It was the end of the semester at the university. With the results of the classes already defined, I and other teachers were preparing for the always unwanted period, especially by the students, of final exams.
In my case, I was happy that, exceptionally that semester, approvals and disapprovals would take place directly, without the need for finals. It was another week that I would take time off from school break, mainly because I live more than 100kM from the city where I teach.
At the closing of the results, however, I received an unexpected message from a student asking me to fail her for absences instead of doing it for her performance in the evaluations.
As the profile pictures of the student who wrote to me always caught my attention in the group created for the discipline, I decided to do more than comply with his request: I offered him the possibility of taking the final exam.
In fact, that student only attended a class after I took the course, disappearing for the rest of the semester. And the reason for my curiosity about that profile is that the photos she used were a mixture of enigmatic and provocative.
His face never appeared in detail, unlike other parts of his body, especially his stiff and stubby tail, something crazy!

Under the pretext of informing her about the test subjects and giving other general guidelines, I started an exchange of messages in private, I confess that even in an unpretentious way. In one of them, I implied that he was a very benevolent teacher and that he took no pleasure in failing or massacring students in my discipline.
I said that I was pleased with other things, which was actually bait to test her reaction. Luckily for me, she wanted to know what other things were what gave me pleasure. At that moment, I realized that we had common interests and that it would be worth exploring until we saw where this would lead.
Initially, in a ciphered way, we were revealing to each other our desires, preferences and fantasies in sex. Then, when we no longer had any doubts about what was going on there, we became more explicit.
I found out, for example, that she loved to be fucked on all fours and replied that from the profile pictures it was not difficult to imagine her in that position, which made her excited. She also stated that the semester had been very tiring and stressful and that a final exam would not be the best way to conclude it. After all, there were other things that she mastered very well and that could be evaluated by me.
At that moment, I defined what his evaluation would be like and was already looking forward to checking his performance! I suggested that we meet the next week at her house, a kind of republic. As the other residents had not yet left the city, we decided to book at a hotel where I would be staying.
I arrived in the city the night before the agreed day. Despite my insistence that she go to the hotel that same night, she was so horny and eager to eat her, she said she would only go the morning of the other day.
We spent the night exchanging spicy messages, which included videos and photos, and she was showing herself more and more dirty and fiery. In the end, I said I was hitting a siririca in my intention and ended by sending a photo of the result: that unmistakable meladinho between the fingers!
We said goodbye and tried to sleep, despite the whirlwind of thoughts and sensations that stirred me at that moment. The other day, after breakfast, I went to the university to resolve some issues.
When I was leaving, I received a message from her, saying that I had already arrived at the hotel and would be waiting for me in the room. She also told me that she was nervous and a little embarrassed that she had never done this before.

I tried to reassure her that it would be an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience. An end of semester that she would never forget! In the taxi on the way to the hotel I even tried to make small talk, talking about the time in the city that morning, but my thoughts were already in that hotel room, imagining my tongue, fingers and cock playing between those turned legs, that delicious ass and the pussy that by now you should be drowning in your panties!
I arrived at the hotel and went straight to the room by the elevator. When I opened the door, I came across her sitting on the bed, leaning on the pillows, legs crossed forward and with her hands touching the screen of the cell phone. She wore a T-shirt and jeans, which gave her that typical student look and excited me even more about the situation.
Like her, it would be the first time that I would do something like that too. I asked if she wanted to take or eat something, as earlier she had separated some fruits, breads and cakes that were served for breakfast.

