I’m 27 years old, my name is Luciana and my husband is called Rogério and he’s 34 years old. I am blonde, I am 1.60 tall, I weigh 55 kilos, my eyes are blue, I have medium breasts and very perky, as well as my butt and I have piercing genitals. When I was young, I felt embarrassed by the looks I had on the street, at school and wherever I went, everyone moved me and that made me very ashamed. My husband and I have always been at liberty with each other. In bed, our relationship was what could be classified as great. Once at the beginning of our marriage, he tried to have anal sex with me but I felt pain and refused. After that day, perhaps for fear of making me upset, he never insisted on it again. We had sex practically every day. One of my husband’s fantasies that at first made me worried but which, over time, became “our” fantasy was that of? ménage-a-trois, but between fantasizing and fulfilling our fantasies, there is a great distance. Although fantasizing about a ménage-a-trois would take us to the peak of lust, I need to clarify that I am a super jealous woman and that I never accepted, not even for fantasy or joke, that one day we could share our bed with another woman. This was very clear in our relationship from the beginning, much less, allowing my husband to go out with another to do any type of program that involved sex or romantic feelings. At this point I am radical and warn: if it happens, I will become an animal.
We were doing great with this way of spicing up our relationships until we met Marcos at a sales course that took place in the city that week. Although I am not directly connected to the subject of the lecture, I ended up accompanying my husband to participate in the event. Marcos was a sales manager for a multinational company and had been hired to implement a new sales system in the company in the state and was there representing the company’s board. Much older than us, he was dark, 1.80m about 90Kg and appeared to be very experienced in life. The lecture ended around 11 pm and we both left there with a damn hunger because we had not yet had dinner. We went straight to a pizzeria. While we waited for the waiter to serve us, my co-worker entered the room accompanied by Marcos and two other friends, when they saw us, they headed towards our table. I noticed a slight discomfort in my husband but he was very kind. He got up rearranging our seats and invited them to stay with us. We made our orders and soon we were savoring delicious pieces of pizza, accompanied by two bottles of a super chilled white wine. My husband, who at first was a little quiet, started to relax as we got to know my colleague’s companion better. After a few moments of conversation, we learned that he was Kátia’s cousin and my husband discovered that he and Marcos had many things in common. Both had been born in São Paulo and supported the same team. Marcos said he had lived in Rio de Janeiro for the last 20 years, so give him a delicious accent. Both practiced running, liked football, cars and adventure films. Marcos told us that he was single, 44 years old, and that he had rented a penthouse apartment in a newly built building in our city.

As the conversation flowed and the wine was tasted, Marcos’s leg brushed mine, several times. The first few times, I retreated but then I let it go and there were many times when he rubbed his right thigh on my left thigh, barely covered by the mini skirt I was wearing, not to mention the looks he gave me. Afraid that my husband would notice something, I reminded Rogério that it was getting late, that our children were alone at home and that we should continue the conversation on another day. On the way out, when we said goodbye, already heading for our cars, Marcos invited us to dinner the following week at his house.
Rogério got in the car and drove quietly until we got home.
Once in bed, we started talking about the night and, suddenly, he asked me if I had felt anything for Marcos. I was a little scared, but, I don’t know if it was because I was a little drunk, I said yes. That, to tell you the truth, I had become interested in that man. Taking advantage of the momentum, I also said that I had been very excited by the interest that he had also shown for me.
While I was talking, I got tangled up in it and ended up having a delicious sex.
Three days later, Kátia called me saying that Marcos had become very sympathetic to us and that he had asked for our phone number to invite us to dinner next Friday, the day when she, unfortunately, would have to be traveling to Brasilia .
In the evening, he called home and talked for many minutes with my husband. He then wrote down Marcos’ address and phone number and was to confirm whether there would be conditions for us to be in town on dinner day. When he hung up, I noticed that Rogério was a little strange. I stayed at mine, just wondering what had crossed his mind.
On the appointed day for dinner, my husband called me from the office asking if I was up for dinner at Marcos’ apartment. I said yes. That he saw no inconvenience and that it might even be fun to meet new people.
