It was a typical big city Sunday on the day of some extraordinary event, the kind that don’t happen every Sunday, only on specials. In this, the event was the game between Atlético and Cruzeiro for the final decision of the Copa do Brasil. After a marathon of great games, won all stages, one after another, the two great rivals reached the end as winners of their groups and would, now, that Sunday, the great match that would define who would win the Cup Champion trophy of Brazil. The city had dawned with a light rain, the kind that arrive promising to stay all day. Even so, the movement through the streets, especially in the center, was greater than on other days. From the top, from the window of the apartment where we were, it was possible to follow the movement of the fans who were agitated, down the streets, heading towards to the buses parked along the great avenue waiting to transport them to Mineirão.
As the buses left, the movement diminished, the fans’ flags stopped being waved and disappeared from the streets that became more and more empty. The fans’ cries died down until their voices fell silent. Life that Sunday was gradually transferring from the Center to Pampulha.
That Sunday, I woke up later, took a shower and was on the sofa in the living room, reading the newspaper, with the television on a sports program that presented a preview of what the day’s sports day would be like when the doorbell rang. As we were not expecting anyone, Carmen, my wife shouted at me to go and answer. As I knew she was busy in the kitchen, I went to the living room door and when I opened it, I saw Alfredo, his wife Sara and daughter Odete smiling at me with surprise.

Alfredo was a longtime friend with whom he had worked before I became a civil servant and had not seen for a long time. Sara, his wife, was my wife’s countryman. Odete, your daughter, I only remembered her as a child. Now she was twenty years old and a very beautiful woman.
Alfredo told me that they had gone to a Mass for Thanksgiving in a church nearby and he remembered that I had said where I lived, the last time we met and that I had decided to stop by to see, who knows, if we still lived in the same place . Which was confirmed when you asked at the building entrance. So he had taken the liberty of climbing without warning us. I told you that
He had done very well and Carmen made them agree to stay for lunch and spend the afternoon with us. As he knew that Alfredo was a sick athlete and would not like to lose the game with Cruzeiro, what would happen if they went to his home, which was in Betim, invited him to watch the broadcast on TV. He agreed saying it would be a good opportunity to update the news and the conversation since the last time we met.
American lunch, with each one helping themselves in the kitchen, directly from the stove and spreading around the apartment to eat wherever he thought was best. Me, Carmen, Sara and Alfredo stayed in the living room and had lunch sitting on the couch, watching the television. Odete, after asking if he could use the computer he saw on the table in one of the guest rooms, decided to have lunch there to access something on the internet.
At some point, during lunch, I felt that someone was spying on me from the corridor and, when I looked up, I saw Odete standing at a point where only I could see her, smiling at me. Something stirred inside me. I looked around and saw that no one was paying attention either to me, sitting with the plate in my hands, or to Odete, standing in the hall smiling at me. When he was sure I had seen her, he nodded slightly and he headed for the kitchen. Without saying anything, I got up and, with my plate in hand, asked if anyone else wanted anything from the kitchen and after everyone said no, I walked over there, where I found Odete standing by the stove watching me arrive.
__ I was curious to meet you. My parents talk about you a lot – she said smiling.
__ They are very good friends. But I already knew you. Only when I saw her it was still very small – I said smiling at her.
_ I know. My mom told me that you already made me sleep on your lap, is it true? How old was I? – He asked.
_ I think you were about four years old – I answered awkwardly.

She put some more food on the plate and then walked away so I could help myself. When I started to serve myself, he put his hand on my shoulder, put his face close to my ear and said quietly:
_ Then, go to the computer room to give me your lap again? – and quickly left the kitchen leaving me standing there, unable to answer anything because she had not given me any time to answer.
When I returned to my place on the sofa in the living room, I could no longer concentrate on anything. In my head there was only her voice asking me to give her a hug again.
After lunch, Carmen told Alfredo and Sara that she had prepared the double room for them to take a nap until the time of the game, commenting that she knew it was the custom of their region, where they were from, to nap after lunch. He added: “Here at home, I also take a nap but Otávio is not used to it.” And he went to one of the single rooms, closing the door.
I remained in the room willing to wait for a time that was sufficient for everyone to settle into their rooms. When I was ready to go silently to the computer room, where I knew that Odete was waiting for me, I saw her appeared in the corridor, entering the room. He walked as if he were walking, moving his body in a sensual way, rolling slightly, without exaggeration, in a somewhat casual, but natural way. Smiling he went over to where I was sitting and sat on my lap, took my hands in his hands and placed them on his chest, squeezing them lightly. I realized that they were loose, free, stiff, without a bra. I stroked them and felt that my dick was changing from soft to hard and from hard to very hard, quickly. She also noticed. She got up, pulled me to my feet and made me walk with her to where the corridor started. There, he leaned against the wall, unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, which could not harden any more than it already was. He hugged me and spent some time stroking my cock in his hands, smoothing it, squeezing it lightly until he bent down and put it in his mouth, sucking deliciously. At some point that I didn’t even notice, he stopped sucking my cock, turned his back to me, lifted the skirt he was wearing and saw that he was without panties. She had left her bra, panties and shame in her computer room. She bent over, leaned against the wall, spread her legs, took my dick in one hand and placed it at the entrance to her pussy and began to roll very lightly. I felt my cock entering piece by piece in her pussy that I could see was wet. The more the stick went in, the stronger the stirring of his waist became. I held her by the hips and was forcing my cock so that it wouldn’t come out. So, we were fucking tasty. In addition to worrying about rolling the stick in and out, she looked at the corridor in front of her to watch the door of the rooms where her parents and Carmen slept.



We couldn’t even let out a groan. But the grips of my hand on his waist and his hands on my thigh told us how connected we were in that fuck. When I realized it wouldn’t be long before I came, I gently ran my finger down his ass and saw that he contracted as if he wanted to bite my finger. I squeezed my finger and made him go all the way up your ass. She gave her body a tighter shake and poked her ass so my finger would go deeper. Without removing my finger, I slowly removed the stick from her pussy and touched it to her ass while I was removing my finger. Before she knew it, I forced the stick and made it go into your ass. It was hot, humid and throbbing. When the stick just came in I felt that my bag was hitting her ass every time I pushed and that it was bouncing up the body, so that the stick would fit deeper. A very hot sensation was taking over me and I felt a splash of cum coming out of my cock and flooding all over his ass. I grabbed her tighter, immobilized her in the position where she was leaning against the wall and let the pleasure of that enjoyment take over. I saw that she also came. It was a wonderful moment. Then she turned around, kissed me on the mouth with a nice kiss and went down the hall to the bathroom. I waited until she left and went to the bedroom and went to take a nice shower.
When the judge whistled giving Atlético and Cruzeiro the start of the Copa do Brasil decision, Alfredo, who was a sick athlete, Sara and Carmem, who were from Cruzeiro, were sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching the television, not wanting to lose no game of the match. In the computer room, Odete, who wasn’t much of a football fan, was on all fours, leaning against the edge of the bed, while I, who didn’t cheer for either of the two teams competing in the final of the Brazil Cup, fucked her pussy with all the ardor and pleasure and no fear of being discovered before the end of the first half. After all, those who do not take risks, do not gain.

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