Last Walk

Motorista de carro placas de Bastos fica ferido em acidente em ...

In the beginning, the light was just a small ray of light so faint, that its brightness did not go beyond that of a child’s gaze, lost in
night. (Buté)


The car was parked at the central avenue. He was the only one there, at this time of night. Headlights off, wet with rain, seeming to have been abandoned by the owner.
As it was late, and also because it had rained, the sky was dark and the poor lighting of the streetlights only gave a yellowish spectrum of light at night, as if a thousand candles had been lit around the car. There was also a dense fog, making vision more difficult.
Few vehicles circulated along the avenue, always passing at high speed, raising splashes of wet asphalt.


He looked at the stationary car, completely disinterested, and continued walking.

Then, the little flame spread out, quickly, a huge beam was made, and the intensity of its brightness took over everything, making a red sun rise in the middle of the night. (Buté)

The last sound he heard before the impact was a squeak of tires.

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