The Boy of Gouveia

(First gay story published in Brazil – Revista Rio Nu – 1914)

Caapadócio Maluco

Stretched out next to me in the chateau’s sighing bed, after he had been screwed twice, holding my respectable fuck in his soft, professional hand, where he was making some appetizing caresses, the Gouveia boy, that is, Bembem, told me picturesque its history with all the not-me-bulls of its smooth voice of enrolled kid.

  • I’ll tell you. I take in by vocation; I was born for this as others are born for musicians, soldiers, poets or even politicians. It seems that when they were doing it to me, my mother, at the time of the final thrust, farted, so that she had every taste in her ass and I in her ass.

When I reached my thirteen to fourteen years, when all boys have a huge curiosity to see a naked woman, or at least a piece of thigh, a breast or another part of the female body, I was looking at the occasion when someone a servant, or even my uncle, was going to pee, to delight me with the spectacle of a man’s cock.

I don’t know why it was, I felt a huge attraction for the instrument of my future pleasures.

There was, then, among the employees one who had a paratilevas that was really exquisite in thickness and length, apart from the formidable head. One of these pikes that comfort us even to the soul!

However, what most piqued my curiosity and gave me an insurmountable desire was to be able to see my fucking uncle. The latter, however, was very cautious, and would never meet his needs without locking the toilet door, thus leaving me the only means of calculating and judging, by the volume I saw on his left leg, the dimensions of his flap that it seemed to be colossal.

One day when he and his aunt went to the city with a gimlet, I made a series of holes in the door of their room so that I could observe all the night movements.

  • I confess, Capadócio Maduco – added Bembem, increasing the wank movement he had been doing on my dick – that not even once did the idea that I was going to see my aunt naked or almost naked. My only thought was to be able to appreciate the uncle’s virile member erect.

That night, as soon as we retired to the dorms, I went to post, dressed in the long nightgown, at the door and with my eyes fixed on the holes previously made.

It seems, however, that the couple was in no hurry to fuck themselves or they were both fed up, because my uncle, in a sock shirt, without taking off his pants, sat reading a little book that I later learned was from the Amorosa Collection of Rio Nu , while my aunt, in shirt sleeves, started a fearsome hunt for some stubborn fleas.

If I liked a woman, I would have been delighted to see, in the sudden movements of the hunt, the girl’s breasts, which were very white, with red, round and hard beaks as if she were still a gourd; but all my pleasure, all my curiosity, were between his uncle’s legs, in his cock, whose memory made my itchy ass.

After all, she seems to have grown tired in the pursuit of small animals, as she dropped her skirt and quickly replaced her shirt with a small silk stocking shirt that reached her mid-buttocks.

Even though I didn’t want to, I had to admire his well-made legs, his thick, turned and very light thighs, his dark brown hair and – how angry I confess him! – its broad, soft, gelatinous rear.

Ah! If I had that ass, I would be happy! It was impossible that my uncle, having such a stinker at his disposal, could come to like my modest ass! How jealous I was of the aunt that night!

It seems that the reading of this booklet produced something in uncle. He began to look from time to time at the woman, chatting in the air over the bed; then he ran his hand several times over the height of the cock.

Finally he got up, in a moment he took off all his clothes and walked to the bed.

Oh! Heavens! Then I could see, with all the hardness that a complete lust gave him, the twenty-five centimeters of nerve with which Nature had toasted him. What the fuck!

Big, stiff, thick, with a hood similar to a Central bumper and provided with a pair of balls that should have milk for an entire family.

He came to the bed, began to kiss his wife on the eyes, on the mouth, on the neck, on the breasts and then, when he felt her as stiff as he was, he pushed her beautiful thighs away, climbed on top of the bed and I, from my observatory, I saw that delicacy of pica slide smoothly and disappear completely through the aunt’s papulous cone, which helped the monster’s entrance by doing a mastered hips exercise, to sigh, to moan, to come, in the most complete of enjoyment, in the most correct fuck.

I didn’t want to or couldn’t watch the rest of the scene. I had a strange sensation in the ass, it felt like the folds were throbbing. I later came to know that it was horny in the ass.

I ran to my room, closed myself inside, tossed the nightgown, which bothered me, and, having plucked the candle from the candlestick, tried to put it up the ass to see if it calmed down. I was a caipora; the edges of the buggy hurt my anus and would not let it in.

I spent a horrible night. ”
FRESH TROPICS: Sources on male homosexuality in Brazil (1870-1980). James N. Green and Ronald Polito. Rio de Janeiro: José Olympio, 2006.

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