My name is Daniela, but I’m called Dani and I even prefer it that way. I am 19 years old, 1.62m and a body proportional to these measures, with brown skin and tanned hair.
Anyone who knows me says I’m pretty and hot, but I consider myself to be average.
I recently agreed to go with a colleague to a party at his friends’ country house, taking advantage of the fact that I had nothing to do over the weekend. This colleague is called Breno, three years older, a very attractive brunette, but he is not my type although I feel like having sex with him. Along the way, we talked in the car about a week of work, nothing much, just to pass the time.

It didn’t take long and we arrived at the party, having many guests already present, we were welcomed by the owner of the house, Paulo, apparently a little older than my colleague, with a well defined body and a shaved beard, the kind of man that makes me horny only of looking. I was wearing a red dress with a long neckline between my breasts and to make matters worse our host was already drunk, not failing to notice this when he was hugged tightly by him and heard the phrase that Breno only walked with quality meat.
After the presentation, we enjoyed the party as it had to be, drinking a lot and dancing, having fun with the games at dawn. At a certain moment, Paulo pulls me to the corner on the sofa, being totally intoxicated while kissing my neck and saying he wanted to tear off my dress. I was horny and altered by alcohol, just smiled and teased, feeling one of his hands invading the neckline of my dress to massage my breasts. At that time of the party, most of them had found their place to fuck, but Paulo was sucking my breasts hard on the living room sofa, making me roll on his dick under his clothes.

After a lot of making out, he took me to a small room in the back where he left the door leaning and put the stick out, I never saw one as beautiful as his, even though it wasn’t very big, it was still thick. I lost track of the time when he made me suck, punched everything in my mouth until he left his cock all frilled, always hearing him call me hot. I saw him take the condom and put it on quickly, pushing me against the table and opening my legs with the dress already raised to the waist, putting the panties aside and getting hard inside my pussy, which for being tight ended up breaking the condom in the thrusts initials that were intense. I don’t know if he noticed it because of the lack of light in the place, but he just kept fucking my pussy hard, pulling out moans of pleasure even trying not to get so much attention. He let me ride while sucking my breasts again, then he ate me on all fours for a long time until he took the cock out of me and came in my ass, feeling that it was a lot.
Because of the drink and tiredness, I ended up sleeping on the table, waking up sometimes when I noticed Paulo eating my pussy again. When I woke up again in the morning, I felt my xaninha burning and wet, but then realizing a strange and painful movement inside me, someone was eating my ass. I looked back, still a little sleepy, seeing an old man of about 60 years old punching the stick inside my tight tail. I asked him what he was doing and he just replied that the door was open, seeing a bootie like mine being unable to let it go. I was a little angry, but noticing that my pussy was full of cum, not being Paulo’s due to the time and discovering that besides being screwed up, that old man proved my pussy. I felt him hold tight to my waist and punch me hard in the ass, calling me a whore while he came, which made me orgasm too. I leaned over the table again, feeling the old man take out and put the stick inside my tail as if he were playing. I let him continue eating my ass for another half hour, when I saw him leave after coming again. I didn’t even have to look to know the damage he left my ass, I just pulled myself together and looked for Breno in the middle of that whole area, coming home with him by car as if nothing had happened.

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