My cousin and I have always been interested in sharing our story with totally unknown people, so we decided to post in parts and we will tell about our beginning.
It all started 5 years ago, I was 18 (today I am 23 and my cousin 35) when I went to spend the holidays at the beach house with her family (mother and younger sister) and she had just left a dating 2 years.
She kept saying she was needy and that if I wasn’t her cousin she would wait a few more years to fall on top of me, I was a bit of a rascal and I said that since she was my cousin I could fall at that time, she laughed and thought that was for fun.
But that night before we slept (we slept in the same room) I heard her commenting to her sister that she would see what I was capable of and would start to provoke me, I was crazy because I always thought my cousin was very hot, blonde, skinny but with a big ass, loves a gym since I met him.
The other day we went to the beach and she put on a very sexy bikini, she couldn’t hold me and she always got into the games she played, so she saw that I was crazy to fuck that skinny girl.
Then night came, her mother had gone to sleep and it was already very early in the morning until her sister told me that her little sister was crazy to see what my kiss was like and asked if she had ever kissed, said that she only tried to see .
Then she gave me a tongue kiss, what a marvel it was, my dick went hard like a stone and she noticed, so she put her hand and I couldn’t resist and I also put mine inside the yellow shorts she was wearing, I felt her pussy already I was a little wet and then I said to stop because we could wake up my aunt, her sister said she was going to sleep, we would have total freedom to stay there on the couch.
We were unable to contain ourselves and we fell into the temptation of desire, she lowered my shorts and started sucking my cock and said it was big and that she wanted me to suck it, so nothing more fair than helping me, I lowered those panties and started to sucked right there on the couch.
She said: “suck my grelinho, I never imagined that my cousin sucked so tasty”.
And then she asked: “I want to see this big cock in Minha Bucetinha, let’s see if it’s not good only in the preliminaries”

I pulled her leg and we started to fuck there on the couch, (that couch makes me miss our cocks) she moaned softly so as not to wake my aunt.
“Fuck me, yummy! Show your little cousin what a man can do, you are so young but you can already be my male. ”
She didn’t hold back and came hot on my dick, we had sex in a few more positions until I felt like I was going to come and I warned her, because she was without a condom and she said:
“Come inside, because I’m taking a pill, I love feeling a very hot fuck inside me”
I couldn’t hold it anymore and I enjoyed everything inside that naughty and hot,
I stayed a few more days at the beach house with her.
I even got to see your sister (I couldn’t eat yet) masturbating watching us fuck, since we started to have sex in our bed the other days.
Today we are still having sex and I intend to tell other tales like this, our families didn’t like it very much, but we didn’t care, we traveled together and everything, we live like 2 boyfriends.

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