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She seemed to me, right away, a successful executive. A first glance was enough to be sure of that. Tall, slender, well-dressed, walking safely down the center aisle of the mall, among people who passed by coming and going, drawing attention to themselves and the malicious and desirous looks of men and the envious looks of women. His walk was both decided and feigned. He knew, with certainty, that he aroused greed and envy. Thus, she was gently rocking her body, moving her well-designed ass in the dress glued to her body in a charming way. It was where everyone’s eyes were directed when he turned his back on them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, entranced and as if mesmerized.

I don’t know why, if it was just an instinct or if it was because I was very attentive to everything she did as she walked around me, I had the clear and perceptible impression that she looked at me. Could it be that you saw me, I thought. I do not think so. It must be my impression. Anyway, when in doubt, I followed her in a discreet way, pretending to pay attention to the shop windows, stopping from time to time in front of one of them to check it out. So, I saw when he turned and looked at me this time in a direct way, as if examining me or as if he wanted to mark my face in his memory. This time I had no doubts: she really looked at me. I was able to identify a certain interest in his eyes before entering one of the elevators. From a distance I saw her come in, the door closed and I lost sight of her.

Something inside my head told me to stay there, not to leave, to wait. I did. I chose a spot in the corridor where I could see the elevator and let myself be watching people passing by, as if I had no other interest. Or no rush.

A few minutes passed but it seemed like an eternity. When I least expected it, she appears to me leaving the elevator and walking towards me. This time I could see the signal he gave me in the direction of the elevator, indicating it. I didn’t think twice and went there trying to walk with ease. I thought “what the fuck is this now. What this hot girl wants from me. Why did you show me the elevator? It has already gone up and down on it ”. I stayed there, standing behind three more people who were waiting before me.

When the elevator opened the door, I don’t know where it came from, but it arrived and placed itself right behind me, so that we could enter together.

We got in and went to the bottom of the elevator while she was right in front of me, behind the other three who had entered the front. As there was no elevator, I saw when he pressed the button that indicated the top floor. I stayed in my corner, without marking any buttons. I saw that everyone else would come down before us.

Very discreetly I looked at her but she didn’t even blink, looking straight ahead. The elevator stopped on the third floor and a person got out. When the door closed again I felt that she moved her body away a little without anyone noticing and I felt that it was touching me.

At the same moment I felt that his hand touched my hand in a very discreet but decided way. A small, light touch, a disguised grip. A pleasant smell washed over me. Soft. Lavender. Floral.

On the fourth floor another person came down. This time, I felt that his body came closer to mine. I felt a chill go through me.

On the sixth, the last of the three who had preceded us at the entrance to the elevator went down. We watched the door close. When the elevator started its ascent it definitely leaned against me and I fit in with it. Desperately. Madly. Embraced, we turned and our mouths met. We kissed as if our mouths wanted to be crushed, tongues searching for tongues, bodies clinging together, as if they were going to become one. Embraced, we let our hands walk through our bodies, as if they wanted to discover all its secrets. I stroked her breasts and ran my hand down her ass. She rubbed herself even more against me and when I felt hard with lust, she opened my pants, put out my dick, turned on her back and lifted her skirt, pushed her panties aside and I penetrated her there, in the elevator, with all my heart. make yourself comfortable. Mine and hers. I made him enjoy a tasty and deep pleasure. Without saying anything. Shut up. I also came without any moan, no noise that could denounce our presence. The elevator stopped on the twelfth floor, opened and closed the door again and got out. Incredible as it may seem, we went up to the fourth floor without anyone stopping him. There, when the door opened, she went down without showing any sign that she knew me. I went down in the second. Happy, delighted.

When I left the mall, I thought just one thing: “what will her name be?”

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