That Sunday, when we left the Church of São Sebastião, right after the solemn mass we had attended, my father told me he remembered that he and my mother had a great friend who lived close to where we were and who had not been there for a long time. saw each other. “Don’t you think this is a good opportunity to give Otávio a hug?” He asked my mother. My mother agreed, saying it would be great because she could exchange ideas with Carmen, his wife, who was a charming, intelligent person and who had always been a good friend. As I made a face of someone who didn’t care,
she told me that i didn’t know otávio and carmem, because when they last met, i must have been two or three years old. “But you liked them, Odete. Especially from Otávio. I loved sleeping on his lap while he walked around the room, rocking you ”. My father then confirmed what my mother said, concluding with “You were very spoiled and loved to sleep on everyone’s lap”.
It was a typical big city Sunday on the day of some extraordinary event, the kind that don’t happen every Sunday, only on specials. In this, the event was the game between Atlético and Cruzeiro for the final decision of the Copa do Brasil. The city had dawned with a light rain, the kind that arrive promising to stay all day. Even so, the movement through the streets, especially in the center, was greater than on other days.
As we walked towards the building where my parents’ friend lived, it was possible to follow the movement of the cheering crowd in the downtown streets, heading for the waiting buses parked along the great avenue, waiting to transport them to the Mineirão.
When we left the elevator, as we walked down the corridor, my curiosity was piqued. How would this friend of my parents be, this guy Otávio. And your wife, that Carmen my mother had spoken with such enthusiasm and admiration? I had no idea how they could be. Until the apartment door opened a few minutes after being triggered by my father.
My father’s friend was about the same age as him, about fifty if at all. My father was fifty-two. But this Otávio was healed, dark, muscular. Was beautiful. Like my father, he called attention to his athletic build. He’s a cat, he concludes.
After showing surprise and that he was happy to see us, Otávio made us enter and hugged us one by one, showing the joy of receiving us. My father told him that we had gone to a Thanksgiving Mass at a church nearby and remembered that it was close to where he had said he lived, the last time they saw each other and that he had decided to stop by to see, who you know, if we still lived in the same place. Which was confirmed when you asked at the building entrance. So he had taken the liberty of climbing without warning us. Otávio then told him that he had done very well and Carmen made us accept to stay for lunch and spend the afternoon with them. As I knew that my father was a sick athlete and would not like to lose the game with Cruzeiro, what would happen if they went to his home, which was in Betim, invited him to watch the game broadcast on TV. My father agreed saying that it would be a good opportunity to update the news and the conversation since the last time they met.
Lunch was American style, with each serving in the kitchen, directly from the stove and spreading around the apartment to eat wherever he thought was best. Otávio, Carmen and my parents stayed in the living room and had lunch sitting on the couch, watching television. After asking if I could use the computer I had seen on the table in one of the guest rooms, I decided to have lunch there, so I could access the internet. From the corridor that gave access to the room where I was, I could see Otávio sitting in front of me, without the others being able to see me. But he could see me very well.
After finishing lunch, plate in hand, I stood in the hall, facing Otávio and fixed my eyes on him while waving, in a slow gesture, to get his attention. I felt it when he noticed me, lifting his head. I gave him a smile as he ran his tongue over my lips, gently. When he was sure I had seen him, he nodded slightly to show me the direction of the kitchen. Then, without saying anything, she got up and, with her plate in hand, asked if anyone else wanted anything from the kitchen and as everyone said no, she walked over there, where I was already standing by the stove, waiting for he.

__ I was curious to meet you. My parents talk about you a lot – I said smiling.
__ They are very good friends. But I already knew you. Only when I saw her it was still very small – he replied smiling.
_ I know. My mom told me that you already made me sleep on your lap, is it true? How old was I? – I asked.
_ I think you were about four years old – he replied a little awkwardly.
I put some more food on the plate and then walked away so he could help himself. When he started to help himself, I put my hand on his shoulder, put my face close to his ear and said quietly:
_ Then, go to the computer room to give me your lap again? – and I left the kitchen quickly, leaving him standing there, unable to answer anything because I hadn’t given him any time to answer.
Back in the computer room, I wondered what he would do after I asked him for a lap. He would find me or he would be scared and cold with the thought that he didn’t understand.
After lunch, Carmen called my parents and told them that she had prepared the double room so that they could take a nap until the time of the game, commenting that she knew it was the custom of their region, where they were from, to nap after lunch. He added: “Here at home, I also take a nap, but Otávio is not used to it”. And he went to one of the single rooms, closing the door.
Otávio continued in the room while everyone settled in for the nap. Without warning I went to him in the living room. I walked towards him as if I were walking, moving my body in a sensual way, rolling slightly, without exaggeration, in a somewhat casual but natural way. Smiling, I went over to where he was sitting and sat on his lap, taking his hands in my hands and placing them on my chest, squeezing them lightly. I made him realize that they were loose, free, stiff, without a bra. He stroked them and I felt that his dick was changing from being soft to hard and from hard to very very hard, quickly. I got up and pulled him to his feet and made him walk beside me to where the corridor started. There, I leaned against the wall, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock that could not harden any more than it already was. I hugged him and I spent some time caressing his cock in my hands, smoothing it, squeezing it lightly until I bent down and put it in my mouth sucking deliciously. At some point I didn’t even notice, I stopped sucking his dick, I turned my back on him, I lifted up the skirt I was wearing and let him see that he was without panties. She had left her bra, panties and shame in her computer room. I bent over the body, leaned against the wall, spread my legs, took his cock with one hand and placed it at the entrance to my pussy, which only needed to drip from it so wet and started to roll it very lightly. I felt his cock entering piece by piece in my pussy that I could see that it was stuffed. The more the stick went in, the stronger my waist became. He held me by the hips and was forcing his dick so that it wouldn’t come out. So, we were fucking tasty. In addition to worrying about rolling the stick in and out, I looked down the hall ahead of us to watch the door to the rooms where my parents and Carmen slept. We couldn’t even let out a groan. But the grip of his hand on my waist and on my thighs told us how connected we were in that fuck. When I realized it wouldn’t be long before he came, I gently ran his finger over my ass and saw that he contracted as if he wanted to bite his finger. I squeezed his finger and got him all over my ass. Giving a stronger shake with my body, I smashed my ass more so that his finger would go deeper. Without letting him take his finger off, I slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy and touched it to my ass while he was slowly removing his finger. So, calmly, I forced his dick and made it go into my ass. It was hot, humid and throbbing. When the stick just got in, I felt his bag hit my ass every time he pushed, while I jerked up the body, so the stick would fit deeper. A very good feeling was taking over me and I felt a splash of cum coming out of his cock and flooding all over my ass. He grabbed me tighter, immobilized me in the position where I was leaning against the wall and let the pleasure of that enjoyment take over. I let him see that I also came. It was a wonderful moment. Then he turned around, kissed me on the mouth with a nice kiss and went down the hall to the bathroom. I went back to the computer room to compose myself to take a nap. I took a chance, but it paid off.

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