Pornographic poems from the book POESIA DIGES 1974-2004. São Paulo: Landy Editora, 2004. Metadata: pornography, erotic poetry, pornographic poetry, pornographic poem.

Coprophile is the one who likes excrement.
Pedophile only fucks with a child.
Fresh dead in peace never rests
in the arms of the thirsty necrophile.
Voyeur watches everything, always attentive
to the exhibitionist, who even dances.
The fetishist even fucks with a braid,
and the masochist loves suffering.

Libido, apparently, is mere slime.
Sensuality makes sense
according to the morbidity under which I fuck.

The foot is not enough, it must be stinky.
If I have to choose, therefore, a nickname,
I will be an open podosmophile.


According to experts, the pacifier
depends on the attitude of the sucked:
if the stick receives everything, accommodated,
or fuck your mouth like a pussy.

Practice “irrumação” the stick that targets
and fuck your mouth until you get spurted;
Practice “fellatio” if you are breastfed
and the mouth jerks off.

In both cases, the same conclusion.
The sperm ejaculated in the throat
right destination has: swallowing.

Second conclusion: there is no use
deny that the mouth suffers humiliation,
because, just thinking about it, the stick raises.


Specialist blowjob requires close
phimosis, so that the glans does not rub.
Skin rolls up to a limit
that language, in oral cleaning, respects.

The kettle spout is subjected to
who sucks, without the right to guess.
Sebinho who will not deposit
it is removed, and the mouth accepts.

Pumps the roller, slowly, under the lip,
opening the foreskin in the shuttle.
Semen knows how to piss, and tallow knows it.

A mouth humbles far beyond
of the dirty fellatio, and, until it’s over,
his act animalizes where he entertains.


If the anal orifice is a blind eye,
that blinks and turns a blind eye
to everything that enters and leaves, that gets stuck or brushed,
I am three times blind. What a cross I carry!

But the nail doesn’t hold my hand,
but for the dirty tongue, which today itches
the ass of others, like a wiper,
and the pleats, like scrotum sponge, rub.

The “black kiss” is the last step
of this degradation in which I dive,
biggest humiliation i suck dick.

I subject myself with nausea, with embarrassment,
fecal taste and bad smell,
and, along with the shit, I swallow my pride.

Words are words … If Chicago
it’s a city name, not to mention
Boston, Prague, Mérida, don’t shit
if I call it a vulgar name …

If Bulhões de Carvalho I baptize
the street of a whorehouse, nothing vague
it will be the direction given. This place
from Rio always had the duck paid …

Who says there is a name in a bastard?
A guy from Timor calls Xanana,
do not call? And the mobster was Buscetta!

Then they want me to be careful!
Or I will not be called Glauco Mattoso,
or gaffes nothing prevents me from committing!
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