He had been working at that school since the beginning of the school semester, in February. It was April, you could say that I was still getting along with the people who worked with me, both teachers and administrators and administrative and maintenance staff. As he had a full-time contract, he spent all day, morning and afternoon, running from one room to another, without having much time off to chat with colleagues. At the Secretariat, then, I just went to sign the time book on arrival and departure.
My spare time was so scarce that I couldn’t even stop at a car wash to shine my car, it was such a shame it was dusty. I would arrive at the school parking lot and see the staff cars clean, waxed, shining and I said to myself “I need to find some time to stop by a gas station, wash and change the oil” but I would soon leave it for later.
I used to stay at school in the interval between the morning and afternoon shifts, to have lunch at Dona Antonia’s canteen, which by the way made delicious pasta, tropeiro and feijoada. And it was there, in the canteen, one day that I met Maldivia, who was the daughter of Dona Antonia and Seu Agenor, who was the coordinator responsible for cleaning the school.
I remember arriving at the cafeteria counter and asking Dona Antonia “What’s up, Dona Antonia, what’s so good about eating today?” The answer came from the back, from a voice that was not from Dona Antonia and from a person I couldn’t see where she was from “There are many varieties today, but my mother told me to serve chicken and okra to you. It is not professor Renato? ” “Yes, I am. What happened to Dona Antonia?” “Ah, she’s fine. She had to go to the bank and asked me to stay here until she came back. But she recommended that I serve chicken with okra to you. I’m already taking it.”
Dona Antonia and Seu Agenor’s daughter was very beautiful. Brunette with green eyes, black hair falling on her shoulders and a very shapely body, thick, smooth legs, which were exposed by a denim mini skirt. “Hi, nice. I’m Maldives. I hope you like the chicken my mom made.”
While I was having lunch, sitting at one of the canteen tables, she sat on a stool at the counter. Occasionally, I raised my head to see her and sometimes I surprised her by looking at myself. On one of those occasions she smiled at me. His mouth was very sensual. At the time, a thought came to me “this girl likes to suck cock”. In that instant I realized that she had liked that I had looked at her.
I finished lunch, left the plate on the counter, thanked him and went to the teachers’ room, where I used to wait for the beginning of the afternoon shift. I forgot about Maldives.
One afternoon, on the way from one classroom to another, Mr. Agenor stopped me and said “Professor, I was taking a look at your car. It seems that you don’t have much time to take in a car wash. If you want, I can take it to you. The people there are people I know. They are good people. ” I thanked him, left the key with him and went to teach my classes.
At the end of the shift, when I was going to the parking lot, Mr. Agenor accompanied me, handed me the car key and asked me if I didn’t mind giving him a ride, because he had taken advantage of the car wash boy to bring mine. car and sent his, to wash, and that the boy would then take him directly to his home. And I said no and he went with me.
As the second shift ended at six o’clock and Seu Agenor lived on the way to my house, it didn’t take long to arrive. When I stopped the car, Seu Agenor insisted that I get in. He said that he did not accept a refusal and that he insisted that I visit his house. We went in and came face to face with Maldives. “Hello, Professor Renato. Good evening. I’m glad you came to bring my father. Come in and feel free. You are from home.”
Seu Agenor invited me to dinner with them “Antonia doesn’t take long to arrive”. I told him no, that my wife was waiting for me with dinner ready, that she would accept another time, and at last he convinced me to have at least one coffee. I accepted not to be embarrassed.
We sat, Seu Agenor at the head of the table and Maldives in front of me. I was paying attention to what Seu Agenor told me. I realized that Maldives looked me in the eye and smiled at me. At the same moment I felt that his foot touched mine under the table. It was a very quick touch. At first I did not understand and thought that she had touched me occasionally. But then she put her foot on mine and looked at me, smiling. I felt heat rising through my body and my cock hardened immediately. While Seu Agenor spoke, I lowered my hand, grabbed the Maldivian foot and placed it between my legs, right on my cock that throbbed so hard. She started, then a very light movement pushes and pulls. When it was getting better, we heard the footsteps of Dona Antonia, who arrived.
Maldives withdrew its foot and my dick withered instantly.
When I was getting ready to leave, I had already thanked her for coffee, and so on, Dona Antonia asked me if I could give a ride to Maldives until college, so she wouldn’t be late. I agreed.
Without saying anything, I drove to the road that was close to where Seu Agenor and Dona Antonia lived and stopped at the entrance to a dirt road that led to a farm.
Very lightly, I took your hand while we kissed. I was caressing her legs, very lightly in an extension that went from the knees to the inner part of the thigh, just below her pussy. Sometimes, I stopped with mine. hand on the inner part of the thigh and in a very discreet way I forced her to open more and she responded by denouncing her lust. I laid my bench down completely and started sucking on her beautiful little tits. I was running my hands all over her body and smoothing her pussy over her shorts. I was crazy about wanting to fuck and I felt that she was also in the mood as much as I was. We kissed wildly, spoke nonsense in her ear, pulled her hair back and called her hot, dirty.
She pulled down her jeans, letting me see that she had no panties on, and I fell on that pussy, which by now was soaked with desire, desire, lust for my cock. I was running my hot tongue over her clitoris … just the tip of it, making circular movements over it and suddenly going down to the entrance of the pussy and penetrating, fucking her, and going up again. I kept that up and down movement with my tongue, which every woman loves, and when she doesn’t have to stop, until she realizes that she was almost enjoying herself.
I got down on my knees on the bench, put my cock in his mouth and began to lightly lick his head, leaving him well drooling. I went crazy, “Suck that cock, dirty, very tasty, swallow it all, even in the throat, come on, choke on this cock, whore that sucked, suck, suck, suck”. I was dying to get into that pussy. I put her on all fours, I put her hands on the top of the bench, I told her to prick her butt well and I leaned my cock against her pussy. I brushed tasty, between the ass and the pussy and, with a single strong thrust I buried everything inside that soaked pussy, starting a tasty come and go, rhythmic, pulling her hair back. She moaned, squirmed, asked to fuck her harder to keep from stopping. “Fuck me, eat me tasty, stick all that dick in my pussy, don’t stop, don’t stop, I want you to come inside me, fill me with cum, come on, son of a bitch, fuck me more, more. this, I want to cum on your cock “. It didn’t take long for him to come.
The hours passed very quickly and when we realized it was already around 21: 30h. I had to go and so did she. I still dropped her off at college so I could attend at least one class that night.

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