With eighteen years of marriage and with a son, Márcia began to go through a period of turbulence when her husband became unemployed. As they lived in a country town at that time, everything seemed to be much more difficult. Mario got a private driver’s license from the mayor of the city, but he earned very little when he was a production manager at a large shoe factory.
When things got more difficult, they had to move in the backyard of their father-in-law’s house. Mario has always been a good husband and a good father, but with so many problems he started coming home drunk on weekends. And it was just when he arrived drunk, that he thought about wanting to have sex. As it was a long time since they had sex, because they had no privacy, they took advantage of a day when their son was not at home and Mario managed to make Marcia have an orgasm before falling into a deep sleep.
On a Saturday, Mario arrived after eleven at night; drunk, and thought about having sex. Carlos, the son was lying in a corner of the room on a mat and looked like he was sleeping. Márcia tried to convince her husband to leave it for another day, but he even with a little brutality was tearing her shirt off. Not wanting to make too much noise so as not to wake his son, he left and by leaps and bounds Mario managed to leave him completely naked on the bed.
Wanting everything to end quickly, she pulled her husband on top of her and took his dick and placed it in the pussy door, leaving him only to push it inside. Mario moaning like an uncontrolled animal began to pump with strength and lust and when she looked at the corner of the room saw Carlos looking at his father fucking him. She even made several hand signals to him to go back to bed and perhaps cover himself with the sheet so as not to see that little shame that was happening, but it was in vain.
Usually when Mario finished coming, she pushed him and he lay on his side and started snoring in a few seconds. But that day she was unable to have an orgasm trying to prevent her son from seeing her naked, and it took her a long time to get her husband off her and he ended up sleeping on her body.
Very heavy, she was making an effort to push him when she noticed her son pulling her father and she
he started to worry about covering his pussy with both hands. Her son pulling her by the arm said:
– Come on mom … let me help you.
– No son, no need … I’m fine …
– But I want to help you … let me take you to the bathroom.
I will never understand what happened that night. She let herself be taken by her son and no longer bothered to hide her private parts. She stood there watching him open the shower, and when he let her in under the shower and started to bathe and especially to wash her pussy … He was always looking at her. When he finished he left the box and he took the towel and dried his body. Despite being 37 years old, Márcia had a beautiful body and a good taste. She was still a little scared, but deep down she was enjoying being treated with so much affection by her son that, seeming to have all the control of the situation, she was passing the towel all over her body: breasts, butt and even the pussy. With Mario snoring like a pig, without a hint of shame, she went to the closet to look for another pair of panties to put on and put on the nightgown, then she went to Carlos who sat looking at him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
– Thanks for everything son… I love you very much, okay?…
– I love you too, mom!…
Lying trying to sleep, she wondered what her son must have thought when she saw him naked like that. And she realized that she didn’t even bother to look to see if he was excited. After all that happened, she started to see her son in another way, who, two days later, taking a shower, stopped dressing in the bathroom as she normally did and went naked to get clean clothes from the closet. Carlos, who was lying on the couch watching TV, started to follow her with his eyes. She was about to put on her panties when she heard it.
– Our mother … You are very beautiful.
With her panties in her hand, she approached the couch and stood very close to him and said:
– Do you think I’m beautiful?
– Very beautiful…
She was feeling a strange pleasure, knowing that her son was looking at the middle of her legs. When she saw that he took a pillow and placed it on her groin, she sat right next to him and placing her hand on the pillow said:
– What are you trying to hide son?
– Nothing mom …
– Do you let mommy see?
– See what?…
– What’s under the pillow.
– Ah mom … You know, don’t you? …
– You have a hard-on, right?…
– Of course!…
She pulled the pillow and when she saw all that volume she said in amazement:
– Our son … What do you have there? …
– Uh… Don’t you know?…

He ran his hand over that volume, and seeing that he smiled tightened it on the fabric and felt that it must be very hard and he didn’t even shake when Carlos put his hand on her thigh and kept stroking it until he reached the pussy. It was hard to imagine, that happening between a mother and a child … But both she and he were enjoying doing that. She was opening her shorts while he was putting his finger in her pussy. When she managed to pull his cock out of his underwear, she was even a little stunned to see that her son had a much bigger dick than his father’s. He was super gifted, so he started to caress his hard dick and he punched his finger in her pussy.
– Wow … So mommy can’t take it.
– Me neither … How nice – and was surprised by what he said – Do you let me eat you, mom? …
– Ahammmm ??? You know how to do?…
– Of course I know…
She went to bed and as soon as she lay on her back, Carlos holding his aching cock entering the middle of her legs and soon started to stick it in her pussy. His whole body seemed to catch on fire, which, when he lay on it and started pumping, could never have imagined he was so vigorous.
– Oh son … Aaaaaiiiii … Iiiiissssoooo … It makes mommy hot … Meeete … go hard … – she was surprised with him punching for several minutes until she had a wonderful orgasm.
– I will enjoy mother … Vouuuuuuu goooooozarrrr … – she locked her legs on her waist and said:
– Enjoy son … Enjoy everything inside mom … enjoy fill mom with milk.
He enjoyed a huge amount inside her pussy With Mario only wanting him in bed when he was drunk and only occasionally; she no longer missed having her son to put out all that fire. She does not know until today where it was that Carlos learned to be so naughty when it comes to having sex, making him even accept to make a “69” with him. She went crazy when she felt his tongue in her pussy, and sucked on his dick until I felt him cumming deep in her throat, only to then explode in a very wet enjoyment leaving her whole face smeared with her vaginal fluid.
The pleasure of having sex with her son surpassed any regret that she was cheating on her husband, who even accepted to give her ass when he asked her to. He even saw stars when he took his virginity off his tail. Over time she became addicted to giving her ass. She loved being wanted and used like a whore by her son with that adolescent of his, to the point that he caught her washing dishes in the small sink in the cramped kitchen, lifting her dress, tearing off her panties and hugging her from behind eating her right there.
– Ooooh mom… I love your pussy so well wet…
– She’s all your son … uuuuhhhmmmm … uuuuhhhmmmm … Ooooohhh delights … Maaiiisss … my little man … Maaaiiisss .. Makes me come. I want to be your little bitch… Oh, what a tasty cock, uuiiiiii, vouuuu gooooooozaaarrrrr…
Sometimes she forgot her motherhood, to simply go to him and open his shorts, take his cock out to give a delicious blowjob; or even ride on the hard dick until you come inside her. Mário, through the mayor, managed to get a good job in a car factory in the capital and they were improving their lives… but she continued to fuck her son for some years, until he had to go to college in another city and they had to be content to see yourself just by WhatsApp or when he came home to visit them.

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