both things, they did this at Mariana’s house too and my parents knew that they bathed together and were half naked around the house. I never called, either, until I got used to it.
Years later, when they were 15. Luana, ‘’ ‘won’ ’a very big ass and medium breasts, even so tasty, Mariana, on the contrary, she‘ ‘won’ ’, big breasts and medium ass. And with that, I started looking at Luana, with a look of ‘’ desire ’’ and Mari, too. Whenever they passed me, half-naked, my penis became hard as stone and I tried to hide it so that they wouldn’t notice, Luana and Mariana liked me to lie on their laps while watching TV, I liked it too, they kept doing it affection in my hair, they put a hand on my shirt and once Mariana put her hand and my ass, I took it off, but after a while I started to leave it without problems. Imagine my excitement at that time, kkk. Whenever they got out of the bath or were in the room, I would sneak up to the lock and keep looking, I couldn’t look straight, because the lock on the door was tight and only gave sight at the side of the bed, every time I saw them. Sometimes, when I heard the shower being turned off, I knew they were drying themselves to get dressed in the room, so I would run to my room (which was next to my sister’s room), close the door and listen until hear the door of their room close, then I would run, without making a sound until the lock of her room and once in a while I was lucky enough to see them naked and when they left my field of vision I would run to the bathroom and hit a .
Two years passed, they were 17 years old, I was getting tired of the same ” routine ” to see them naked, so I thought in my room a way to get to see them ” better ” and the only solution that What I found was: In Luana’s room there was an old wardrobe, which my parents would sell and buy another one. There was nothing inside, Luana already took his clothes out of him and put them in separate piles on the side of his bed, I could go inside, I was very small, it was also very spacious inside, there was a huge gap, so I could have almost full view of the room, but I didn’t have the courage, let them find me inside, what would I do !? I spent a few days thinking about it, but I couldn’t find the courage, even though I knew that she no longer touches the wardrobe.
So one day, when they were taking a shower, my parents were not at home and I was stiff, walking back and forth in front of the bathroom door, where they were taking a shower, trying to build up courage, until, when i was passing in front of the door i heard a moan. In fact, I heard several groans in a row, loud and very ‘’ ’wet’ ’, I froze right away, I felt a shiver all over my body, my breathing increased and then I thought‘ OK, OK I’M GOING! ’’

I went to my sister’s room, a very clean little room, Smelling, you could only see pink and white, there was a double bed in the middle, a mirror with some makeup around, underneath there were drawers, there were some shelves hanging on the wall with some books, there was a carpet that took up almost the entire floor, the piles of clothes and etc …, I entered the room nervously, so I opened the wardrobe door, found a perfect space for me and went inside. I made as little noise as possible, took a stand, and sat on top of it and soon it was extremely comfortable inside, with a great view to the room, I just had to wait for the ‘’ show ’’.
I was waiting in the wardrobe for a few minutes, very nervous. Suddenly I heard the bedroom door open hard and hit the wall, so I saw Mariana enter a little nervous inside the room, she went towards the bed, took off the towel, threw it against the wall and threw herself on the bed. belly. In this, I already had a hard-on, seeing that smooth ass and a little bit of her breasts, but something was different, where’s Luana and why did she look nervous ?! A few seconds later I saw Luana enter, she closed the door slowly so as not to make a noise, took off the towel and for the first time she took her room key and locked the door. She had never done that, well only once when we were younger and she locked me up, but except that never, not even when she was going to change clothes with Mari! I was nervous, I noticed that my leg was shaking, so I controlled myself not to make a noise. Luana walked slowly to her bed, sat on the edge, started to pat Mariana’s back and as she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and from the waist upwards to pat Mari, she had her legs spread, right on MY FRONT, I could see her shaved pussy, her beautiful, thick legs and her breasts. I noticed that I had my hand on my underwear, stroking my dick, wanting to hit one, but I couldn’t, the wardrobe is a little old and it would certainly make a noise, so I went back to pay attention. Luana was stroking Mari’s hair, so Mariana turned on her side, allowing me to see her big tits and her xaninha very well, I was biting my lip, sweating and with wide eyes. Mariana looked at Luana and said:

