I was sitting with some friends at a ranch on the Saturday of Carnival. My only intention was to rest as much as possible. Sleeping a lot, swimming, walking aimlessly and doing everything possible to enjoy the holiday, forget the big city and the stress of work.
From where I was, in the living room, I could see the people arriving and, at a certain moment, I recognized my cousin Gabi. She recognized me, too, and we nodded at each other from a distance. We haven’t seen each other in over a year.
As I still had no activity scheduled for that morning, I picked up my notebook and sat on the porch floor, where there was still a shade and a nice little wind was blowing.
I was distracted checking my e-mails when I heard my call. I lifted my head to see who it was and saw Gabi. She wore short, tight shorts that exposed a piece of butt and the top of a bikini that left the idea that she had beautiful breasts. “Damn, Gabi is really hot” was what I thought when I saw her. “Hi, Tiago, are we going to the waterfall for a quick swim?” she asked heading to where I was. “Not now, Gabi. I don’t feel like it,” I replied, looking up. She insisted “Ahhh … let’s go. We won’t be long. It will be quick”. I could see that she gave me a smile that I interpreted as being very naughty and full of promises. So, I agreed to accompany her.
When we arrived at the waterfall, she immediately threw herself into the water and I threw myself right afterwards. We swam and dived a little and then sat talking on a rock.
Chat goes chat and chat comes and she ended up telling me, in a pretense innocent way, that everyone thought I was gay. It didn’t bother me because I already knew about those backbiting that were based on the fact that they never saw me with a girlfriend. What they did not know is that I had a real obsession with maintaining my privacy preserved and would not let anyone invade it. So my love affairs were totally unknown to other people.
When I heard what she said I looked at her and said, smiling with a chuckle “Do you think so, Gabi?” I saw that she was startled and before she said anything, I finished looking right in her eyes. Which, by the way, were brown “Do you want to know if I’m gay or not?” She took a while to answer but said yes.
I pulled her by the hair, kissed her mouth, and with one hand I took her little breast out and started to pass my tongue on it and to suck in a very cadenced way. With the other hand I was going to squeeze your ass tightly over your bikini. Then she reached inside my swim trunks and immediately took my dick. I felt that it was hot, hard and throbbing and that it was growing even more, in your hand. I was suckling your breast for a while. We lay down on a towel she had taken with her and stretched out on the grass, under a tree by the river. I took off your bikini. Then I took off my swim trunks, touched the stick to her pussy and started to insert it very slowly, without any hurry, until everything entered.
She started to rummage and roll in a nice toss and go, while I was speeding up my thrusts, also increasing my pleasure. It was just delicious. Before I came, I stopped and pulled the cock out of her pussy. But I wasn’t done.
I put her face down and when she was waiting for me to stick my cock in her pussy, I gave a strong and sure lunge and jammed the dick all at once, into your ass. She let out a cry, kind of angry. “Oh, James. What the fuck. Slow down. It hurt too much, son of a bitch. It can’t be that rough.” I patted his ass and said, “Didn’t you think I was gay? Now you don’t complain.” My cock was not very thick but it was also not thin and as she was not expecting, the cock went all the way in, going really deep. I saw that your eyes filled with tears. But she even held up well, which left me with the certainty that she was already used to having a cock being shoved in her ass.
I started getting in fast and very strong. She screamed in pain asking to stop and the more she asked the more I squeezed her waist and continued to fuck, getting in and out of the club with more force and more speed.
Before long, while she was coming, moaning loudly, squeezing my back and wiggling wildly, I was still fucking her ass.
After a few more minutes I came and felt my cum drain from my cock into his ass, in gusts. She must have been all sore from the lap I had given.
We still spent some time talking nonsense in our ears, then I took the stick from its tail and went calmly to the waterfall, and she did the same.

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