Two dominators and a curious young woman

At that party bringing together the elite of New Lesbos, Katlin was the youngest, at 21 years old. The light-haired girl, who went until just past her shoulders, had green eyes, delicate lips and large breasts, with little more than a meter and 60 feet. She had been invited by success as a researcher in biology, in the city secretly raised by women of different parts of the world.
She had chosen a tight beige dress, which valued her shapes… Perhaps for this reason, as soon as she had positioned herself in a circle of conversations in the great mansion, she realized that two exuberant figures were watching her… a model-sized blonde with hair up to the middle of her back , green eyes like hers, with full lips, very well emphasized by red lipstick, certainly at a meter and 75 at least, medium bust and very shapely legs on display, as she wore a black dress with slits, she kept giving him casting exciting looks… she was in a
group to the left of where the girl was. On the right, a brunette with hair just below her shoulders, expressive black eyes, a more discreet lipstick mouth, although also of strong design, and larger tits than the other, acted the same way… .almost as tall as the first , she preferred a red dress, also with slits … both wore gloves in the colors of their respective clothes.
Suddenly, a surprise. The girl noticed that each one of them moved away almost at the same time from the people with whom, separately, they talked. And just ahead they joined, climbing side by side a staircase that led to the upper floor of the house. .Katlin heard the signal that started some games between experienced and newcomers … however, he did not resist and disobeyed the protocol of those meetings, going after those who had flirted with her.
The college student reached the second floor of the luxurious residence, and immediately saw the door to what appeared to be a huge room. She entered and was fascinated by the fireplace in front of her, over which there was a painting showing an intimate moment of two characters, one characterized as a princess, the other as a prostitute. Thus, he did not notice the presence leaning against the walls near the entrance to that space.
The blonde covered the girl’s mouth with her right hand, holding her arms behind her… she intertwined her legs with hers, at the same time that the brunette, cleverly on the other side, blindfolded her… the young woman froze in fear for one but the sensation changed as soon as the light-haired woman whispered in his left ear:

  • You disobeyed the rules, coming after us, but we are understanding … because we want you urgently! And we will give you two choices.
    The girl was immediately aroused … she felt her breasts intonated and her vagina was greased with the dominant melodious and hoarse voice … always muffling the researcher’s lips, the stunning owner of the black dress continued to speak softly:
  • We can release it now and you will immediately leave here … you will no longer be able to return to a party of the type that our brotherhood organizes … suffice to say that this is what you want … if however your desire is different, you will have to be blindfolded and do strictly whatever we determine… i will release your… .beautiful mouth and you will answer what you prefer…
    The blonde slowly released the researcher … turning her to face. Katlin stammered, abandoning himself to cravings:
  • I agree to do what they want …
    The two women smiled. The one in the black dress made the young woman turn to the front. The one in the red dress opened up the cracks… Katlin was led by the first to the right leg of the second… the light-haired lady murmured, this time in the captive’s right ear:
  • Kneel, kiss and lick my lover’s leg slowly …
    The girl obeyed, raising her tongue and mouth slowly from the ankle to the thigh of the sculptural brunette … with one gloved hand the blonde touched her hair, while with the other she began to touch herself seeing the expression of pleasure that took over her partner … the latter, after reaching the height of her excitement, lifted Katlin, kissed her for a long time in French fashion, and revealed that she also had an insinuating voice:
  • We’ll leave you naked …
    And the girl was embraced from behind and from the front by the dominators who undressed her without haste, masturbating, kissing her… They touched the sexes to three, until intense shared enjoyment… .repeated after dipping their tongues in their vaginas, reciprocally, in more of an alternating “half nine”, not without first closing the door. Katlin was then dressed and driven by the teachers discreetly to a car, driven by a woman with short, muscular hair, who took her home, keeping her blindfolded until the destination. Since that night, he dreamed of riches several times, coming when he woke up.
    The blonde lady was called Monique. Powerful industrialist in the food business, she used to join a brunette lover to attract and dominate inexperienced girls at parties, with or without masks. A year later, a process at the company he commanded required the knowledge of
  • a very outstanding biologist … She immediately realized who the renowned professional was.
  • Katlin was disconcerted as soon as she understood who was in front of her in the large office room, at the moment when the secretary who had led her to the place left her alone with the interlocutor, who overflowed with sensuality even with a mere greeting. He tried, with enormous effort, to explain what should be done, justifying the firm’s investments. The entrepreneur pretended not to have any interest other than that theme, making no allusion to the night when they had seen each other and accomplished something more … After that moment of lust, the young woman had attended a single event of the city’s elite. The pair she became involved with could not be in the fraternization, and she ended up having a conventional and disappointing relationship, compared to what she had experienced in terms of submission and pleasure.
  • Monique agreed with the girl’s project. The two said goodbye in the same formal way, but with burning desires being reawakened. In a short time, the researcher, who immediately had access to half of her payment, would begin to supervise the operations necessary for the industry to increase efficiency. For half a year, he would see the stunning owner of the factory sporadically, who just asked if everything was on schedule. Finally, the last day of implementation of the new system arrived, which was inaugurated, and the biologist received the missing part of her money.
  • A week later, the girl answered a phone call at her home:Hello…
  • There was silence on the other end of the line.

