Ônibus de transporte de turistas e grupo de turistas — Fotografia de Stock

I had not scheduled any trips for that weekend, but I received a call from my wife asking me to pick her up in the countryside, where I had been for many days. As it was raining a lot, it was difficult for her to return driving. In addition, she was very afraid to drive on highways when it was raining. As I really had nothing to do in BH, I replied that I would go, that she could wait for me. He would leave on Friday night, arriving there on Saturday, early in the morning. We would be driving home on Sunday morning, arriving back in the early afternoon, just in time to rest. I called the bus station, booked my ticket, being careful to ask for a place that was next to the window. I don’t like to travel in the aisle chair because people don’t let me sleep, in that coming and going, bumping and waking me up.

I arrived almost at the last minute for the bus to leave, so I wouldn’t have to wait a long time at the bus station. I went down to the platform and, as I had no suitcase, as I only took a change of clothes to change when I got there, I immediately got on the bus, looking for my place. What was not my surprise when I saw that, in my place, by the window, a girl was already sitting, looking about twenty, talking on the phone. I stood beside the chair, watching her and waiting for her to stop talking, to kindly ask her to leave my place. She looked at me with a beautiful smile and motioned for me to sit in the empty chair next to her. To give me more time, I reached out to put the backpack I was carrying in the upper rack. She continued talking on the phone, unaware of me. As I was disturbing the other passengers who needed to go through their calls, I ended up sitting where she had indicated. In the meantime, the driver set the bus in motion and the journey began. With me out of my place. And the girl on the phone, talking, talking, talking.

When the light was turned off and we entered the BR, the girl turned off her cell phone and asked me, with an open smile, in the biggest wooden face – hi, do you mind if I stay here and you there? I just like to travel in the window. I replied that it didn’t matter, that I could stay. She touched my arm lightly with her hand, gave me a new smile and asked where I was going. I replied and she told me that we would then travel together until the end of the trip.

As it rained lightly and the night was very cold, there was a silence on the bus indicating that the passengers were either sleeping or trying to sleep. And I was already thinking about sleeping, too, when I realized that my partner in the chair got up and, without asking permission, passed me, heading for the back, certainly, to the toilet. As he passed me, he brushed his legs over mine and was in no hurry to reach the hall. Ah, his ass was inches from my face and I could see that he turned his face to look at me. He had a naughty smile on his lips.

It took a few minutes to return. He came to my side, in the dark, put a hand on my shoulder and, placing my knee in the middle of his legs, spent a while fiddling with the luggage rack, as if he were looking for something. Her breasts were at the level of my face and I didn’t have to make any effort to put one of them in my hand. I gently smoothed it out and noticed when she gave a little shake indicating she was enjoying it. He adjusted the body further, lowering it so that no one could see what I was doing. Then he turned his body back to the corridor, turned on his back and started to move back to the corner of the chair. Only, in the passage, before reaching his place, he sat on my lap, as if he had lost his balance. She stayed there for a while, sitting on my lap and then going to her corner. Just when the bus made its only stop for coffee and snacks for passengers. I went down, she went down too. I went to the bathroom and saw that she also went to her bathroom. Then I went to the cafeteria counter, ordered a latte and was drinking it when I saw that she came out of the bathroom, took out the phone and started talking about it, leaning against a wall in the corridor between the cafeteria bar and the bus.

I finished my coffee with milk and got back on the bus. When I passed her, in the corridor, I saw that she reached out and handed me something. A little package. I held it without looking at what it was and got on the bus, going to my place, where I opened the package and found red lace panties.

When she appeared, she no longer spoke on the phone. He excused himself, I got up and walked away for her to pass and she sat in her seat naturally. The driver set the bus in motion again, turned off the lights and hit the road. The stop indicated exactly half the trip.

We didn’t say anything to each other. She took my hand and placed it on her leg, under her skirt. No panties. I was smoothing her thighs, feeling that she spread her legs and got better in the chair. We let the time go by, the night got darker, the rain increased the cold and we started to cling, the two of them already in just one armchair, hers. While I was caressing her, she took my cock and spun sucking it for a while. Then, he lay on his side in the armchair and I hugged her from behind, getting hot, all my cock inside, stuffing and pulling, stuffing and pulling, until we came together. So I slipped into my seat and she leaned against my shoulder and quickly fell asleep.

At dawn, it was still raining when we arrived at the city entrance. I was going to get off at the entrance, before the bus station. She slept when I gave the signal and slept when the bus stopped. I pushed her away gently so she wouldn’t wake up, gave her a quick, light kiss on the head and said, before going down – It was a good trip, baby.

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