I want to tell you the wildest story of my life, I ate my friend’s girlfriend!
That’s right, I ate and she gave me just to prove that she was right, I’ll explain.
José my friend has been dating Luciana for 3 years, Luciana is very hot, blonde, 1.60 M brown eyes and a very nice body.
I live alone, and in a weekend we decided to roast meat and drink, me José and some friends.
Around 9:00 pm the staff started to leave, leaving only me, José and Luciana.
At that time, José was very drunk, that’s when he wondered if he would have the courage to eat his girlfriend?
I was startled by the question until he explained himself.
He said that Luciana had told him that all his friends wanted to eat her, that he actually had no friend, because a friend who is a friend does not eat the other’s girlfriend.
Then I laughed and asked the question, it was then that he asked again, to satisfy him he said no, he wouldn’t eat his girlfriend.
He looks at Luciana and says, you see, he doesn’t want to eat you, Lucia disguised and said:
Let’s go, José, you drank too much, and he was really too drunk, I helped you get him in the car and she took him home.
I kept that in mind, Luciana is very nice, and if I had a chance I don’t think I would forgive, I thought!
It was when there was a knock on the door, I went to answer it and it was Luciana, she had left Joseph at her house and I came back saying she wanted to talk to me.
He asked to enter, sat on the sofa, ordered a drink. I opened one, the beer and we started talking.
She told me that José was not jealous of her, that it bothered her, it was then that she asked me:
Don’t you think I’m beautiful?
I said yes, since it was true, so she came over and said to me, would you eat me?
I was left with no answer, so she asked again and kissed me.
So we started kissing and taking each other’s clothes off, she had a shaved pussy with a beautiful mustache!
I stuck my tongue in that pussy.
Suddenly she started to suck me, lay her down and I buried my dick in her pussy, a very tight pussy, she moaned softly and asked me to start it.
After a while she went out and turned on her back, took my dick and fixed it well in her ass, my cock entered with great difficulty, if the pussy was tight, the ass was twice as much.
When the head passed she let out a cry, I held her by the waist and buried her, she screamed and moaned, said it was very tasty, asked her to punch faster, until she came!
Then she took my dick out of her ass and started to ride me.
It was too much, she had a beautiful body, she rode like no one else, seeing and feeling all that, I couldn’t stand it and I came, I filled her shit with cum.
She got up and the cum ran down her legs.
He dressed with a smile on his lips and said:
See how right I was, you and all of José’s friends want to eat me!
He opened the door and left.
She just wanted to prove that she was right, and I proved how hot she is.
I hope she wants to try it again!

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