At 9 pm that Friday we were entering Marcos’ apartment. My husband was wearing jeans and a white shirt. I worked a little more, I wore a black skirt that covered just above the knee and a pink silk blouse with purple, both pieces made with a very soft and thin fabric. Underneath, only skin-colored panties, very small, practically a thong. I finished off all of this with a very thin and very high heel that left my already protruding butt even higher, marking my panties well. It was an extremely sexy outfit.
As soon as we arrived, I was surprised to find that we were alone and that we were the only guests for dinner. I was even a little intimidated, but after the first glass of wine, I was free to laugh at everything we talked about. My husband and Marcos soon got together and talked a lot. They were so excited about the conversation that I went to the terrace and spent a long time alone admiring the city from the top. I noticed that between the chats Marcos watched me, certainly looking at my legs and ass.
A half hour later, Marcos called us to the table that was set in the dining room. He proved to be an excellent host. The table was very well set and he proved to be a great cook. We were served a delicious fish that was accompanied by three bottles of a famous German wine.
After dinner the atmosphere was completely relaxed and we all went to the comfortable and spacious living room, with a beautiful glass door to a balcony from where we could see the whole city. The room was decorated with exquisite taste and there was a huge crystal mirror that took over an almost entire wall.

It was in this mirror that I saw that my face was flushed. Really, I was excited and excited to be there with two men who, I knew, were in the mood to fuck me. The subject, more and more relaxed, soon slipped into the life of the single man. Marcos smiled and said it was a bar. Sometimes loneliness hit me, but until then, I hadn’t found my soul mate.
Rogério, somewhat ironic, asked him what a soul mate would be like for him. He, without hesitating, looked at me and said: -Firstly, she would have to be beautiful, charming and sexy like Lu, and then she would have to follow all my crazy things.
I blushed and my husband, smiling, wanted to know what these crazy things would be. – Well he said – I’m single today because I haven’t found a woman who, while it was all that I already said, still had the same ideals as me. Ideals of freedom that, I believe, would make marriage much more attractive. -How so ?, I wanted to know- What are these so mysterious ideals of freedom – Did he start to explain? – Marriage, as it is organized today, is a drag. The feeling of possession that one spouse develops on top of the other, jealousy and routine, end the lust. After a short time the two are bittering their frustrations and filling up their most secret desires. I exchanged a quick glance with my husband and saw that he continued to smile a little embarrassed. I got up the courage and said? – Marcos !, me and Rogério are not like that, you know? we are aware that we need to spice up our relationship in order not to fall into the routine and we don’t have to stick around each other, no. ”He, looking at my husband, said: – You can see that you are one happy couple, held to released. -Look, said my husband. – Not quite. Lu is just saying that we have this awareness but, in fact, we haven’t put the theory into practice yet, this requires caution. You see that our city is quite provincial. Here we have no one to share this kind of freedom with. Unfortunately, we are not in Rio de Janeiro, my dear. – I understand that. Marcos amended it. – I have been here for about 3 months and have you noticed the appointment of the staff? Marcos smiled and said: -That’s it, people like us have to unite, protect and respect each other. I was very happy to meet you and I hope that our friendship will always prosper. – So, my friend, my husband said – Why don’t you open another bottle for us to seal our friendship? We all laughed and Marcos got up to go to the fridge.
While he went to look for more wine, my husband came to me and, lifting me from the sofa, took me by the waist and started a very slow dance. When Marcos returned we were curled up in each other, almost stopped, dancing very slowly.
I hugged his neck and he was holding me almost at the buttocks. Marcos refilled our abandoned cups on a sideboard and, sitting on the couch, looked at us. I think that when he went to get the wine, he must have touched some kind of control because I had the impression that the lighting had become softer… more erotic, I don’t know!… As we moved slowly across the thick carpet, my husband whispered in my heard: – This time, you will not be able to escape. And I smiled and whispered in his: “Honey, who told you that I want to escape from something? Upon hearing this, my husband kissed me warmly and made his hands slide up to my behind, beginning a movement with his hands, making the light fabric of the skirt slips over my panties. I could feel his cock totally hard between my legs and his arousal, he then moved his mouth down my neck to my lap, almost making one of my breasts jump out of the blouse. I narrowed my eyes and noticed that Marcos was stroking himself over his clothes and that his member was already puffing up his pants. It was at this moment that the CD reached the end. – Too bad… now that it was getting hot ”I said smiling at them.

