Hello, my name is Paulo, I’m 21 years old, I’m a slender brunette with black and straight hair, 1.82 tall. I study at a university in the neighboring city where I live, so I take a van every day to get there.
My driver’s name is Ricardo, he is a mature man, with short black hair, probably 40 years old, however with an athletic body and a beautiful smile. And today I’m going to tell you about the day he ate me. As usual, I got into my van shortly after I got to my point. I sat down in the chair next to the back door as usual.
During the trip I could see that my driver was looking at me through the rearview mirror from time to time, at the moment I didn’t think that with malice.
My classes had ended a little earlier due to the absence of a teacher, so I went to my van a little earlier than the other students who also picked it up. When I got close to the van I realized that Ricardo was already in the van waiting for passengers, I opened the door and sat in the front seat, beside him. I could see a faint smile of satisfaction on his face that until now appeared to be serious. He started talking about it with me, and then he started to talk to me about his relationship with his wife, who had betrayed him. He told me that he was unhappy with women in general because it was not the first time that this had happened to him. That’s when I told him it wasn’t supposed to be like this and that he was going to find someone who really deserved it. Then he looked at me with a loving look and gently placed his hand on my leg. Then in his thick, smooth voice, he started to say:
-Paulo, since the first time I saw you I felt a strange attraction for you and I wanted to tell you that for a long time … I really want to fuck you …
And he was interrupted when the back door was opened and my van colleagues started to enter, suddenly Ricardo took his hand off my leg and looked straight ahead with his serious face. At that moment I started to have an erection with that incomplete disclosure. I put on my headphones and closed my eyes thinking about various erotic scenes with that man by my side, before long my member seemed to be about to explode from my pants.
When we were almost to the point where the van was going to leave me, I approached very slowly and whispered softly in Ricardo’s ear:
-Today I will leave at a different point than I always do.
Ricardo soon understood what I meant and instantly he answered me with a delicious malicious smile.
When the last passenger left, I put my hand on Ricardo’s member and in a few seconds it looked like it was going to rip his jeans, and said very quietly, no more than a whisper in his ear:
“I want you to fuck me too.”
He drove for another 3km until he reached a desert point in the city. Then he led me with a delicious kiss that seemed to take me to the clouds. Then he gently put his hand on my head and forced lightly saying that he wanted me to suck it, I unzipped his jeans and his dick was almost tearing through his boxers. I took it out, it was about 16cm and it was very thick, I started to lick its lush red head that had an unmistakable male taste and after some time my mouth was already sucking on that whole wonderful stick, until I reached his balls, which were very advantageous, by the way. I stayed in that delicious back-and-forth on his dick until he leaned back the seats so that we made the seats our bed. He in a quick movement took off his shirt and I immediately started licking his muscular, hairy chest – what a delicious man – I thought.
He then looked me straight in the eye and in a very authoritative voice said:
– Stay on all fours, I want to eat you, my little bitch.
With a half-rough movement he took off my pants and put me on all fours, and little by little he put his thirsty mast in my asshole, which was already naturally lubricated, the pleasure was so great that I couldn’t feel pain when he slowly put his cock inside me , he gave deep thrusts that made both me and him howl with pleasure. When he was about to come he said in a breathless voice:
“I want you to drink my male milk.”
Then he took his cock from me and I started to masturbate that hard, lusty cock, he ejaculating, let out some moans of pleasure and I drank his cum, which was very thick.
I licked until that nectar was pouring out of his big dick.
We got dressed and he took me to my house, and when I was leaving I said:
“I hope that got your problems out of your head a little.”
“Without a doubt, will we have a next time?” ”He said with a sly smile.
– You can be sure, I loved playing with your “hand brake”. – Said quietly, laughing, approaching his ear.

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