It was a Carnival Saturday and we were in a place that some friends had rented, on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. I had recently ended my eight-month relationship with Otávio because of his constant bouts of jealousy and, until then, I had not kissed anyone, much less sarrar or fuck.
Now, taking advantage of that holiday, I was going to that place with bad intentions, wanting to do what was possible and necessary to make up for the delay.
As soon as I arrived, I noticed that people were already moving around the house animatedly and, in a corner, I came across my cousin, Tiago Luiz. He is very handsome, he is six feet tall, white, a little strong, but there was a rumor that he was gay, because he was never seen with a girl.
We just greeted each other with a slight nod but I was happy that he was also there. We haven’t seen each other in over a year.
I went to the room where I would stay with three other girls, in bunk beds, I packed my things in the wardrobe, I took a shower and put on a very tight and short shorts, the top of a bikini. Then I went to the balcony in front of the pool, where some people were sitting on lounge chairs.
There was my cousin quietly sitting on the floor typing on a notebook. I went over to where he was and asked
“Hi, Tiago, are we going to the waterfall for a quick swim?” He lifted his head and got wet, replying “Not now, Gabi. I don’t feel like it.” I insisted a little more “Ahhh … let’s go. We won’t be long. It will be quick” complementing my invitation with a naughty smile. He agreed.
When we arrived at the waterfall, I threw myself into the water, and he threw himself right afterwards. We swam a little and then sat talking on a rock.
Chat goes chat and chat comes and I ended up saying that everyone thought he was gay. He turned around, gave a little laugh and replied to me, do you think so, Gabi? “. I was startled by his question but before I answered he said,” Do you want to know whether or not I am really gay? “
It took me a while to answer but I said yes. He immediately came pulling me by the hair and kissed me, and with one hand he took my breast out and started to rub his tongue and suck on it. I felt that his other hand was already squeezing my ass tightly over my shorts. I then put my hand on his dick and soon realized that it was hot and growing in my hand. He was sucking on my chest for a while. We lay down on a towel that I had taken with me and spread on the grass, under a tree by the river. He took off my shorts and panties. Then he took off his shorts, put his stick against my pussy and started to shove me very slowly, until everything came in.
It started with a good coming and going, and then it just increased in speed, and that also increased my pleasure. His weight on me, his kisses. Wow !! It was delicious. When I was going to come he stopped and took the stick out of me. I thought it was over.
He put me face down and came again. I was waiting for him to stick my cock in my pussy but he just lashed out and got stuck in my ass. I cried out, a little angry and in pain.
“Oh, James. What the fuck. Slow down. It hurt too much, son of a bitch. It can’t be that rough.” He patted me on the ass and said, “Didn’t you think I was gay? Now you don’t complain.” His cock was not very thick but it was also not thin and as I was not expecting, his cock went all the way in, going really deep. I felt terrible pain when my ass tried to lock up. I’m glad I had anal sex before. This eased my suffering a little. But my eyes filled with tears. I’m glad I had anal sex before. This eased my suffering a little.
He started getting in fast and very hard. I screamed in pain asking him to stop and he squeezed my waist and continued with more strength and speed.
Before long I was cumming and he was still fucking me in the ass.
When, fortunately, after a few more minutes he came and I felt his cum dripping into my ass, I was all sore. He still spent some time talking nonsense in my ear, then he took the stick from my tail and went calmly to the waterfall, and I did the same

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