I cried too much, but I don’t regret it.

Even today, when I remember, I feel a little chill in my belly. my legs are a little wobbly and my throat is tight. At the same time, my heart accelerates and a strange languor takes possession of my body and a sweet pleasure envelops me, like a smooth and pleasant pleasure. Truly, I feel like two different people live in me. One, who, remembering what happened, suffers and panics. Another one that rejoices and delights. As for him, I don’t think he should have any memories anymore. His life just went on.
The date we celebrate is always an important milestone in our lives. Even happening every year, we celebrate each anniversary as if it were the first and the most special. That one was special. I was eighteen. Coming of age, anyway. I was euphoric. It would be independent. I would go to college. I was going to have my CNH. I was going to be able to travel alone. These were some of the things that I could do or enjoy without having to satisfy anyone else if I didn’t want to. Today I know very well that none of this matters so much. But that day, when he turned eighteen in a quiet, orderly and very traditional town in the interior, it was as much as you could wish for.
It was December. My birthday is on the 16th. My house was in an uproar, with people coming and going, an intense noise. She was very agitated, worried about having a party that would be marked as a breakout.
My grandparents had arrived from the Capital and agreed that when they returned, I would go to live with them and go to college. This was my best gift. I dreamed a lot about that moment. He had already been there when on vacation and had loved it. The old people were quite evolved, with modern thoughts and gave me, at the time, all the freedom I had never had. No scheduled time for anything. “You’re on vacation, so enjoy it.” And so I did. I took advantage of it so much that I even lost my virginity there, in the Capital, in the fuck of a boy from my city who was studying medicine. During the time I stayed at my grandparents’ house, Cláudio kept me company. Thus, he became my tour guide, the cup mate, the chat friend, the security guard and, of course, the boyfriend and the lover. All of these characteristics emerged at their own moments. Claudio was, on that vacation, without a doubt, everything I needed to have to be happy in my sixteen years. Two years ago we didn’t know each other anymore.
To celebrate my eighteen years, my parents made a reservation in the social club’s noble room, where my guests started arriving at six o’clock. In the center of the noble room was placed a table with a wide range of edibles, a barrel of beer in each corner of the room and a freezer in the cleaning room, full of beer, soft drinks and juices. Cachaça bottles on a shelf.
I went out of my way to pay attention to everyone, stopping with some, following others around the room, sitting at tables, in short, trying to be a good hostess. Of course, although I had lived almost my whole life there, some of those people were not known to me. They were friends of my parents, friends of my parents, friends of my friends and so on. On stage, a city band started playing and people started dancing around the table, placed in the center. I was watching carefree when I felt someone from behind touch my shoulder. As I turned around, I saw Claudio smiling at me with open arms. I hugged him. “But what a pleasant surprise, Cláudio. I missed you a lot. I’m glad you’re here.” He told me that he had arrived that afternoon and that when he heard that I was going to have a birthday party, he immediately found a way to go. And coming to my side, he waved to someone. “I want you to meet a friend. This is Conrado. He is also a doctor, and works with me at Santa Casa, in São Paulo.” Cláudio’s friend was a normal guy, one of those who in a circle of men would not attract the attention of any woman. We hugged and I told him that if he is a friend of Claudio, he is a good person and my friend too “and I continued” come with me, you need to drink something. After all, this is not a children’s party “. And I took them to the freezer room.
As the room was very full, I left the two drinking and talking to other people in a corner of the room and went to see to the other guests. From time to time, I tried to take a look at where his friend Cláudio was. That’s when I realized that every time I turned to them, Conrado was watching me.
By the time, I, from drinking so much with each other, from table to table, was already quite high. When I drink, I laugh for nothing, my face is very red and I feel brave, I completely lose track of what is dangerous. I consider myself capable of anything. And that’s what happened. Without knowing how, I suddenly found myself sitting on one of the steps of the ladder that led