But our appetite at that moment was something else. To break the mood of shyness at first, I started to undress, taking off my shoes and my shirt. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed.
I approached her and offered to help her take her shirt off, which she accepted. She was wearing a lacy blue bra that covered her delicious titties, revealed to me in one of the videos from the previous night.
I joked that one of the items in the evaluation could be her ability to undress in a sensual and provocative way, to see if there was a kind of streap when she took off her pants! But as she was still tense, she refused my proposal and asked for help to remove her pants as well.
Given your big butt, the back came out with a little more difficulty, with my fingers having to brush your beautiful and tough ass when it comes to lowering my pants, which I loved!
She was wearing black panties, which although she was not g-string, was mostly tucked away, revealing her provocative curves. We kissed with her still sitting on the bed and I asked her to lie on her stomach, because I wanted to massage her to relieve all that tension.
With her already lying down, I asked her to get up just a little bit so I could take off her bra and she could be more comfortable. I started the massage on the shoulders and back and went down slowly, always asking if it was hot or if I wasn’t putting too much pressure on her, so she would warn me of any discomfort.
Reaching the butt, I started to squeeze it with both hands, forcing them up a little. At that moment, you could see her ass and the contours of her pussy covered only by a small strip of panties.
As I realized that his breathing had changed and his eyes were closing in an unmistakable expression of pleasure, I continued for a little more time massaging that tasty tail. With the pussy already all wet, during the massage movements I started to hear that little noise of her opening, making a kind of click due to the lubrication.
I couldn’t resist and put the panties aside, smearing myself in that honey, sucking and licking her clitoris, pussy and rising with my tongue to the ass. She gave a little moan and lifted her body back a little while I sucked it, a wonderful sight!
At that time, my cock was barely contained in the underwear. I started to apply pressure with him still in his underwear against the region of her butt and her pussy, which by this point was already biting her lower lip and lifting her left leg flexed up to the knee, to better feel my hard cock brushing her body.
That shy and somewhat caught student from the beginning was no more, giving way to the naughty that had provoked me to almost make me come the night before. With her like this, already completely delivered and saying how delicious that massage was, I decided to take off her panties and asked her to lie on her back (actually, what a beautiful tummy she had!).

Without delay, I started to do an oral on her, willingly sucking on that hot pussy and all the honey of the first enjoyment that she ended up confessing to me afterwards. Her clit was hard and firm, making it easier for my tongue to lick it frantically.
At the same time, her hand was already caressing my cock inside the underwear, skillfully handling the completely hard and lubricated head, such was the desire to penetrate it! In this exchange of caresses, he masturbated me with such competence that I ended up not avoiding my first enjoyment.
I jumped behind the bed trying to hold on, but it was too late. It came like strong, rhythmic jets, filling the bedroom floor with my thick, hot cum. But despite that, I still felt very excited and she was still there, lying with her legs spread on the bed, her body in a kind of plea to make her come.
I started sucking on her pussy again and only stopped when I felt her coming in my mouth, delicious! She then tried to return the oral, even as a way of getting my dick ready to eat it. I lay down on the bed and she lowered herself on all fours between my legs, prancing that wonderful ass while sucking and staring with a look that completely delivered her desire to feel my cock willingly entering her pussy!
However, my first enjoyment had been very strong and I was not able to recover quickly. We decided to take a break and meanwhile we lay there in bed, completely naked and talking about sex, relationships and even the routine of classes at graduation, amused by the attitude of some teachers and the completely useless character of certain classes!
Shortly afterwards, perhaps moved by a sudden wave of embarrassment at being naked, but without having sex, we decided to dress again. Before, however, I went to take a shower to relax.
It was useless to say that the water was delicious, as she only agreed to go into the bathroom unaccompanied afterwards, which I respected without question (it seems that the shy girl had returned). But not for long, for my happiness! After refusing a second time to drink or eat anything, she sat on the bed and reminded me that we still had enough time until the hotel night was due.

Without hesitating, I was already approaching and helping him to undress again. When I undressed, I took her foot and passed it over the underwear, so that she could feel the volume that had just formed in her intention.
She lay down, took off her panties and I, already without underwear, started to suck her tits. As I sucked them, I started rubbing the head of my cock on her clitoris, using it as if it were a finger to masturbate her.
At the same time, I stuck my middle finger in her hot and totally drenched pussy, without ceasing to stimulate the clitoris with the head of my cock and sucking her beautiful tits with desire.
It didn’t take long before I felt her come again, with her pussy looking like she wanted to swallow my finger! Then I asked her to stay on all fours and I started getting into her pussy non-stop. He said that eating her like that was very tasty, to which she replied that I was the one who tasted better, which made me even more horny, increasing the frequency of getting in!
Shortly thereafter, she exploded into another orgasm, the room that morning! In fact, she had already warned me the night before that she used to come many times in sex and that I shouldn’t worry if it looked like she was crazy at those times!
I just couldn’t imagine that there would be so many joys like that! After eating it on all fours, I asked her to stay on the side, to eat her pussy feeling and seeing that ass from another angle. I started to get into it and she clung to the pillows while my hand squeezed her titties. After a while, she said the fatal phrase: “enjoy it like this”!
I accelerated the cocktails and without much difficulty I came inside that pussy, feeling its delicious tail pressing my pubic region. It was the end of the evaluation and it was approved with praise! We said goodbye later, and even without saying anything about it, we couldn’t wait for the beginning of the next semester…
by maribeto69

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