Ponai-é leaned the spear against the trunk of the tree, raised his head and, with his right hand raised in front of his face, tried to reach as far as possible with his gaze. He only saw the green of the foliage coming and going slightly, with the wind . He puffed his nostrils. No smell that was not known. That was when he heard the muffled sound.
He picked up the spear and walked carefully forward. Her feet seemed to float, so little noise made. The rustle of leaves brushing his body could be attributed to the wind.
Ponai-é walked tense.
With each meter traveled, the care increased. The sound was louder now. He prepared for the attack. The body arched slowly. The raised arm had strong muscles as firm as vines intertwined. The other arm aimed at the body. The small eyes were fixed on the target.
Ponai-é made the pitch.


She was curled up. Only her head was raised, not visible among the fallen foliage. The round little eyes were fixed in front of him.
           It was immobile.
Only the thinest tongue moved, coming and going.
The multicolored body contorted a little, with a slight and almost imperceptible shiver.
The disjointed mouth opened quickly, exposing two fangs like blades. Curves. Fatal.
Like a colorful lightning bolt launched in the air


Huge wild ducks fluttered over the lake.
Its large wings, when flapping, produced small waves in it. They plunged into the water and rose with tiny fish on their long round beaks.
There were so many and so unconcerned that they were frightened only when one, hit directly by the spear thrown with precision, let out crazy screams and struggled over the water.
   The gang then left in a loud flight.


The lake, once calm, was now agitated and dyed red.
In the middle, floating, the huge wild duck was no longer struggling.
The viper crawled between lazy and sleepy, its body stirring among the foliage.
Ponai-é, his mouth twisted in a last desperate effort to breathe and contain the pain, he was lying on his back, writhing, his hand stretched over his leg from which a small trickle of blood oozed out.
Within minutes, the forest returned to being silent, beautiful, attractive and mysterious as they are and must be all things unknown.Enviar feedbackHistóricoSalvasComunidade

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