My husband looked at me horny and said: So if this is not what you want, leave it to me … and started towards the equipment to put a new CD. I went to the sideboard and drank some more wine. Returning to the center of the room, I was dancing to an imaginary music, sensually swinging my hips in front of Marcos who tried to hide the immense volume that had formed in his clothes. When the sound came back to invade the environment, I extended my arms in his direction and said: “- Now it’s your turn to make me go crazy …” He looked in the direction of my husband when I saw that my husband did that classic “positive” sign for him. Then, without trying to disguise his erection, Marcos came towards me and, taking me gently in his arms, began to rock me, to a super romantic sound that my husband had chosen for us. I went to heaven, I didn’t know what do, and in an impulsive act I immediately hugged him by the neck with both hands clasped at the back of his neck and pulled him towards me. I felt a real flood in my panties when he moved his left hand down my back and down my ass, until it reached my thigh. He put his hand under the skirt of my skirt, holding me, directly by the butt, making me feel small in his arms. I was afraid of my husband’s reaction, as we had not agreed anything about the possibility of a concrete involvement with Marcos. Then, half afraid, I half-opened my eyes to see a super excited Rogério, who was going to the sofa, settling between the cushions, starting a beautiful and slow wank on his pants. I went crazy. I detached my right hand from the back of Marcos’s neck and started to open the buttons of his shirt while he, very delicately, started to unbutton my blouse and bra which, slowly, was taking off my body. Marcos looked, enchanted, at my hard breasts and with his mouth started sucking on my nipples, he took one of his hands to loosen the belt that fastened my skirt around my waist. Then, completely without support, the skirt started to descend. As we rubbed against each other, she slipped until she fell and curled up on my feet. I just kicked it in the direction of my husband, who smiled at me, while taking it and bringing it to my face to smell my perfume. I, just in panties, continued to curl up on Marcos who, now, leaning on my shoulders, rubbed himself on my breasts and with his hands already tucked inside my panties, smoothed my reared butt. At the same time that I was pressing my pussy against his cock, supported by his two hands on my ass, I arched my body back and was just taking off his shirt. Then I started to open his belt and the zipper of his pants and sought his kiss with my mouth. We kissed like two boyfriends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. With my right hand I reached for his penis inside his underwear and slowly masturbated it. In between I opened my eyes and saw my husband sitting just watching us, that excited me even more. While I kissed him like a hungry calf, using my hands, I freed Marcos from all his clothes. It was while I was undressing Marcos that I noticed two other hands joining the game. I felt a shiver when I saw that my husband had come up behind me and that he was curling his fingers, gently, in the elastic of my panties. Slowly, he was pulling the piece down and gradually, my bootie was getting exposed. I felt that my husband started to kiss the back of my neck and went down until it reached my buttocks, I did even more with the wet kisses I was giving Marcos. When I finished removing my panties, Rogério turned my face and gave me a wet kiss, which made me super excited and shivery. I noticed that my husband went back to the sofa and started masturbating again, sometimes smelling my panties, sometimes wrapping his dick around her. When Marcos was already totally naked, I pulled him to the floor and he lay with his back on the carpet with the stick very hard, glossy by the sperm that started to come out showing his immense lust.

