My name is Carlos, I’m 30 years old, I’m dark, I’m 1.79 cm tall, my normal body is 18 cm, I’m bi, active and passive. I love taking hot milk and I have a huge fetish for lingerie and transsexuals.
I had a sexual adventure with my neighbor on the street Márcio, we had a hangout, at his house. After a few days of the event, always in the bath dressed in panties I remembered my neighbor and beat a hot handjob. I realized that my dick was getting very hard and a lot of milk came out.
I decided to buy a gay magazine to see photos, read erotic stories of gay sex and already prepare what I was going to do with it. One day alone at home, sitting in the living room, I picked up a magazine I had bought, I saw a guy sucking another’s dick. The guy had his finger buried in his tail. I started to jerk off, thinking about Márcio, I started with weak legs, already sliding down the chair and I was about to come. Then a strong jet of cum came right into my mouth, I felt that salty taste of my own enjoyment, I almost choked, but I thought it was good!
My neighbor had disappeared and was not making contact, the weekend was approaching on a Thursday. So I was calm at home playing video games, when there was a loud knock at the gate of my house. I went out to answer it and saw that it was him with a bag full of avocados, there were about ten.
When he greeted me, he held out his hands and handed me a note. I quickly put it in my shorts pocket, thanked the avocados and closed the gate. I left distributing avocado in the whole lot, my uncles, grandmother and I stayed with some.
Then I ran to the bathroom and went to read the note, there it said to call him at his mother’s house, on Friday at 9 pm. On Friday I got ready, I told my mom I was going out with friends. I then went down the street and rang the doorbell, as soon as he opened the gate, I entered quickly.
We went in and he said not to make a noise, I went to his room and he asked me to wait there. He checked to see if his parents were asleep, turned on the radio with some background music, and left the door half open.
He was in a bathrobe, soon we started kissing, I still had no experience of sex with men and he was all cool. He was taking off my clothes, nibbling on my ear, my nipples, with his mouth hot and delicious.
I took off his robe, I could see his body better, with little hair and a slim figure. I was admiring him, we were only in underwear, our members harder than rock. We were rubbing each other when I decided to take him out and take a look at that dick.
I took it, felt the thickness of that cock again and took it out of my underwear. I then could see that 20 cm log in my hand asking to be sucked. He said quietly in my ear: – This is your first time saving a male dick, right? I replied: – Technically the second one, I tried a day at the cinema, but it didn’t work! We laughed softly, he sat on the bed and I knelt in front of him when I went to grab his cock, he said:

  • Take it easy, open your mouth wide and suck like a lollipop. I did this promptly. He continued, it was so good, now suck my balls, I continued, and he continued to guide me, now he licks to the tip and sucks, don’t bite, stick your tongue out, try to do it with your lips, hide your teeth.
    I was doing it and he moaning softly, he took my head and asked to open his mouth as much as possible and started to fuck, I was feeling that huge prick poking my throat, when I made the sign of vomit he stopped and sat down! He asked to continue to suck the cock and look at him! I did it and he directed my head lower, so I licked the balls and very close to his little ridge.
    He moaned with pleasure, calling me a naughty boy, raised my head and kissed me and said: – Keep licking down there near the balls, I love it! I went down and continued licking, remembered the photo I had seen. So I took my finger and stuck it in, Márcio gave a little shout and said: – Wow, it’s going to make me a yummy earth wire, is it beautiful? !! This shoves your little finger in my ass! Deliciaaaaaa !!
    Then I accelerated the suck on his cock and stroked his tail, on which he moaned: – haaaa !!! Naughty !! Yummy Mama !!! After a few minutes in the blowjob, he who did not want to come yet, only with my cock stuck in his ass! Already getting up, he took the gel that was next to the bed and passed it on his tail and on my dick, lay face down on his bed, put his dick down and asked me to penetrate him.
    I sat on top of him and put my dick slowly guided by his hand, only that everything went inside him at once, because he was well lubricated, he groaned like a little woman, intertwined his stretched legs in mine, I lay over him putting my arms arched over his, so he ordered:
  • Go my cat, eat me tasty, vaiiiiii !! This gets strong! Meteeeee !! Safadoooo !!! Aiiiiiii !!! Eat the ass of your little bitch !!
    I for the first time eating an ass of a male, pumped crazy with lust !! And hearing those words was like gasoline !!!

He turned his face and looked for my mouth, lying on it, brushing my goatee on the back of his neck, I saw his mouth and kissed him crazy with his tongue and said it was delicious! He said to speak putarias softly in your ear!
So I called him my little bitch, who would always eat him, who had a hot ass and pumped for about fifteen minutes without stopping, asked to change positions and he didn’t want to, said he loved being under a male.
So I kept on pumping, moaning and said: – aaaaahhhh !!! I’ll goaaaarrrr !! Until I couldn’t take it anymore and I enjoyed my hot milk inside his ass and moaned a little loudly (I actually screamed), he also came plentifully in bed and right after our enjoyment he scolded me saying that his parents could wake up.
We got up, he put on his clothes and I put mine on. After looking if his parents had woken up, we decided there that we were going to meet to fuck another day, he said he liked the sex and so did I. We kissed and went away satisfied …

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