I am 20 years old today and it happened two years ago. On a Friday I remember it as if it were today. I was going to the beach when halfway through my trip my car broke down in an almost deserted location. I called the insurance company and was answered promptly, who informed me that in 1 hour they would arrive.
I was waiting for the winch to arrive when a truck appears on the road. In it was a man apparently in his early 40s. He was tall, strong, dark and with a full beard and very charming. I was 18 years old at the time and 1.63 tall and 51 kilos had no chance in a robbery. The man got out of the truck and asked me to open the car’s hood. After a few minutes he told me that if I put a few liters of water in, I would reach the next post.
He looked calm and good-natured. I went with him to get the liters of water I needed to continue. After locking my car I got into his truck and took the dirt road. With a few minutes he told me that it was very dangerous to be there alone. He told me that with these characteristics that I had I could attract something bad. I felt something strange, in fact, I started to suspect that I had already found something bad.
The feeling of being desired the whole way was exciting me, something I never really felt. I started to get nervous and he certainly noticed. My feet were sweaty with nerves and at that moment he stops in front of a garage and says to me:

  • Let’s find a bottle here to get your water.
    I soon thought that nothing would happen there. We went in and into the garage and arrived at a pantry with a mattress on the floor and my belly froze right away. My legs were shaking, I couldn’t speak. I had nothing to do or where to run. The feeling of helplessness washed over me when he said:
  • Lay there!
    When I went to my knees he pushed me and took off my slippers. That bastard sucked and bit my feet like it was his first. He tore off all my clothes and to complete it he pulled a rubber band on the mattress and held my hands. So I was totally helpless for that brute who bit and sucked my ass with pleasure.
    I confess that despite being there defenseless there was something inside me that made me wet with lust. Within minutes when I accepted the ride and got into that truck, I was waiting and wanting it.
    After a few minutes it was already delivered and I couldn’t react anymore. In fact I was waiting for the time when he would put that dick out and tell me to suck. It didn’t take long after being sucked, bitten and molested, he said he wanted to eat my ass. When he said that inside of me there was a strange feeling. Something like fear and lust took over me. That whole situation ended up making me very horny but there was fear inside me for still being a virgin. I knew that there I would lose my gourd of my blessed one.
    Just imagining that whole roll inside of me already terrified me. To my surprise, the bastard was affectionate and started to take light bites on my ass. He still alternated biting me lightly and sucking my ass. When I realized he was already sticking a finger in my tail. Totally delivered to the bastard, I was soon on my side for him to fuck me all over.
    His club was slowly entering and tearing me apart. With every inch of that dick that invaded my ass, I went crazy with pleasure. When I realized the bastard was already pumping hard. My ass burned, I felt a little pain but the pleasure was greater. The bastard pumped tasty and was slapping my butt.
    We stayed in this fuck for about 40 minutes and had sex until the bastard filled my ass with his cum. He left me there for about 10 minutes lying on that mattress with my ass broken into. He then asked me to leave and left me again where my car was. After the bastard left I still realized that he had left his phone number in my pocket. That day I confess that it was something I will always remember because it gave me adrenaline and pleasure at the same time. I ended up calling him and we had sex again very horny.
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