Frame De Retrato, Flor, Orquídea

The dream fell apart,
He did collapse my world,
and my first postmortem poem,
was born, here, at this moment.

Filled with an unknown light.

And it is, in lost time,
the time I had,

A longing, eternal,
started to take care
of everything that is mine,
In August.


Tulipas, Espaço, Madeira, Vaso, Parede

O sonho se desfez,

fez ruir o meu mundo,

e o meu primeiro poema pós-morte,

nasceu, aqui, neste momento.

Cheio de uma luz desconhecida.

E fica, no tempo perdido,

o tempo que eu tinha,


Uma saudade, eterna,

começou a tomar conta

de tudo o que é meu,

em agosto.


Coração, Vermelho, Corda, Lealdade, Amor

There is, in my body,
a remnant of its sweetened perfume,
and a gentle pressure on my skin
remembering the attention of your lips.
There’s in my heart
a slight squeeze, a mismatch
in the beat rhythm, which was dictated
for your heartbeat.
there is in my eyes
your perfect image
depicted with the colors
of my love.
in my life,
in my life
so well lived,
only you
it’s real.


Coração, Cartão, Pastéis, Figura


Há, no meu corpo,

um resto do seu perfume, adocicado,

e na minha pele uma suave pressão

lembrando a atenção dos seus lábios.

Há no meu coração

um leve aperto, um descompasso

no ritmo das batidas, que era ditado

pelas batidas do seu coração.


há nos meus olhos

a sua imagem perfeita

retratada com as cores

do meu amor.


em minha vida,

nessa minha vida

tão bem vivida,

só você

é real.


Beijo, Príncipe Sapo, Misterioso

On a sunny day,
on the beach sand,
a wave, stirring, broke up
your foam and played
at my feet.
In the blue sky,
a seagull, slight,
cut the morning and
shouted its cry.
There was no sadness,
and no pain marked the day.
In some garden,
a flower would reflect, because it was spring.
A couple of lovers, in love,
smile and caress each other in their
love world.
Cars rushed down the avenue
sea shore,
they kept their horns silent.
There was no sound louder than the
It was a sunny day,
and on the beach sand,
a wave, happy,
and played, wetting my feet.
Lying down, smiling,
I was homesick,
from you.


Foto, Fotógrafo, Antigo, Fotografias

Em um dia de sol,

na areia da praia,

uma onda, agitando-se, desmanchava

sua espuma e brincava

aos meus pés.

No azul do céu,

uma gaivota, ligeira,

cortava a manhã e

lançava o seu grito.

Não havia nenhuma tristeza,

e nenhuma dor marcava o dia.

Em algum jardim,

uma flor refloria, por ser primavera.

Um casal de namorados, enamorados,

sorriam e se acariciavam, em seu 

mundo de amor.

Os carros, apressados, na avenida


deixavam, caladas, as suas buzinas.

Não havia nenhum som mais alto que o


Era um dia de sol,

e na areia da praia,

uma onda, feliz, desmanchava sua


e brincava, molhando os meus pés.

Deitado, sorrindo,

Eu estava saudoso,

de você.


