Goal setting as memo on notebook with many light bulbs

Monday, the fair. Tomato,
papaya, onion, avocado,
a lettuce, watercress,
a kilo of rice, coffee, milk,
a large can of olive oil and beans

Tuesday, the fair. Chuchu,
apple, cornmeal for angu,
banana, salt, garlic, mate,
some chocolate,
cake, bread and broom
to sweep the yard.

Wednesday, the fair. Carrot,
Soap and another broom,
of mane, light and soft,
ration and a basin,
small, plastic, colorless.

Thursday, the fair. Detergent,
pasta, toothpaste,
sugar, cabbage and Mellita.

Friday, the fair. Animal,
candy bar, mop,
Elephant brand extract,
toilet paper, lighter
and separate the money
which is for gas, from the stove.
spend your eyes on Veja,
watch television,
give attention to boys
and break your fights
Saturday. Meat, beer,
comment on intrigues,
or give some neck.

Sunday. Church, sunbathe
and watch football
if America plays.
Fall early in bed,
for Monday, the week,
from the fair, start over.

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