Happy Wife

High society is more perverted than we imagined, but that’s okay, because today I am inserted in it with my husband, corninho. This story is not about my love, but about my job as a luxury escort, that is, I am a prostitute and I love being.

After a time that I was already working as an escort, my husband spoke to me through my profile on a luxury escort website that he has here in São Paulo. As soon as I completed my profile, I received a message.
It was from a woman who wanted me to be the birthday entertainment for her husband and her friends, it seemed like a great idea, and I went to be the object of desire.
Soon I arrived I gave my price to the woman and now I found myself changing clothes in the bathroom of a mansion in Morumbi, perfectly common.
I was fixing my dress and checking my makeup in the mirror, I saw that it was beautiful and sexy and that I was going to rock.
The dress was beautiful and accentuated my curves, and the makeup marked my eyes and contrasted with my hair.
My thoughts flew. When I realized what I was about to do, my panties got wet, very wet. So I decided to take it out, as it was just going to get in the way and tonight I wanted all my holes to be easily available to men I didn’t know yet.
When I left the bathroom, the woman who hired me looked me up and down.
_ You are very beautiful, they will like it, you are a whore the way my husband likes it, I hope you are very naughty too, she told me. Apparently unconcerned and anxious that her husband was about to fuck a woman younger and sexier than her.
I followed the wife to a room and when she opened the door, she announced to the men inside: _Boys, this is my gift to you, enjoy.
I was confronted by three men in their 40s. They were elegantly dressed and everyone clearly enjoyed taking care of their bodies. Inside of me I was very happy because I felt the desire to fuck with any one of them, all three men were strong, beautiful and hot.
They came over and examined me as if I were a prize heifer, not talking to me, but talking about me.
_ Beautiful lips to suck my cock.
_ This ass will look great with my dick
_ I bet these breasts like to be slapped
The man who was clearly in charge said.
_Let’s eat her anyway, let’s give this bitch a beating.
Then the woman went to one of them, who was her husband, kissed him on the mouth and simply said:
_ I’m going out for you to have fun, and left the room.
For the first time, one of them spoke directly to me.
_ On your knees, prostitute. Immediately I dropped to my knees in front of him, he came over so that his groin was close to my face.
_ Take it off, bitch, I shuddered with lust at the way he spoke to me, because I always enjoyed this kind of dirty conversation treating me like a bitch.
When I unzipped it and pulled it out, I was surprised to find a soft stick.
_ It is not to look odd, make it hard with your mouth, he ordered.
I pulled the pants off his hips and took that flabby stick, touched his balls and stuck it in my mouth at once. Your cock hardened quickly and I started to suck your balls too. I sucked and licked those balls and all his cock that was now very tasty inside my mouth, but he was sadistic and looked at me with an angry expression:
_ Stick it up your throat, you dirty bitch. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced his cock inside my throat.
As I choked on that huge cock, the drool started to slip out of my mouth and fell on my dress. The other two men undressed while watching.
I took the mouth off that stick and saw that the mascara started to run. I pulled away and undressed completely when the other two men arrived and hit me in the face with their turtledoves.
They didn’t give me time and so I had to suck one and take the other and then alternate. Occasionally, they would force a stick down my throat until I choked and released. I even tried to put them both in my mouth at the same time, but this is not easy in real life. So I went back to my routine of sucking and caressing those three beautiful cocks.
They walked away from me and one of them went to a huge sofa in the middle of the room, sitting with his big cock pointing up.
_ Come here, slut and get on my dick, he said pointing me to his member and then I sat on that hot cock, feeling that dick easily sink into my soaked pussy. _ How good it is and how I love a stick! I thought to myself.
I leaned over to that hot man and he took his hand to open my ass, letting his friend get his cock in my tightest hole.
That hard cock was pressing against my sphincter.
I was tense when thinking about that invasion in my guts.
_ Everything is fine, relax, he said: _ Push your ass back, this will open your ass more.
To my surprise, due to a combination of lubricant and excellent craftsmanship, it slid through my ring without pain and relative ease. I had done anal many times, but a DP was the first time.
Little by little, that tasty cock entered everything inside me, fucking my ass and filling me like never before. The two sticks were separated inside me by such a thin membrane, but each looked completely different to me.
The feeling was so intense that I shivered.

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