On the day that the father of my sister-in-law Dorinha, father-in-law of my brother Armando, passed away, the city was more agitated than would be normal due to the death of someone, even though he was as well-known and important as Colonel Libâneo da Costa . He had already been City Councilor, Mayor and Mayor for two terms. It was normal for everyone to prepare for his wake. However, the reason for the extraordinary mobilization that day was not quite the burial of Colonel Libâneo da Costa, but the possible and already confirmed arrival of Libâneo Da Costa Junior, his son, who had recently been elected State Deputy, in the October elections and that he would be sworn in in January. Unfortunately, Colonel Libâneo da Costa, who had worked so hard for the election of his son, died a few days after the election and would not see him installed. Deputy Costa Junior, as his name had been known throughout the campaign, would be present at his father’s burial. It was a way to honor him since he had left the city as a teenager to study in the capital. Now State Representative was returning.

Dorinha, my sister-in-law, although very saddened by the loss of her father, was, at the same time, elated by the arrival of her brother. And he kept telling me about him. Junior is this, Junior is that. From talking so much, it ended up leaving me with enormous curiosity. “He is beautiful, Altiva. You will see when you get off the plane ”.

When the deputy got off the plane, I confirmed what Dorinha had said. He was really beautiful, with a deputy pose, really. I don’t know what happened to me, I didn’t want to approach him. I let Dona Biju, Dorinha and Armando go to receive him and went back to the city in the car of a friend, whom I asked for a ride.

Throughout the morning, I followed the movement of the staff at Dona Biju’s house, where Colonel Libâneo da Costa’s body was being watched in the drawing room. I never approached the deputy nor did I allow myself to be so visible as to be seen by him. From where I was, I saw when Dona Biju, speaking softly in her ear, pointed at Dorinha. Soon after, the deputy got up and left with his sister. I followed it with my eyes as they headed for the yards. I went to Dona Biju and asked for Dorinha and she told me that Dorinha had gone to take her brother to rest at her home.

I waited until Dorinha returned and went, without anyone seeing me, to her home.

Dona Biju’s house faced a small square, had a huge backyard, which ended in a fence that separated it from the backyard of my brother, Dorinha’s husband, in Rua dos Fundos, as we knew it. Thus, it was not necessary to walk through the square and the street to move from one house to another. It was there, through the yards that I reached Dorinha’s house.

When I entered my brother’s house, through the back porch, I heard the sound of a door opening and then someone’s footsteps, walking through the house, towards me. That was when the bedroom door opened and I was faced with the wonderful view of that man in shorts, who stopped, frightened, in front of me. “Oh, sorry, deputy. I didn’t know you were here. I really missed you, up there in the house, ”I said, smiling with delight at that divine vision. He then told me that he didn’t need to apologize, that he was just resting for a while and asked me who I was, saying that he didn’t remember seeing me before. I told you it was Altiva, your sister and Armando’s sister-in-law. That he had gone through the backyards to go to his parents’ house and that he didn’t like to go down the street and the square when he went there. He preferred to go through the yards. He told me he could be comfortable, that he would stay there until later and asked me to speak to his mother and sister who was already well, that they didn’t need to worry. That he was going to sleep and they didn’t have to bother to come meet them later. I gave him a smile and headed for the backyards, leaving behind me the sweet musk scent that had practically poured all over my body and that I hoped it wouldn’t evaporate and I walked around trying to roll my ass so that he would continue to accompany me with the eyes until it disappeared between the trees in the backyards. As I walked I thought about how nice it must be to have that male eating me all over, bogging his dick in me. I shivered just thinking about it.

When the night had come he appeared in the room, looking much better. Oh, how delicious, my God, I thought. Ah, how nice it would be to get fucked right now by him, here, in front of everyone.

I motioned to him with my hand and with a serious look, indicated the empty chair beside me and we sat by his father’s coffin, willing to remain there, beside him, while our eyes held open. We were like that, when I saw his mother retire to his room accompanied by his sister Dorinha, my sister-in-law and my brother’s wife, when Armando approached and positioned himself beside me. Shortly afterwards, Armando patted my shoulder, got up and left. The deputy and I were accompanied by some people who would certainly spend the night there, next to their father, paying their last respects. Just before midnight, my brother Armando and his mother-in-law emerged in the room and came over to where we were, recommending that we get some rest. I got up and said in my brother’s ear that I could, if he wanted, take the deputy through the yards to rest at his house. He nodded and said quietly to his brother-in-law “go with her”. He followed me until he stopped, I sat on the step of the stairs that gave access to the yards. There, I motioned for him to sit down.

For a few minutes we didn’t speak, we just sat there, silent, sitting next to each other. Then, without saying anything, I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and leaned against him. He made me turn and we looked at each other. Eye to eye, we kiss. Slightly at first, we increased the intensity of the kiss until our mouths were crushed in a wild sucking of lips and tongues. I felt myself trembling in his arms as my whole body reacted as if an electric spark had enveloped me, like lightning. His cock was so hard that I wanted to put it in my pussy there, now, without waiting for anything else. “I want to fuck you now. I can’t take it anymore without fucking you, ”he told me. He pushed my body away and pulled me up to a dark corner beside the house, where his mother had a kind of indoor garden. There, we hugged and I took his dick, big and hard as a broomstick, I bent down and started to suck that delight, putting it all in my mouth, taking my mouth and licking it, repeating this operation several times. I didn’t let him come by squeezing his cock and pulling it out of my mouth. Taking off my panties, I told him softly in his ear, “I want to see you fuck me now, fuck hot. But I will want more in the house below ”. He put me on all fours there, in the dark corner and I leaned against the wall while he stuck his dick in my pussy until nothing was left out. I wiggled, moving my ass up and down while he stuck and removed the stick, inserted and removed faster and deeper. When I was going to come, he took the stick and stuck it in mine or in my mouth, hot, throbbing and moist, making me fill my little mouth with cum. Then, holding each other, we went down the yards to fuck much more that night, in the house below, where my brother lived.

He didn’t know that the first night of his grief was going to be badass. And it was.

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