Daddy’s little boy

I am dating a beautiful nymphet, she is 18 years old, with a wonderful little body, perky little breast, thick legs and a butt to go crazy. Whenever we are together I notice the looks on her. Your parents are very nice people, especially your father. He is 36 years old, an engineer loves to work out and play football. Maybe that’s why he has a boyish physique. Patrícia says that whenever they are together, everyone thinks they are boyfriends. His hand is 35 years old and is also beautiful. Tall, very well-defined body, woman type to stop traffic. She is always very kind to me. But Patrícia’s father, Seu Marcos, since we met, shortly after I started dating his daughter, started to accompany me every Saturday to the club for a game.
This made us closer and closer. At first I was surprised how a guy with 12 years old that I enjoyed my company. But I didn’t worry about that, because he was a very nice guy and we always talked a lot, in short, we got along very well. Besides, he meant to me a kind of life model, a successful guy, a good professional, handsome, an enviable physique and a very youthful appearance. I once told him that I admired his way and that when I was older I would like to be like him. Then he considered that he was not that old, he had only married very early, but that did not stop him from living his life. In this conversation, we walked to the dressing room and he called me to have a coconut water in the canteen and there we talked about many things.
He took the opportunity to probe me, I thought he was wondering if my daughter and I were having sex, but he was very discreet and so was I. To my surprise, he responded well to the news that his daughter was no longer a virgin and that I was not the first in her life. On the contrary, she said that it made him happy and even more so to know that she knew how to choose her boyfriends well. I said that by placing my hand on my leg under the table, right at the top of my thigh and giving a slight squeeze. That touch gave me a certain intimacy between us, but I didn’t think anything was too much, after all, we had been getting closer for months, it was natural that she felt so comfortable with me. But the fact is that I noticed a special glow in his eyes and what made me even more confused was what I felt with his touch. When he took his hand away, that was about five seconds later, I wanted him to keep his hand there, or even to hug me and my reaction was to hold his shoulder like that, a bit like a male to a male and push him saying: “Come on for the shower, otherwise we won’t have lunch ”.
When we arrived at the clothing, almost everyone had already left, only two guys were still there, but they were already dressed and just straightened their hair in front of the mirror. We got into the bath right away. There were no partitions in the wardrobe, just a battery of showers next to each other, so we bathed side by side, no problem. But that day I realized that your Marcos was different. I even found him younger, more playful. Suddenly I met his gaze on mine and then I noticed that the green in his eyes was very beautiful. I had never noticed that before and came out naturally: “Wow! Your eyes are very beautiful, the ladies must be crazy! ” Then he said the chicks and men too.

We laughed and noticed that we were alone in dress. Then, just like that, he turned and said: “And you have a phenomenal stick, my daughter must suffer in your hand”. I, a little embarrassed, even because his dick was much bigger than mine, said: “If mine is phenomenal, yours is what then?” Then he replied: “Look here, mine isn’t that big …” That’s when I noticed that his dick was hard. When I saw that, I felt a chill in my belly, a strange feeling, but I kept looking at that stick. I imagined Dona Letícia sitting on that big cock and riding her milestones, all looking at my father-in-law’s dick. I couldn’t stop my dick from getting too hard, only that mine stuck up. Seu Marcos was also looking at him with a slight smile on his face, until he broke the silence: “Yeah, my little girl must be all broken because of this dick, you kid!”.
Imagine Dona Letícia, I said. We burst out laughing and finished the shower both there, still with the hard stick, we both went to dry ourselves. We don’t say anything else. We left together as usual. Mr. Marcos left me at home every Saturday after the game. Only that Saturday we made the trip in silence. When he stopped at my gate, Marcos put his hand on my thigh again, only now far above, almost reaching my cock inexplicably still hard and invited me to spend at his house on Sunday afternoon, because Patrícia and her mother they were going to a bridal shower with a family friend and he wanted to take the opportunity to install a ceiling fan. I said it is ok.

The next day, at the agreed time, I was playing the intercom. When I entered, Seu Marcos opened the door to the room for me wearing only his underwear.
He asked if I didn’t want to wear shorts so he wouldn’t get my shorts dirty. I accepted and we went to your room to get it. He took the piece and threw it at me and told me to put it on. Promptly, I lowered my shorts and when he was wearing shorts, Marcos passed me and ran his hand over my cock and asked if it was not as hard as yesterday. I was a little nervous, but I decided to face it naturally, and we went to put that fan. Except that Marcos asked me to hold the ladder and he went up, so that my face was at the height of his cock and I could see that the animal was putting a bullet. So I decided to play with him the same way he played with me minutes before, I rubbed my hand and said: “Yeah, this is as hard as it is, huh, it’s worse than yesterday!”.
So he most naturally put the bug out and I was looking at all that without knowing what to do, but I was enjoying it. It was a weird scene to say the least, there holding the ladder and my father-in-law fucked with the stick out, right in front of my face. I could even smell that roll and I don’t know where I was with my head. I asked if it hurt when I pulled the foreskin (after all, as I’m circumcised, I didn’t know). He said no, that I could pull it, that was okay. Moved by an uncontrollable will, I held that stick gently and pulled the foreskin, making the honeyed head pop out. The smell of my father-in-law’s rod grew stronger. He came down the stairs and took my dick, put on his shorts and started and jerked off. Then he called me into the bedroom, pushed me onto the bed, lay down and started to suck me in the biggest.
Almost automatically, I also snapped his stick and we both sucked on it for a long time. Suddenly I felt that Marcos started to run his tongue through my bag, groin and went down to my groin, running his tongue around my ring and then started to put his tongue in my ass, which blinked like crazy while I sucked it moaning so horny. I melted my saliva finger and started to massage his little ring and then to put my finger in his ass while sucking it. My father-in-law started moaning, rolling when I put my finger in, I even decided to put two fingers in and he got more excited. I put one more and got my three fingers in his asshole and sucking his dick and he moaning like crazy, licking my ass. Then he decided to do the same to me and started to put his finger on me and suck my cock again.
By this time we were completely surrendered and we started showing signs of enjoyment. Soon, we started to shudder together and enjoy each other’s mouths. There were so many jets of cum that I got my mouth full of honey and yours too. Then we kissed on the mouth with the fucking honeyed face. We rested a little and then he warned me that we would have to get ready and install the fan, otherwise our women would arrive and might suspect something was wrong. I said I wanted to eat that hot ass of him but he said that day not. He said that I should be calm that he was going to do it well during the week we go to a place where we can climb at will.

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