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The peace and joy of my life will be shown to all who come to me; I will bear only good news; I will not be inopportune; I will not erase any smile on any friendly face; I will have patience even when they lose it with me; I will be generous; I will make all my moments remembered as good times; I will have respect for all of God’s creatures.

PSALM 30: 4 – Sing to the Lord, you who are his saints; praise his holy name.


I will always be aware of my fragility and my dependence on the Lord My God; I will never let myself imagine having independence from God; For as long as I walk, I will be praising the Lord, that my faith may increase; As much as I lose myself in the darkness, I will wait for the divine light to recover and indicate which way to go.

PSALM 73:25 – Whom do I have in heaven but you? And there is no one on earth that I want besides you.


All my effort was to do good, so I will have a calm and peaceful sleep: Bad dreams will not invade me because I don’t want them; I will not feel cold nor will I feel heat that makes me interrupt my sleep: My dreams will be light and of an enchanting beauty; I did everything I could do and did it well, so I deserve to sleep the sleep of the just.

PSALM 93.1 – The Lord reigns; he is dressed in majesty; The Lord is clothed with majesty, and enveloped in strength. The world is established; it cannot be shaken.

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