Carla Cecília
Writing an erotic tale is an experience never thought to be lived by me, but as in life it cannot be said that I will never drink from this water, come on.
Like any good story, however true, it will always have a touch of fantasy and imagination. Mine would be no different, but I kept the whole reality, just trying to spice up some facts without distorting the content. The goal is to talk about my first sexually experienced moments. Until I was 21 I was a virgin, pure and chaste. I thought that if they touched me I could stop being a virgin, which would only happen when I got married or really loved someone. I wanted life that wasn’t so.
I am a teacher and at that time I worked at a large school in my city, where a Physical Education teacher worked who delighted me with the way he dealt with children, with great zeal, affection and attention.
I think my enchantment was perceived by the teacher, who started to flirt with me, to which I returned more and more involved.
We went out a first time and he, with all politeness and respect, didn’t even try to kiss me. I don’t know if that was a strategy, I just know that I felt more and more enchanted and attracted.
The second time we left, things started to change. When we finished dinner, before going home, we stopped by the beach to see a competition in the water and our first kiss rolled, which left me completely excited and with my pussy totally soaked. As if that were not enough, he started to nag me, running his hands on my thighs, sucking my breasts and touching me a siririca.
I think that, realizing that I was very excited, even due to the amount of liquid in my pussy, he put his cock out and directed me to my first wank of life. Seeing that I had no opposite reaction and that I was totally at his ease, he put his hand on my head and gently pushed it towards his dick, I paid for my first blowjob.
It didn’t take long and I felt his hot, slimy cum fill my mouth.
I was scared and didn’t know what to do with the sperm that was already running down the corners of my mouth. I took the mouth off his cock and lifted my head thinking about spitting it all out.
– Swallow it, Carla … swallow it all … don’t throw it away! – He asked me, very seriously, what I obeyed without question.
I went home very confused. What irony! I was chaste and pure, I didn’t even let them put my hand on my leg, I had gone out with a guy twice and I had already allowed things that I thought I would only do with my husband or someone I loved very much, and even then of a certain courtship period.
The problem is that I had really enjoyed playing with a stick and started to have an internal fight with myself.
After a few days, he invited me to camp together. I knew that if I accepted I would lose my virginity and my first reaction was to say no.
I wanted life to be different and prepared a surprise for me. On the day that the trip would be, which I had already said I would not go, I had even arranged with a friend to go to another corner, my father arrived totally drunk, which happened quite often. So, to get revenge on my father, I decided to lose my virginity.
“I’ll do it!”, I thought. Pure childishness, because this revenge never shook my father, who did not even know that I was no longer a virgin. On the other hand, it shook me a lot, because in addition to losing something that I cherished so much, everything I imagined about fucking went down the drain. The teacher, although I was already super involved, besides not being sure if I loved him, we had very little relationship time.
I ended up losing my gourd in a camping tent, without the romanticism I wanted to have at that time. Not because it was in a tent in the middle of the woods, much less without an orgasm, which at the time I didn’t even think it was supposed to be for me, but because of the way it happened.
The person I had chosen for this important fact did not rape me, but was not careful at that time, resulting in a bad, painful, unpleasant and crying act the next day.
Life is funny. We go through actions that we could never imagine living like the ones I lived with this boy.
It got worse after I relaxed and, even without coming, I started to like the cock of climbing and, even more, with a person who just gave me his hand, his cock would lift and I, realizing this, already had my pussy soaked.
I think that due to this lust he felt for me, whenever we met he already came with his hard cock wanting to get me in, which hindered the preliminaries a lot. Despite sucking his dick every time we screwed, he never sucked my pussy and it frustrated me a little.
With this teacher, I not only lost my virginity, but I lived very dangerous moments of lust and sex.

Despite the fact that he lives alone and we have the facility to fuck at his house, the place where we used to fuck the most, often in front of his dog, who was very horny and also wanted to play, whenever we met we looked for a breach and a place to screw.
The lust was so much that we couldn’t stand to wait until we got to his home. When we were close to her mother’s house and we knew she wasn’t there, that was where we were going. We fucked in the street, inside the car, where I often sucked his cock with a couple of friends inside, in the bathroom of the houses of friends who invited us to some parties and sometimes at the school we worked at.
One of the times in a cubicle where he changed his clothes, which was barely moving. But it was there with a lot of fear of being caught and very horny.
When we fucked at school, whenever I came back to the classroom, the little children, even though they didn’t realize what had happened, were super taken. I think because of the smell of sex that filled the room due to the teacher’s sperm coming out of my pussy, wetting my panties and running down my legs, mixing with the flow of vaginal fluids, released by the sexual act.
And we continued with an animalism that made us masturbate each other, at school lunchtime, in the full cafeteria, under the table, until I almost came. He did, he enjoyed a lot and spread it in my hand, without noise and expression so as not to attract attention. But how would I define it: Only sex.
Perhaps, due to the sexual involvement that united us, I thought several times about marrying this boy, because it is really good to live these emotions with the feeling together with the danger, lust and heart pounding without stopping. As this did not happen, we did not continue our adventure.
I can’t say if this was beneficial for me, because it opened the way for other sexual relations without the love that I would like to have. Until, a few years later and after some partners, I managed to live sex the way I dreamed, even allowing myself to reach orgasm. But these facts will be left to be written at another time.Enviar fee

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