Who speaks?

Someone who wants to see you naked … and helpless.
The almost whispered voice and the content of the sentence immediately excited the researcher. He decided to provoke the interlocutor after a few seconds.

Where and when?

I won’t say … I just want you to leave your apartment door open … Every night, and sleep as much as possible …
It was the girl’s turn to be silent, holding her free hand to her chest. The bold woman he spoke to said a whisper goodbye.

See you soon, Katlin …
As soon as she dropped the phone, Karla smiled and kissed Monique for a long time. The beautiful brunette was the lover with whom the blonde went to masquerade balls to dominate new lesbians in Nova Lesbos. It had the firm that produced the most advanced technologies in the city. They both went to look for Anelise, a prosperous merchant and partner with whom the fair-haired lady had attracted the girl to the threesome.
Katlin, since the night of the call, was sure that the fact should be related to the reunion with Monique. At her company, there was knowledge about her contact and address … The girl accepted the game, facing enormous difficulty sleeping, naked, in the 96 hours that followed the conversation.

At 11 pm, on the fifth day, he retired, trying not to touch himself as he had been doing during the period … He had just fallen asleep, when he heard something and was going to sit on the bed. However, one of the brunettes, already present in the room, with mask only on her eyes, wearing a low-cut black dress and big round earrings, immediately covered her mouth, using her left hand, while with her right arm she tied her left with a thin satin rope in the bed guard … The other woman with long black hair, with similar but white clothing, had already immobilized her right hand. Keeping the young girl silent, Karla murmured in her ear:

  • We are Monique’s lovers … Be quiet.
    And they slid their mouths, excited the pink beaks of the portentous breasts … Katlin, who recognized the voice that had proposed the situation, felt her vaginal lips wet abundantly … She could see only the stunning silhouettes of the intruders. While one was positioned over the captive, devouring her lips and caressing her, another undressed … The girl was masturbated and sucked each of the dominators. While Karla was over her face she felt that her feet were being sucked… A blonde, also masked, with a beautiful red dress open on her legs, had entered the property and closed the door.
    With a cunnilingus, she made the young woman come at the same time that the brunette she sucked reached orgasm. Then it was Anelise’s turn to smother the tied woman’s lips so that, with the lamp on, she could see the striptease of the light-haired invader. The two brunettes began to interact separately, while she drove mind-blowing across the sexes, voluptuously kissing the girl trapped in bed, so that they climax simultaneously.
    The masked blonde whispered:
  • Know that we will grant you a privilege …
    And the three women removed their masks. Katlin said softly immediately:
  • Monique …
  • I’m Karla
    “And I am Anelise, who you already knew,” added the lovers of the powerful industrialist.
    Katlin smiled for a moment and confessed:
  • I loved the fantasy … I was anxious for us to meet again like this.
    And, after the researcher was released, the four hugged and kissed madly, knowing that this would be the first of several orgies.

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