I was without a condom and I didn’t know if I should do it, after all, I hardly knew that man. I looked at my husband and asked him with a lot of love and care for a condom, he then told me. “-If you want to enjoy an adventure, it has to be completely, without protection!” That shocked me, but at the same time hallucinated, as my lust spoke louder, I couldn’t resist and I took up the game that my husband proposed. So I held that beautiful mast between my fingers on my left hand, I supported myself with my right hand in his chest and, I was slowly lowering and fitting his cock inside my pussy. I had my back to my husband but I could see him through the huge mirror that made up the decoration of the room. My husband still stroking his own dick, he didn’t miss a single move. When I realized that the head of our friend’s dick it was fitted right in the door of my cunt I, I also took my left hand to Marcos’s chest and I was rolling and lowering my little ass, very slowly, making a point of leaving it very high, forcing Marcos’s cock backwards, so that my bore was wide open, exposing myself to my husband’s transfigured gaze. It took me more than 3 minutes to swallow that snake. When I felt the balls of his bag against my ass, I started a delicious movement, rolling slowly. Marcos, realizing the spectacle we were providing to my husband, took me by both buttocks and opened my ass as far as he could. He stretched his middle finger until he reached my pussy and, after licking it a lot in my viscous moisture, took it to my ass and was playing with it, very gently penetrating me in my pussy and ass, I confess I felt a sensation very delicious. It was crazy. I stayed in that sit-up, swallowing and putting Marcos’s cock in my pussy for more than 15 minutes. There were moments when Marcos held me up, leaving only the head of his cock embedded in my pussy and I was crazy about swallowing that dick to the stalk. At that time, moaning, I asked him in a crying voice: – Don’t do this to me. And then, in a jolt, he pulled me down hard, at the same time that, arching his body, he buried himself all and at once deep inside me, completely clogging that pussy that, until then, he only knew Rogério’s club. The feeling of experiencing a different cock made me completely crazy. I lost my shame. He moaned like crazy. I forgot that my husband, to whom I had been totally faithful until that day, was there, right behind me, watching me behave like a whore, devouring that beautiful male that I didn’t even know well.
I was accelerating my movements and, between moans and spasms on both sides, Marcos and I had an unforgettable orgasm. It was a cinema orgasm. Exhausted, I leaned over Marcos and went to lie down beside him. I was so relaxed and sated that I went out. I ended up dozing with my head on the arm of that man who had made me come so intensely. I don’t even know how long I slept. When I woke up, I realized that someone had put a pillow under my head and spread a sheet over my body. I felt that my pussy was swollen and all spilled. I heard voices. I just put on my panties and went to see what it was. My two men, already well composed, were sitting on the terrace, talking about their favorite subjects. They had already cleared the table, stacked the dishes in the kitchen sink and were drinking liquor. I spent a long time looking at them, very tenderly and feeling very happy that they got along so well and, why not, making a thousand plans for the future. When the conversation started dying they went back to the room where I was, Marcos sat on the sofa on my left side. She asked how I was and if everything was fine, said yes and I looked at my husband who, in a continuous act said: “-The party today is your love, enjoy as much as you want”.

My heart began to pound again, especially when Marcos approached me.
With his right arm, he wrapped his shoulders around me and pulled my head in his direction to give me a kiss so deep and delicious that our tongues were tangled for a long time. I had crossed my right leg over the left and started to tuck my toes under his baggy pants, trying to pull the hair off his leg. He brought his left hand over my thigh, rising gently, until it reached my hips and covered much of the side of my ass. I was already starting to moan inside your mouth. He brought his mouth close to my right ear and whispered “-Lu, you made me crazy with this beautiful ass”. I almost had a heart attack at that time. My husband just watched sitting in the armchair opposite. I was a little scared, but I liked the effect I had on him. -Ah yes, what you received was not enough? I said in his ear, in a very dirty voice. -I would like to meet you entirely. he said. I was completely thrilled and said: -We can even try but I’ll let you know I never tried it like that -Jura! he wanted to know -I swear! ” I whispered into your ear. -Wow! so, I mean, will I be privileged? -Yes, but as I said, I don’t know if I can take it because, in addition to the lack of practice, I already saw that you are bigger than what I used to know as normal. “That won’t be a problem,” he said. – You must have heard that size is not a document, right? the important thing is the technique. ” le said smiling. -Oh, I mean, are you an expert? I asked in a whisper. -I did not mean that. I wanted to say that I want to, that I feel like it, that I would like it very much and that, I’m sure, you will like it. , I spoke very quietly, in the sexiest voice I knew how to do: -Speak! What do you want to do with me? He squeezed my ass