At the Party Kevin – Popping the Anus Stopper New

I spent the week before the New Year all working on the art of inviting classmates to this baptismal party that would take place on the first day of 2017 in SP Capital! Following in the groups to which I belong on Whats, the information that the regulars of previous editions divulged and even through a blog of gay activity in the Capital:, my lust and testosterone were in a million! After getting settled with two friends from surubescas parties in the Sauna of Piracicaba, we started to prepare for the date of the party!
As always, because I depend on buses, I have to leave my city a little (sometimes even very early) in order to enjoy these parties / surubas. I left my city at 7:00 pm and at 8:00 pm I was at the Barra Funda Terminal buying my subway tickets to get around the city mother of human sexuality! I stayed at the terminal for a long time and ended up meeting a colleague from a company I worked for and we spent a lot of time reminiscing about the causes I caused and the people who spent there in our time together! Well, but it wasn’t to talk about my professional life that I started writing!
After this hour-long conversation, I receive the message from one of the colleagues who had arranged to go to the party saying that he could not go any more and a whole lot of blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! I am a bitch, as an active or passive and even relative I do not lose the fuck. The other colleague, already answered right away, saying he was in SP too, but at the Vale do Tietê Terminal and I was supposed to wait for him to arrive and we were going to bump together and even give a little bááááááááááásica hunt before going to the party!
About twenty minutes later, this colleague arrives, we exchange a hug of great affection (and I, without being able to stop taking a cone, I already bite him on the neck and say that today he would not escape me; he laughed and we went to sit down at the departure point for Anhangabaú Station.
We exchanged a thousand phrases, and without much ado, already on the approaching subway, we embarked and I without missing the chance, I started to make a boy seductive and putanescent looks and that my colleague just called me putayna and I laughed! We arrived at the station we needed and walked to the place we had to go; Once there, we went straight to the cashier for the bracelets and then went to the headgear to store our belongings.
As it was the first day of 2017, some should still be in their homes and we sat on benches on the first floor and just watched those who came and went from one place to another: many young people and boys from the Malhação cast decided to putan too and some eccentrics with clothes, makeup and other props that the Puritans on duty even scandalized, but at least I’m already so used to the individualistic particularities that it was so normal!
People were arriving, the plurality of physical images and their props increased and I decided to stay just wearing a cap (with the brim turned back, T-shirt and my boxer! -roon on the first floor, on the second floor a large area, which during the day must be parking for vehicles, but on the day of the party it was destined to be a smokehouse and not to mention that on the ground floor is where the ballad is, but even so the staff stopped bothering and some more exhibitionists fucked / fucked or just being suckled / sucked right there.
With the increase in the audience, the dark areas have already started to boil and I, as expected, I already threw myself: I gave my cock to some suck, I sucked others and at the time I least expect it, two guys already frantically fucked next to me and without delay I got together and we did one to three, and when the guy who was active disengaged, I quickly penetrated the passive and fucked tasty, giving my first morning bite in that ass! But don’t think it’s over: I went to the bathroom, washed the stick to get the taste of lubricant from the condom that was left, pissed and went back to the area and, as I saw a friendly cock, I started to suck it madly. And the environment was really hot, the people who were there dripping sweat … It was a mix of twins, that impact of fucking bodies, sucking sounds and a few bitches said by one or the other (or all) who were there while they were doing it sex!
I know I took turns liking some passives as an asset several times, a hotter ass and starved for cock than the other, I sucked other cock and even I was dying to be passive, I didn’t find any that could eat me, but because they couldn’t get me to eat I ate them beautifully, even reading the passive soul!
It arrived at a certain moment, that I had to go to the bathroom, and whoever was inside did not even leave for praying and I started to curse; when the person decided to leave go out guess who it was? That’s right, my colleague with three more guys … I laughed too much and even told him some insults because there was a huge queue while he fucked the guys inside, but the thing about colleagues even became history for us to laugh later.
I don’t know how many I fucked, but they were a lot, I thought about five and three tried to eat me but they couldn’t and I ate them. As the hours progressed, my entry and exit from the darks’ area was frantic and I did not miss an opportunity to bottle or put in an available ass. I got tired a little and went to the second floor and right away I see a pair of young men in a nice sex (how I wanted to be passive). I admired them for a long time and went downstairs to enjoy some music and I sat on a stool when without much delay, another pair for good by my side, start to catch each other and one of them sits down and starts to suck what was on foot! Very horny to be a voyeur at times, but my desire to be passive did not pass!
I went up to the first floor again and two beautiful guys, like the actors from the gay movie Scandal In Vatican 2, fucked really hot: the passive hands on the wall, with their tail showing, showing the entrances and exits of the other guy’s cock your ass; that was a fuck worthy of the movie I just mentioned! But I also didn’t take long there and went back to the darks: I would go into a room, get something ready and go to another one and so I spent all the time, I didn’t miss an opportunity to have my dick used / abused. The liabilities available there, were with an uncontrolled hunger for poking and none of the active / versatile / relative or pseudo-anything refused to give what they wanted (including me).
As the day was breaking, and I was in that frenzy of the darks, I was grabbed by a bearded little man and he sucked me a lot until he took all my milk and rubbed my dick in his face; get out of there, but I came back soon after and the same guy pulled me and gave him some more milk after another feeding session! With my putisse of active satiated, but that of liabilities at high levels of boiling but seeing that there would be nothing else there, I went after my colleague and went to the hat shop where we got our things, got ready, paid the bill and left.
Detail: as or from the countryside and I don’t know SP very well, one of those fucked by my colleague accompanied us and we were talking about the individual night of each one and at a certain moment I just remember talking so much I wanted to be on all fours and one or a few males fucked me, that I didn’t even notice in a hole in the sidewalk and plopped on the floor AND FOUR; but no asset fucked me. We laughed and went on to the subway station where everyone went on their way.
I’m looking forward to the next party of the same level to participate, which could be Kevin or even PopPorn!

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