When Ana Maria opened the apartment door, I went in, greeted her and immediately pulled her to her suite. “Wait, Fernando. I have a surprise for you and I think you will love it. You keep telling me that your dream is to fuck me with another woman, right? So it will be today”. Took me to the living room. I want you to meet Leninha, my childhood friend. Linda, don’t you think? She wants to share you with me. Topa? ”I didn’t even need to answer, I took each of them by the arm and took them to Ana Maria’s suite. We soon got rid of our clothes, leaving the three of them completely naked. We hugged and started kissing and caressing, standing beside the bed. While they kissed fervently, as if they were in love, I was running my hands over their bodies, smoothing very lightly, being able to feel all their hair getting goosebumps.
I realized that Leninha was looking at my cock in rapture, which at the time of the championship, was already so hard that it should have reached its 27 centimeters and the fullness of its thickness. To make them more comfortable, I arranged them each on my side, so that I stayed between them, with the free stick so they could do whatever they wanted. Leninha held it with firm hands and Ana Maria, bending down, swallowed it little by little, in slow gestures, licking and sucking patiently. Leninha, crouching, in turn was smoothing, licking and kissing my bag. The three of us moaned uncontrollably. Both delighted and delighted me, switching between positions. And they stayed that way until, without being able to resist, I came in an explosion of pleasure.
While I took a beautiful and comforting hot shower, Ana Maria and Leninha continued making out, rubbing and sucking on the bed, each moaning more madly than the other. A real madness.
When they saw me approaching the bed, the two moved aside and I stood between them. And we started a second half.
Lying on my back, I made Ana Maria lie on me with her pussy in my mouth while sucking my cock. I let my tongue do the party in your pussy. To complete that beautiful 69, Leninha held Ana Maria’s ass making it wide open while sucking her ass. Ana Maria was squirming wildly with my dick in her mouth and Leninha’s tongue in her ass. They had already lost track of how many times they came. Before I came, we parted and put Ana Maria on all fours and shoved my dick in her pussy with ease. While I fucked her, Ana Maria with her head between Leninha’s legs, sucked her greedily.
I kept taking my dick in pussies, now one, now the other. “You will come in my pussy because I have been yours for the longest time” said Ana Maria. I want to feel your dick filling me with cum, very tasty. “And so it was.
In the end, the surprise that was given to me by Ana Maria really left me enchanted, very tired and immensely satisfied. My fantasy was realized and, from then on, the three of us would have a beautiful future waiting for us.
With all the certainty of the world!

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