with his strong hand and spoke in a choked voice: “-I want to teach you how to fuck this hot ass you have.” My husband was almost enjoying the scene. -What if it hurts or if I don’t like it? I asked him. -We stop and no longer touch on this subject, which, by the way, was what you provoked by being so hot. I gave him a smile and at the same time I pulled him by the hand, stood on tiptoe and gave him a very nice kiss on the mouth. Because I stood on tiptoe, my bootie was very straight and fully exposed. Marcos wrapped it in both hands and pulled me up, completely removing the support from my feet. So I took advantage of the buoyancy and linked it with my legs, at the height of his waist and, I was stuck in his lap. He, holding tight to my ass, walked and carried me on his lap to his room. When he got there he laid me on the bed and went to the bathroom, my husband came over and sat on a small sofa beside the bed, I turned to the right side to look my husband in the eye, leaving my ass facing the exit of the bathroom where Marcos was. I asked my husband if that was what he wanted, and he told me it was what he most wanted that night. Marcos came out of the bathroom all naked with his mast raised, and when he saw me with his butt turned towards him, he couldn’t resist and went to the middle of my buttocks, kissing them, licking them and caressing them, then he started to take mine off. panties very slowly and I had to give some hips and a little lift on my hips so that he could make me hairy. Then he turned me around to face him and leaned over me, kissing me all over. It started with the forehead, eyes, mouth, bit my chin, and then went down with his agile tongue, titillating my already bristling nipples. Then he took my hands and placed them on my breasts as he went with his mouth lower, stroking his tongue around my navel and getting closer, more and more, to my sex.

I, who had understood your message, began to caress my own breasts and to realize that my lust was in full swing. Marcos’ tongue was already in my groin and I had already spread my legs wide. He pulled a pillow under my ass and pushed it up until it was almost under my back. Then he took two more pillows and, now, he used them to lift my ass well, so that not only my pussy was exposed but also my ass. When the operation reached that point, Marcos’ tongue, which had not stopped even a second, was already touching my clitoris. Very lightly, in no hurry. Occasionally he would give a “heavier” lick using his entire tongue and passing it all over my pussy, but soon he would start working again only with the tip of it and only my little button. The humidity in my pussy was increasing rapidly and I had already come a couple times in that mouth, when I realized that the tongue was going down a little more. I noticed that Marcos, with both hands, opened my ass and started licking my ass directly. I had a feeling I had never felt before. It was too much. Soon he went back to my pussy and then back to my ass. As he licked my ass, I noticed that he was rubbing my clit with his nose. This, for me, was being an unprecedented experience. Suddenly, I felt that a finger was being inserted into my pussy, fetching my honey from its deepest parts. Then, the same finger, took the honey to the small door of my anus where it was deposited. It was getting so hot that in a groan, without him having to ask for anything, I told him I wanted it and offered my ass in sacrifice. But Marcos was in no hurry. First he got used to it, took one of my hands and directed my fingers into my own pussy. While I stroked my sprout, he rearranged the pillows, placing one more now under my back, all this, without stopping to lick my pussy and my ass, without stopping to fetch it with his fingers, which mixed with mine, the honey lubricant to transport it to my ass. I thought to myself: “My God, what a nice thing! how could I have been without this for so long?… ”I was already looking forward to getting a stick in the ass. I was almost on the point of yelling at him to have him screwed up soon. When I was almost crazy with lust, he started to dig a finger in my ass. It was delicious. That finger went in and caused me a very good feeling. He played with that little finger for a few minutes. Then he removed his finger. I complained:? ”- Don’t take it off, baby… it tastes good!” Marcos shook his head. He attacked again with his tongue. Shortly afterwards he came again with his finger. Only now there were two. He started doing a light massage with them in the door of my asshole and, very slowly, he stuffed them inside my ass. I howled with pleasure. “How horny, Marcos, what a good thing, honey…“ -Do you want me to do this? ” he asked. “-Of course! I’m crazy about feeling you in my ass ”“ -You don’t want Rogério? Don’t you want to reserve the little butt of this beautiful and tasty ass for your husband? ”- Noooo!”, I groaned, “I want to give my ass now and I want to give it to you. You made me horny. So you deserve to eat it first. Come on, love … don’t mess … He lifted his body and asked me to spread my legs wide (as in the roast chicken position) and throw them up, leaving the hips and the bootie high because of the pillows. Then he took both my hands and, placing them in my vagina, asked me to masturbate while he directed his mast towards my ass. While doing so, he commented that the sight of my hands with my two wedding rings, one of diamonds and the traditional gold one, in my left hand, touching my sex, gave him the greatest lust in the world.

