I am married to a beautiful and naughty woman. We have daily, oral, vaginal and anal sex. She’s addicted to giving her ass. Our relationships are almost always with anal sex. I, like every man, like and always give what she asks: roll and roll more
We got to have sex for up to two hours without stopping, just fucking her ass. Mariana always asks me to put everything in, and look, I have a 24 cm by 7 cm cock. But that hot, tight asshole swallows inch by inch of my hard cock.
When it comes to enjoyment my wife always asks me to take the dick out of her ass and asks to suck it. The bitch always wants to put it all in her mouth, so that later I can come deep in her throat. Of course, I take your order. I have a top ten woman, I am very happy but insatiable.
I always want more and more to fuck an ass, whether it’s a man or a woman but only ass. So in 2012 I used my e-mail and then I started posting ads, asking men and women who wanted to get their asshole fucked by a real male. The box was jammed, so many emails I received.
In this amount, 80% were men, 15% women and 5% couples. Among them I chose to know Christopher and Magdalena (fictitious). They were a wonderful couple. It was beautiful to have these two at my feet and shit. At our meeting, they both sucked me a lot.
The husband and his wife together were two devourers of rolls, together they sucked a lot on my dick leaving it at the bullet point. Already with a very hard cock I started to fuck the wife’s ass. What a delight to eat a virgin ass. The naughty let me be the first male to invade your hot ass. I broke it in with great affection. She rolled and asked me to punch in the bottom, hard. At the same time, she told her husband to look at how to eat ass, after calling him a cuckold.

Soon after, it was the husband’s turn. I grabbed him by the legs and placed him in the position of roasted chicken. I smeared gel inside his ass and slowly, I started pumping. I lifted his legs as far as I could so my cock would penetrate the bottom of that ass. It was a boner, his tail, in addition to being very warm, was very broken into. The guy was really good in bed giving ass. He swallowed my whole cock and still squeezed it, giving me crazy pleasure.

I punched a lot in that delicious ass. We stayed in that position for a while. Then, without removing the stick, he turned on all fours. Wow, the man was really good at giving his ass! The woman only looked appalled when she saw her husband’s skill in giving ass. In a quick gesture, he laid me down on the bed and sat on my dick, then started to ride. How crazy! I couldn’t resist and came like crazy inside that hot ass. I fell on my side satisfied and sated.
After a short rest and a chat, I learned that the husband slept every night with a vibrator tucked in his tail, that’s why he was so agile. The wife loved seeing him take real cock in the ass and quenched the desire to give his ass. That day was perfect!
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