That day, my mother had asked me to stay in the school cafeteria, at lunchtime, so she could go and solve some problems at the bank. My mother is called Dona Antônia and my father Seu Agenor. She is a canteen at the school where my father is the cleaning coordinator.
I was fixing things up in the kitchen when I heard someone ask at the counter. “What’s up, Dona Antonia, what’s so good about eating today?” I replied, right from the bottom where I was, “There are many varieties today, but my mother told me to serve you chicken and okra. Isn’t it Professor Renato? ” I heard, in reply “Yes, I am. What happened to Dona Antonia? ”I explained, arriving at the counter“ Ah, she’s fine. He had to go to the bank and asked me to stay here until she came back. But he recommended serving me chicken with okra. I’m already taking it. ”
My mother had already told me about Professor Renato, when she asked me to replace her and serve him lunch. She said it was beautiful and very charming. I liked his type as soon as I saw him, I read, in the cafeteria. “Hi, nice to meet you. I am Maldives. I hope you like the chicken that my mother made ”.
While he was having lunch, I sat on a stool at the counter, from where I could see the table where he was sitting. From there, head down pretending to read a book, I watched him and, sometimes, I saw him looking at me too. I was sure that he was enjoying what he was seeing and that he was interested in me.
When lunch was over, Professor Renato left the plate on the counter, said goodbye and left the canteen. I stayed there, tidying up the kitchen and waiting for my mother to return.
As I had hitchhiked to school with my father, shortly after starting the second shift he came to tell me that I would return with the boy from the car wash who would bring Professor Renato’s car, who was washing and taking it his, to wash. So when the boy arrived I went home with him. My father told me he was going to ask the teacher for a ride.
As I passed Professor Renato’s car in the parking lot, I thought how good it would be if I was hitchhiking with him “It would be nice to catch him”.
As the second shift ended at six o’clock, I knew that my father would not be long in arriving, with Professor Renato. This is because our house was well on the way to your home. I prepared to leave the teacher very impressed. If he gave any chance, I would show him that we could understand each other the way I wanted. I can assure anyone that when I decide to give it to someone, no one holds me back. And nothing stops me.
 When the car stopped, I knew my father was going to ask the teacher to come in, have dinner or at least have a cup of coffee. He always did that when he was hitchhiking with someone. He said that he insisted that the person came in to feel like a friend and not just a simple private driver taking him home.
 When they entered, the Professor came face to face with me, waiting in the middle of the room. “Hello, professor Renato. Good evening. I’m glad you came to bring my father. Come in and feel free. You are from home. ”
Invited to dinner, he excused himself on the grounds that his wife must have already made dinner and would be waiting for him. But, faced with the situation in which my father put him, with such insistence, he accepted to have coffee.
We sat at the table, my father at the head of the table, which was the place where he always sat, I indicated to the teacher the chair on one side and I sat on the other side, directly in front of him. When I saw that he was attentive to what my father was saying, the two of them looking at each other, I carefully stretched my foot until I touched it to his, under the table. He looked at me quickly and I looked him in the eye, smiling my best naughty smile. It was a very quick touch, as if it had been occasional. But, right after that, I rested my foot on yours. I slowly lifted my foot up to place it on his knees as I stared at him. He smiled at me. Then I started to say something without a head or a head, but enough to make the bad father pay attention to me. That was when the teacher lowered his hand, grabbed my foot and rested it between his legs. I felt that he was very hard, very hard. I started a very light movement of pushing and pulling. My panties were already all wet with lust. I was almost falling off my chair and I even think that if my father, who was talking to me, paid more attention to me, he would see that I was almost coming over there by his side. That was when we heard my mother’s footsteps, which arrived. I picked up my foot quickly and pulled myself together.

When the professor said goodbye to leave, I made my hand to ask him to give me a ride to college. He agreed.
Without saying anything, he drove to the road that was close to where we lived and stopped at the entrance to a dirt road that led to a farm.
Very lightly he took my hand while we kissed. I was caressing my thighs, very lightly, in an extension that went from the knees to the inside, just below my cunt. Sometimes he stopped my hand on the inside of my thigh and, in a very discreet way, forced me to spread my legs and I responded by denouncing my lust.
He laid his bench down completely and started sucking my titties, biting the pout that were already stiff and upright. I was running my hands all over my body and smoothing my pussy over my shorts. I was crazy about wanting to fuck and I felt that he was in the mood as much as I was. We kissed wildly, we talked nonsense in each other’s ears, I squeezed his head while he pulled my hair back and called me hot, dirty.
I lowered my jeans, letting him see that I had no panties on, and he dropped his mouth on my pussy, which by now was soaked with desire, desire, lust for his cock. He kept running his hot tongue over my clitoris … just the tip of it, making circular movements over it and suddenly going down to the entrance to the pussy and penetrating, fucking her, and going up again. He kept that movement up and down with his tongue, until he realized that I was almost coming. Then he knelt on the bench, put his cock in my mouth and I started to rub my tongue lightly over his head, leaving him well drooling. . He kept saying, as if crazy, “Suck that cock, dirty, very tasty, swallow it all, even in the throat, come on, choke on this cock, whore that sucked, suck, suck, suck”. He was dying to get into that pussy of mine. He put me on all fours, made me hold on to the top of the bench, told me to prick my ass well and put his cock against my pussy. Brushed tasty, between the ass and the pussy and, with a single strong lunge I buried everything inside my pussy, which, of course, was already soaked, starting a tasty come and go, rhythmic, pulling my hair back. I moaned, squirmed, asked him to fuck me harder, not to stop. “Fuck me, eat me tasty, stick all that dick in my pussy, don’t stop, don’t stop, I want you to come inside me, fill me with cum, come on, son of a bitch, fuck me more, more. bottom, this, this, I want to cum on your cock ”. It didn’t take long for us to enjoy it.
The hours passed very quickly and when we realized it was already around 21: 30h. He needed to go. I even asked him to drop me off at college so I could attend at least one class that night.

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