Then, he made me very happy when he replied: “-Good, who said I didn’t participate? I also came a lot. I was almost crazy with lust.He was approaching, with his right hand, holding the head of his dick, and positioning it right in my ass. He instructed me to be very calm and relaxed. Then he was pressing very slowly until he felt that the pleats of my ass gave way and gave way to that huge cock. I felt a very slight pain that soon dissipated in lust. Marcos had stood still, without forcing the passage, only with the glans inside my anus. Then I heard his whispering voice ask, “-Does it hurt, love?” “?-No my love! you can go further!… ”And he did. Softly and firmly, Marcos slid that entire monster into my ass. He took my thighs and pulled me against him, making my buttocks stick to his body …
I was ecstatic with the situation, and almost moaning, I asked my husband to approach me and with my right hand I looked for his penis and started to jerk it off while Marcos penetrated me in the anus, I closed my eyes with so much lust. When I felt that my husband’s fingers now intertwined with mine entering and leaving my vagina, I said, in a whisper: “What a delight! if I knew it would taste good, I had asked Rogério about it a long time ago. ” Marcos then stopped and got his dick buried inside my ass, he leaned over me biting and kissing my nipples, for about 30 seconds while my husband put 3 fingers inside my pussy soaked. Then, in a quick movement Marcos took everything and asked me to stay on all fours, I promptly answered while he positioned only the head of his club in my little hole. My husband sat at the head of the bed and started to masturbate again. I then started to smash my ass and push her back, until I managed to swallow that delicious cock inside my ass again. From then on, it was just pleasure. Marcos fucked in my ass for almost 20 minutes. When he realized he was going to come, he stopped for a while, again with his head just attached to the door. I, who had already understood the maneuver, gave him a little time to hold on and then, slowly, I swallowed that meat pole again through my narrow rear passage. While he fucked my ass he, too, bit my neck and smoothed my thighs and buttocks.
When I realized that he was going to come, I tried to squeeze his dick with my freshly ripped ass and asked: “- Come on my ass !, Come inside, fill him with your cum, my love!” As soon as I just called Marcos my love, my husband couldn’t resist and came in his hand, Marcos also couldn’t take it and clogged my ass with his ejaculation. I went to the bathroom where I took a comforting shower. Only after getting ready, I appeared on the terrace to ask my husband to leave. They still stretched the conversation a little more, but soon they got up and we started to say goodbye. Marcos gave me a soft kiss on the lips and said: “- Thank you very much for everything”. “-You’re welcome” I replied “- We are the ones who thank you for your hospitality, we hope to be able to return the visit someday.” My husband joined the conversation and said:? ”- You can schedule it yesterday, if you want, because next time, I don’t want to end up in the hand.” We all laughed and my husband and I went home happy to have fulfilled our fantasy. As our car drove down the road to our house, I said, in a very soft, almost hoarse voice: “- Love, I don’t want you to be hurt by me, but I have to confess to you that I enjoyed it a lot, in fact, I enjoyed it so much that I thought until I was going to die! ” He laughed and said: “- Honey, we came here for this, didn’t we? I would be upset if you told me now that you hadn’t come, that you didn’t like it or something. If you liked it, normal! ” “-I didn’t like it … I loved it …” was my answer. “- I was just annoyed that you didn’t participate. Why didn’t you come along? Didn’t you say you wanted to do a “menage a trois” with me and another man? ”

Then, he made me very happy when he replied: “-Good, who said I didn’t participate? I also came a lot. I was almost crazy with lust.

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