Bora-Bora, Polinésia Francesa, Pôr Do Sol, Oceano


            First, there were indecisive, spaced drops. Then a torrential rain. The sky, once blue, has become dark. The sun, which burned his already bruised and burning skin, disappeared under the great cloud. The scorching sand gradually became cold. Small puddles were forming everywhere.

            When he felt the rain wet his sun-tortured body, he became aware of the pain. The water penetrated the burning skin as if it were burning. He bowed with difficulty and sat on the wet sand. He stayed there like that, until the body, so drenched, stopped hurting.

            The lips, broken by the sun and the thirst, were relieved. A new breath of life stirred his whole body and revived his spirit.


            With the arrival of night, the cold also became unbearable. Before, the hot desert sand softened the cold of the night. Now, however, wet sand could not be heated.

             Wrapped in the thick blanket, he spent a long time watching the sky. The stars twinkled, and now and then, one came off and quickly crossed the night.


            In the morning, after the rain passed, the walk started again.

            In the sand, only the marks of your steps.

            No sign that another human being had made that same path before. Only vultures were seen flying in circles in the sky, at high altitude. They expected him to fall exhausted. Then they would feast.

            The hot wind that blew against his face did not let any other sound reach his ears. Only the noise made by the grains of sand carried by the wind.


            That night, when everything was quiet and the wind was calm, another noise was heard. He listened carefully. Then he got up and started walking again, all night, his eyes trying to see in the darkness.

            Slowly, she walked until she saw him.


            There he was before him, with his great waves. The sea, which he had searched for so many days that he didn’t even remember how many more.

            Smiling, he sat by the water, in the moisture of the sand, watching the distant horizon. Then he knelt down and thanked the Lord.

            He had discovered how he could remove all his people from the bitter captivity, taking them through the desert, to the sea. It would be possible.

            It would be enough to follow the star he had received as a guide.

            After all, they trusted him only, Moses.
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