When the doorbell rang, I went to answer the door and there was my neighbor Carolina all smiling. “Hello, good morning. One of these days I passed by your door and heard a noise that seemed to be from a treadmill. Do you exercise at home?” I told him yes, that I actually walked on a treadmill every morning. She asked me if I could see the mat and I invited her in and took her to the living room, where the mat was placed. He was surprised to see, on the other side of the room, an exercise bike. “My God. You have a real gym here.” Then, she told me that she was a personal trainer and that, with the crisis we were living in, she was without clients and just staying at home, without exercising properly, due to lack of space and equipment. And that she was starting to feel out of shape, which was not a good thing because it would be a complication if someone wanted to hire her. So, I had found the courage to talk to me to find out if I could rent my treadmill for her to exercise. Anytime I thought it was best, since she had the whole day off. I told her that I could use the treadmill and also the bicycle at will, that I wouldn’t charge her anything because only I used it, really, and it wasn’t even every day and that, as I only worked in the afternoon, she could do it your exercises in the morning. And I added “If you want, you can start now,” She smiled, thanked me and told me it would start the next day.
At seven-thirty in the morning, Carol, as she asked me to call her, started working out on the treadmill. I asked her if I could stay there, in the living room, reading the newspaper and watching sitting on the couch and she allowed it.
Carol was a blonde of average height and a spectacular body, a true example of what a personal trainer should look like. Very spotted. He wore black shorts, a little too wide, a reinforced top, socks and sneakers. She started walking slowly, grading the treadmill until she reached a very high speed.
From the couch, where I was, I appreciated her movements and, from time to time, she looked at me smiling.
After the first hour, she got off the treadmill, got on the bike and started cycling. Until completing another hour.
When she was finished, she was covered in sweat. After much insistence I managed to get her to accept using the shower in the suite for a shower. “It’s not cool for you to go out all sweaty like that to bathe in your apartment. Pretend you were working out at the gym. Take a shower while your body is still warm. I left a clean towel there for you.” While she was bathing, I stepped onto the mat and did my morning exercises. After she was gone, I took a nice shower and hit a nice wank wondering what I would do with her, one of these days.
The other day Carol, as she wanted me to call her, introduced herself to exercise in short white shorts, so close to her body that it looked like her own skin. I could tell I was without panties. Thus, when sweat began to run down her body, the volume of her pussy started to stand out between her legs, as if she were naked. From the couch, I looked at her with such intensity that I could no longer contain my desire and my cock hardened and she, when she saw it, smiled at me saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to embarrass you. It’s just that at home I’m used to making my own exercises naked. So, I came like this, but I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. I thought I wouldn’t even notice. Forgive me? ” “There’s nothing to forgive you for” I said almost without a voice. “I’m not embarrassed. It’s just that I hadn’t realized how hot you are, Carol. My God. If you want, you can work out naked. I don’t care at all.” ” Oh yes?” she replied by getting off the mat and taking off her top and shorts, leaving only socks and sneakers. “I’m glad you don’t mind. I’ll enjoy it as I like it.”
There was no other, I kissed her and took her to the bedroom. She pretended to resist but soon she was slowly spreading her legs and letting me take her pussy, which was already all wet. I took off my clothes and she could feel that my dick was already very hard and hot, held in her hand.
As I could see before, when she was on the treadmill, she had a very smooth pussy and I was delighted to suck it very tasty, running my tongue across her swollen grelinha, nibbling her fleshy lips while squeezing her ass, pinching hard and passing my fingers lightly over your ass. She bucked like crazy and moaned like she was crying. I laid her down, went over to her and started to stick my cock in her pussy. She spread her legs as far as possible, letting him in well, deeper and deeper. We switched positions and she sat on me up and down on the stick, leaving me to the point of coming. And I got her up and down, saying, “I want to fill your mouth with cum.”

Capriciously she sucked me and when she felt I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped sucking, turned on all fours and told me “come in my ass, come.” As she had a sticky ass, it was just to put my dick in her ass and push it lightly that he got stuck all at once. She started to roll around and started talking, go, go, go, I’m open for you to fuck, eat me tasty, fill my ass with cum, go, don’t stop, don’t stop, come greedy, eat my ass, now come come, come with me “I felt it when a hot jet of cum came out of my cock and ran into your ass. We came together madly.
Carol and I took a nice shower together, she went to her house and I started to prepare to go to work, as I did every day. Routine, you know, routine.

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