  • I don’t know if I want to do this, Lu – She said in a shaky voice
  • Why not? – Luana asked – It will be really fun
  • You are my friend, we don’t … – His voice broke – We shouldn’t.
  • No problem, nothing is wrong, many women do this – Luana said, while stroking Mari’s hair with her hand resting on Mari’s chest – If we like it, I can say without problems to my family that I’m a lesbian.
  • It’s-It’s wrong! – She stammered
    Luana lay on her side, turning to Mari and leaving that butt exposed for me, that beautiful fleshy ass that made me want to get out of the wardrobe and tighten it – Mari, shall we make a deal?
    Mariana looked at her with her brown eyes making an expression of fear and said – Which one?
  • If you don’t like it, we never do it again and we go back to the normal routine, as if nothing had happened – She winked.
  • Promise? – Said Mariana – And your brother, what if he hears anything?
  • Promise! – Said Luana – I make up any excuse, he believes in everything, that cap!
    My heartbeat was racing, I noticed that I already had shorts on my feet, underwear on my knee and making light movements on my cock. I was feeling a little guilty, because one side of me said that I shouldn’t be watching that, I shouldn’t be in the mood to have sex with my sister, but I couldn’t resist.
    Luana gave Mariana a little push, making her fall backwards onto the mattress. Luana said ‘‘ Now I’m a doctor, and I’ll take care of you ’’, she was next to Mari, stroking her hair, so slowly, she moved closer until her lips met. The two kissed each other willingly, you could see that Luana’s tongue was in Mari’s mouth, and Mari’s in Luana’s. Luana was already on top of Mari’s belly, both were already very wet, Luana’s right hand was behind Mari’s head and her left hand was stroking her hair. Mari was already rubbing her hand on Luana’s ass. Luana started to lower her mouth, sucking on her neck, then reached her breasts, Luana sucked them hard, spit on them, licked them, and her hands had also already descended on Mari’s breasts. Mariana was moaning softly and often. Luana got off Mari and went to her feet, she examined them, caressing them and licking them making Mari crazy (And I also kk), Luana bit all her toes and drooled all over the bed. Luana stopped playing with mari’s feet and started stroking the coaches, very close to her ass and then she said ‘’ You know? I as a doctor, I want to do a complete review! ’’ She opened Mari’s legs slowly and went between them, she put her nose almost inside Mari’s pussy and took a long breath. With her tongue she started to lick around the xaninha, while Mariana was moaning like a puppy and loudly, a little while passed and Mari was holding the mattress tightly and saying “Para Para PARAA !!”, Luana he smiled and put his tongue hard in Mari’s pussy and it wasn’t long before she gave a cry of pleasure and came in Luana’s tongue.
    They were both tired, so Luana gave her time to catch her breath, but it was only a few seconds. She climbed on top of Mari again, but this time on the contrary, the two were making a 69. Mari didn’t look like she was going to come again, Luana was about to, a few minutes later I saw Luana close her eyes tightly and stop lick Mari’s xaninha, then she put her hands on the sides of Mari’s ass and squeezed tightly and soon I heard a ” AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh ”, so I just saw Luana’s pleasure running down Mari’s neck. Luana still had her eyes closed, so I noticed that she was trying to get out of there, because Mari was holding Mari by the legs and continued to lick her pussy. I only heard ‘’ Para, PARA, PLEASE !! ”and then an‘ ’AAAAAAAAAAAhh’ ’, and a jet of enjoyment, that’s about 7 times. Mari was soaked through. I then noticed that Mari lost her strength and released her and also dropped her head on the mattress.