to the stage, where the band stirred the people with music of all styles. Next to me was Conrado. I could see Cláudio dancing with someone I didn’t identify. “Are you liking the party?” I asked. He said yes, that he was. But the best thing was to be able to be by my side, that I was very beautiful and that I could now confirm everything that Claudio had already said about me with him. “What do you mean, I asked. Cláudio already talked about me with you”. “Yes, several times,” he said. I know a lot about you “. I felt that he was getting very interested in me. And I provoked” Cláudio only said good things, didn’t he? What did he say? “Lowering his voice, he put his hand on my shoulder and told me looking into my eyes” He said he was the first to eat you. That popped your gourd. And that you fuck very hot “. I felt a heat running through my body and I looked at him, saying nothing.
He took my hand and said looking me in the eyes “Because we don’t go out and you take me somewhere where we can be alone. I want you”. Without thinking about anything I said “Can’t do it. Are you crazy? These people of mine are invited.” Tomorrow we leave. I will pick you up. Where did you stay? He told me he was at Cláudio’s house. We agreed that I would pick him up at twenty, the next day.
My birthday party didn’t end until four in the morning.
The other day I spent the day resting and at eight o’clock I drove to Cláudio’s house where Conrado was already waiting for me outside. Without much conversation I drove to the Motel. We have already started making out in the car. When we entered the room, I already wanted him to fuck me badly.
He helped me remove my clothes and I lay on the bed while he undressed with his back to me. I was already wet and my pussy was compressed with lust. When Conrado turned I saw that his cock was hard and I could not miss a “My God” with a tremulous and muffled voice. “I don’t think I can take it all.” Realizing my fright he tried to reassure me “Calm down, you don’t have to be like this. I know my dick is big but you will endure it, yes. I will go carefully, with patience.” “It’s just that I’ve never seen a cock so big and so thick. Until today, I only gave it to Cláudio. And his cock I could handle well because it is much smaller than yours”. While he reassured me, I was stroking the fucking head that was getting harder and harder. He lay next to me, on his back and that mast was raised as if waiting for a flag. Amazing. He told me he was 32 centimeters. He asked me, with the greatest sympathy, if I wanted to give up. If I wanted to, I could just whack him and he would understand perfectly and we would be gone. I nodded, that I was going to hit him a hand and we would go, because I was very afraid of that huge cock entering me.
I took that monument in my hands and started whacking it. It was so thick that my hand didn’t cover it all. He was relaxing and the stick got bigger and bigger. I wanted to suck that monster cock and it didn’t get in my mouth. I licked for a few minutes. While licking, my cunt was going crazy with the urge to fuck. My thoughts got mixed up. The desire grew and the fear disappeared as if by magic. I was on all fours and said “Come and fuck me. I want to feel you tearing me up with this little dick. I’m not afraid anymore. Eat me”.
He caught me from behind, grabbed my waist, I spread my legs wide, leaned my face against the mattress and lifted my ass up. He took an oil from the table, smeared his cock and all my ass, pussy and ass, and touched that huge head, which looked more like a red guava because it was so big and started to stick in me. I felt that it would not be possible to get all that stuff into the pussy that, at that point, burned, burned, sparked and stretched, trying to open more and more. He broke off, squeezing my ass and stuffing his dick. Until it didn’t happen anymore. He stopped coming in and he started punching, punching, pulling and stuffing. I was feeling a mixture of horror for the pain that the dick made me feel, as if it tore all my ass and a crazy pleasure, as I had never felt before, wanting it not to stop. “Oh, my God, it hurts a lot. Get more, go, eat me. Oh, that pain. Don’t stop. Tear me up. I’ll come again. I’m coming, Ai, what a fucking pain. Son of a bitch. You it’s killing me with pain. How nice, now, now, I’m coming again, Enjoy you in my pussy. Make this hot cock make me come again. Come, baby, fill my pussy with warm cum. ” I was crying copiously while talking bullshit in your ear. He was putting the iron in without mercy, silent, silent. When he came and filled my pussy with cum, his cock had already gone so deep into my pussy that I didn’t have a little bit more of it and his bag kept hitting my ass when the dick went in until the end.
On second thought, today I think

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