That Saturday, the sun was so strong that it was almost unbearable. As I had nothing scheduled to do that morning, I decided to go to the waterfall to swim for a while, since in the afternoon I had a football game to play.
The water was nice, cold without being cold, but enough to relieve the sun’s exaggerated heat. After doing a few strokes and a few dives, I lay on a rock that stood out in one of the rapids and stayed there, looking at nothing, relaxing.
At a certain moment, I noticed movements on the other bank, on the other side of where I was and when I turned to look, I saw Denise, Dona Mariquinha’s daughter, in a bikini, ready to go into the water. “Is it too cold?” asked me raising my voice so I could hear it. “Not. It looks hot ”I replied also raising my voice, while saying softly“ just like you ”.
She dived and with strong, safe strokes swam close to where I was, climbing on the rock to stay beside me.
Denise was dark, with black hair falling to her shoulders and a beautiful face. But now I was seeing that he had a great body. Wonderful. It was much tastier now, up close, than when I had seen it from a distance. We already knew each other and had even exchanged a few looks, but we were never together, alone. Now it was like that whole river, that waterfall was just ours. Hers and mine. “You’ve been here a long time,” he asked. No. I arrived just now. It’s very good that you came. I don’t like being alone in the water, ”I told him. “I don’t like it either,” she said, adding, “I’m wondering if anything happens, there’s no one to help us.” “That’s right,” I agreed. I went into the water, staying and held out my hand “come. The stone is starting to get cold ”. She took my hand and came to stand beside me. Where we were, the water reached my chest and shoulders. Still holding my hand, she sank her head into the water and when she removed it her body was very close to me. “I heard what you said” he said smiling looking me in the eyes. “What did I say?” I asked a little embarrassed “I didn’t say anything”. “That the water was delicious just like me. It doesn’t have to be red, no. I enjoyed listening. ” I realized that I was embarrassed and unresponsive. “Do you know what I think?” before i answered she added “you look very tasty, too. We are tied ”and burst out laughing. “I bet you’re already hard.”
I pulled her up, pressed her body against mine and we started kissing. Our fire was heating up and while I was passing a hand on her little breast, which I had taken out of the bikini, she was squeezing the bad stick in her hand, which could not get any harder and was throbbing in the water .
She discreetly lowered her hand, reached for my cock and started to play, hit a hot handjob, I couldn’t take it, I picked her up, leaned against the rock we were sitting on and started to put my fingers in her pussy in a nice way. She was so horny and spread her legs even further for me and I went crazy, I shivered, my heart was racing and my cock was throbbing.
Gluttonously, I sucked on her delicious titties, nibbling on her pouting as she squeezed my head and moaned softly and then said, “Eat me. Fuck me hot. Oh, I can’t take it anymore. I want cock. Stick this nice cock up for me. I turned her on her back and rubbed my cock on her ass. She held it in her hand, pulled her bikini away, leaned the stick against her thin, black hair pussy and made it come in very slowly, very tasty, until there was nothing left out of it. She moaned, looked at me very dirty and asked me to eat very tasty and that she wanted to feel my cum dripping into her pussy. The more I stuck it in and took out the more nonsense she was talking about. “Oh, how hot that dick of yours, put it hard, fuck, shove it all, oh son of a bitch, fill me with cum, I’ll make you whole, oh, oh, oh, I’ll come. Come and enjoy with me. ” As she shivered and struggled, squeezing my body, coming, I felt a stream of cum coming out of my cock and I came intensely.
We lay on the stone to rest and we stayed there, side by side, until we heard Dona Mariquinha calling “Ô Denise, come, daughter, have lunch”. She turned to me, kissed me on the mouth with a nice kiss and plunged into the cold water, swimming to the other shore.
I got up, swam out of the river and went home, rested, relaxed, ready to play the football game that was waiting for me that afternoon.

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