He worked with her husband at a vegetable stand in a neighborhood on the outskirts, far from where he lived. We had known each other for a long time, since your parents and I were friends. Despite the huge age difference that existed between us, we always got along very well. I was still a teenager when I met her. I always thought she was very intelligent, with a very advanced head for her age. Friendly and good chat. Very good company.
When we first met, a long time old schoolmate dated and, as everyone who knew them believed, married him. She moved into the house she and her husband built in a remote neighborhood, but every weekend they were divided between the homes of their parents and in-laws. That way, we continued to see each other over and over again, as I continued to go to her parents’ house. On such occasions, we almost always held high-level conversations, free from commonplace and ideological patrols.
Since their parents’ family had come from the countryside, whenever they could, they were always traveling to visit their grandparents. Then, one fine day, they invited me to accompany them. As I would be in recess at the service, I accepted and agreed that, the day before the trip, I would sleep at his parents’ house, from where we would leave by car very early, even at dawn.
We were watching a movie on TV, in the room where I would sleep on the couch, when she arrived, saying that she would also sleep there because her husband would go to his car to work very early and there would be no way to leave her and she would have no way to come. to the parents’ house, over there. Little by little, everyone went to sleep. I was alone in the living room, already lying on the sofa, waiting for the end of the film, when she arrived very quietly and asked me something. When I turned around to answer, a shock of reality came over me, all at once. It was summer and she didn’t seem to have much clothes to put on her body. So she appeared wearing a white blouse and a skirt with red flowers that went down to the middle of her thighs. As the room was in darkness, with the light off and she was standing, with her back to the kitchen where a lamp illuminated almost the entire environment, I realized that the whole outfit she wore was transparent, leaving her stiff, upright, firm breasts outlined and well made and that skirt, thin, lit from behind, also let you see her beautiful body and panties, so tiny, that instead of protecting and hiding her private parts, it more suggested and stimulated my imagination when observing -over there. The physical beauty of that spectacular and harmonious body, the big eyes, the smooth face was something unbelievable. But there was also an inner beauty that enhanced the physique. It was a kind of light that seemed to come out of the pupils and the skin. An inner beauty so radiant that it sometimes overwhelmed the outside. She sat on the couch directly across from me, crossing her legs. I was appalled, dumbfounded, contemplating those two wonders. I contemplated, without any discretion, not just the legs, but the whole ensemble. She had a lovely, delicate lap, very exposed on the neckline of the blouse she wore. The shoulders were perfect. The hips, a work of art. Her breasts were impeccable, moving naturally, reflecting the rhythm of her breathing. I got mad. She, who did not miss an instant of my enchantment, always smirking, greeted me and went out to her room, leaving me there, amazed, to suffer the rest of the night.
She tried to be indifferent to the problems of the world, but she was smart enough to understand that, from time to time, men are overcome by events and end up becoming active characters against their will.
Before the night was over and the day dawned we set out. With me, who was driving, her father went in the passenger seat, she and her mother in the back seat. Throughout the journey we kept looking for each other in the rearview mirror. I confess that I drove most of the time with a hard-on.
In the fields, on that first day, I left the car with your father to go and see your relatives and stayed at your grandparents’ house, resting, doing crossword puzzles. At night, we sleep early.
The other day when I woke up, her parents had gone out on foot to visit someone, and as soon as she got to the kitchen, she asked me if I could take her shopping in town. It was close, about twenty minutes. We left a message for your parents and left. She wore a thick, short and thick cloth shorts, blue jeans and a white blouse with a blue denim jacket, open at the front.
Right when we left she told me to go very slowly or we would raise a dust. I asked her to put on the belt, which she seemed to have forgotten to put on. When she turned to fasten her belt, her cardigan was slightly ajar and I saw that she was without a bra, with her small breast as if she wanted to break everything and jump out. We were silent. But we already knew what was going to happen. I reached out and put my hand on his thigh. She put her hand on top of mine and let it stay. So, I got in the car on a detour that seemed to lead to some farm. I stopped in the middle of nowhere and we caught ourselves for real. We didn’t speak or need to say anything. Kisses and hugs and making out and hands on my hard cock and hands on my wet pussy and moans and squeezes and tongue on my tongue and grips. We took off the shorts. I sat her on my lap and she fit her pussy on my cock, lowering her body until she was all bogged down and started a tasty up and down movement while I squeezed her tits and held her around the waist. Carefully, I made him stay on all fours, leaning on the passenger seat, and put the cock in his ass and shoved it in lightly, without forcing it, while she moaned softly and rolled in a beautiful way, moving away and reaching the body forward and back, without letting my dick out of your ass. We come together. Draft. Without saying anything, not a word.
We stayed there in the country for three more days. We went to each one of them in different places, always in the bush on the edge of some place on the road.