Four years ago, I decided to move to a small city in Minas with the objective of studying law and becoming a federal delegate. I decided to live in a cheap condominium in the city, because after all, university students are all poor and you cannot have a luxury life, where the houses were relatively close to each other and this made it possible for people to see what was happening in their house. .
My neighbors were a family that had a daughter whose name was Tai. She was 1.61 tall, with medium breasts and ass because of her stature, short hair and dyed red and was 18 years old. For a girl in that conservative city, she had a very open mind and that made a big impression on those close to her.
His mother was a lady, a professor at the university I studied. She knew me and always tried to help me with things. I was very close to her family and consequently I was very close to Tai. Talking about everything and more with her, helping her with human exercises and even playing video games with her.
In the condo where I lived, people were very supportive of each other. Turn and move I asked the neighbors for sugar and the neighbors asked for rice for me. I was a very lonely young man for whom I was studying at a university. He didn’t enjoy the parties that took place in the region very much and he had almost no friends.
He thought it was absurd and did not believe the stories that told about sexual cases involving young girls in the city. And it was impressive how the city, even though it was very conservative and very religious, let itself be overwhelmed by these lies. Teachers and colleagues who were older than me, always warned me of the dangerous
And it’s not that they were right.
One day I was in the bathroom taking a shower at my house, when I felt a chill on my spine. When I went to close the window, I realized that the bathroom at Tai’s house was opposite mine and that today she was taking a shower. I froze at one point, but I couldn’t help but pay attention to her.
When I was able to see her, Tai was shaving the hair on her vagina. At that moment, I froze and was unable to shower. My cock went straight and I started to masturbate. After that, she started to lather up and watching her putting her soap on her body made me very horny. I was really ecstatic when I saw that she was masturbating in the bath.
From that day on, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I started to want to have sex with her. I started masturbating more often and couldn’t sleep properly. When I slept, I dreamed that I was enjoying the body of that young woman. I was a good student at the university, but since that day my performance has dropped, leaving teachers worried.
One Sunday, I had just taken a shower and gone to my room to change, I could see her naked in her bed masturbating. When I saw that, I froze and couldn’t do anything other than look at her. My penis was erect and I started to masturbate too. Only she saw me and instead of being ashamed or angry, she looked at me with a horny look, biting her lips, which made me crazy.
One day, your mother asked me to dinner at your home. I politely accepted your invitation and went there. Tai was wearing a short dress, where I could see her red panties. And she was behaving differently, several times she rubbed my ass and even reached the point of rubbing my penis. In my ear, she said she knew she was spying.
I left for my house earlier, because the next day it was a test day.
Tai’s parents left and went to a conference in the United States and left their daughter alone at home. She was very open-minded and managed to do well on her own. Tai’s mother had great confidence in her daughter and knew that she could be at peace about it. And really, the times his parents had to leave, Tai had a lot more responsibility than many of my classmates.
After a week that his parents left the house, Tai knocked on my door asking for sugar. I was making a plate of pasta and sausage and decided to open it. Everything went well so far, I gave her the sugar and invited her to lunch with me. She accepted. When suddenly again a cold spine passed down my back. That’s when things started to get out of hand.
It was from then on that I acted on impulse. I put my hand on her dress, underneath her panties, caressing her clitoris. Instead of looking at me with a frightened face or asking to stop, she started looking maliciously, biting her lips and asking not to stop. I felt his body squirm and that was driving me more and more crazy.

She got up from the table and crouched in front of me. He took off my shorts and started licking my penis. Tai made a point of licking every part of my penis, which made me come on his face. It was in the bathroom to clean up, but then he sucked my penis to come inside my mouth. She swallowed my cum.

After that, I took your shirt off and started kissing your body. When I got to her breasts, I started to lick him, kiss him, nibble lightly and tug on his nipples. Then I started licking her clit, massaging it with my tongue. I felt her body tremble and she was moaning loudly, telling me not to stop. I did it for five minutes. Then she asked me to penetrate her. I turned her on her back and penetrated her anus. She was thirsty for lust and asked me to go faster and penetrate my entire penis into her. That was when she started to roll over him making me come. Finally, she wanted to come and I penetrated her vagina, making her squirm and come.
We said goodbye. She kissed me on the cheek and said she wanted more.
Every year the college had a costume party, where students and young people from the city could let their imagination run free and go as they pleased. Although I didn’t feel like it, they convinced me to go to the party and then I dressed up as a cowboy. I confess that it was very ridiculous, but I decided to join the game since the costume was mandatory.
In the middle of the party, I met Tai. She was wearing a Eva costume, or in other words, she was undressed and seductively biting an apple. It was the feeling of the party, everyone wanted to take a little cone off that young girl. When she saw me, she came towards me and was very happy to have gone and then invited me to dance.
She started dancing, rubbing herself against my body, passing the cowboy whip I brought in her vagina.
In college there was a little corner of pleasure, where students had sex there and that not even the security guards of the colleges and much less of the rectory knew of his existence. That was when I felt a cold in my spine and she and I went to the place.
Once there, I sat Tai on a table and started to kiss her body, licking her breasts, biting her so much, licking her nipples. It was obvious that she was very horny. I went down to her vagina, licking her clitoris, while she pushed my head into her body.
Then we went to the woods in the corner of pleasure, she took off my pants and started licking my penis while masturbating. I came on her face and in response she giggled. Then she sucked my penis, saying that she was very greedy and demonstrated it at the speed at which she sucked me.
Then she sat on my lap and I started having anal sex on her, licking her breasts. You could feel her squirming with lust. Finally, I put her on a table and penetrated her vagina, cumming on her belly. She asked me to penetrate again and I did. She said at the end that she was in love and wanted to date me, I accepted, even though it would be a forbidden romance.
I took my jacket and covered it. We were clinging to my home. Once there, we had sex again…
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