The two stayed on top of each other for a few minutes catching their breath, then Luana fell to the side and said ‘’ For those who didn’t want, she made me come like a whore, huh? ’’ And Mari laughed. Luana said ‘’ I said I wanted to do an overhaul of you, and that’s what I’m going to do! ’’. She turned mari on her back, exposing her ass, she got on her knees beside Mari and kept stroking her back, legs and ass. She took the index finger of her right hand and put it in front of Mari’s face and without needing to say anything, Mari gave a blowjob of about 30 seconds leaving him very wet. Mari closed her eyes, grabbed the mattress again, then Luana with her left hand ‘’ opened a path ’’ to Mari’s ass and stuck her finger in. She started slowly, but soon she was putting it on and taking it off. I believe that the two were virgins at that time, I don’t know why but it seemed that they were. Then, Luana took her finger off and gave Mari sucks, while Mari sucked Luana said ‘’ Everything is in order ’’, then she gave Mari a long kiss on the ass.
Afterwards, Luana sat on the edge of the bed and asked Mari to sit on her lap, Mari nodded. Soon Mari was on Luana’s lap, the two hugging each other, Mariana with her head on Luana’s neck and the two of them still Naked. Finally Luana asked:

  • Liked?
  • Loved it – Said to Mari- But, what now?
  • As well? – Asked Luana.
  • I want more!
  • Ui, naughty- Luana looked at the window- It’s already getting dark, my parents will be here soon …
    -We can go to the house, today my parents made an appointment to go to the restaurant and the cinema, to celebrate my mother’s birthday and as the movie is for adults we will be alone at home all the night, baby!
  • I loved it!
    Then the two put on clothes, combed themselves, Luana hid the wet bed sheet in her chest, changed sheets, finally, Luana got a backpack to sleep at Mari’s house. The two gave each other a peck, Mari said ‘’ Let’s take a shower together ’’. So they left the room, Luana gave a shout saying ‘’ Matheus (My name =]), today I’m going to sleep at Mariana’s house, see you later, tell our parents! ’’ And then they went. I waited a few minutes after hearing the door slam, and I threw myself against the wardrobe door, fell on the carpet, sweating, totally naked from the waist down and panting. Of course, I hit it well, I went to Luana’s trunk and I sniffed the sheet and left it there.
    A few days later they removed the wardrobe from there, but then I had the idea of ​​leaving my cell phone recording everything, which was great. Two years ago, I formatted the PC and forgot to save the videos (Damn it), so I don’t have any more.
    When they were 19, they assumed for our family that they were lesbians, at first a shock, of course! But then it became normal, with 23 they got married. Today I’m 23 and they’re 27, I’m thinking of telling Luana that I saw everything, what happened, what do you think?


  • When I was 10 and they were 14, we were watching an action movie, I was in the middle of them, and then there was a part of sex and Mariana said ” I always wanted to touch a stick, you know, just to feel like it is’ ‘and my sister said she could touch mine, I was embarrassed and said no. After about 30 minutes trying to convince me (You know, I didn’t care about Luana seeing or touching him, because she is my sister, she already did that -.- ‘, but the problem is Mariana), I accepted, not because of the threats that Luana had done it for me, but because she gave me 20 reais and Mariana said “Please, for our friendship”. She seemed a little upset at the time, probably because she lost 20 k reais. Luana, kneeled on the carpet, in front of me and took off my shorts and underwear, took Mari’s hand that was shaking and put it on my dick. She played with him, until it was hard, she seemed to like it a little, she jerked a little too. But this was not the only time, there were 4 more, but in those other times, only when we were alone.
  • Two weeks after the day they took the wardrobe out, I was 13, I was at my colleague’s house, after school, doing my homework and there was only one question left to finish the homework so I decided to arrive in home and ask Luana for help to play video games soon. But when I got there in the evening, I ran to her room and when I got there, I opened it without knocking on the door and saw her sucking Mari’s pussy, but when they saw me it was too late. Mari could not hold back the pleasure and gave a cry of pleasure and I just saw that jet of pleasure and Luana looked at me nervously, not knowing what to do, she left the room. Luana went after me naked and took me to their bed, Mari was curling up on me like I was a strip pole, Luana explained everything to me (As if I didn’t already know), I played innocent and I did several questions, so she gave me a complete sex class ” LOL ” (as if I didn’t already know kk).

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