When I arrived to work that morning, I realized that the store across from the supermarket was open, which was a novelty. Soon someone commented that it was a cafeteria, with various types of goodies. And that the owner was very beautiful. As I am already committed and my wife is very jealous, the information that the owner of the cafeteria was beautiful did not arouse my curiosity.
Given the proximity, I and some colleagues at the supermarket started to go to the cafeteria every day. There we had breakfast and snacks during the day. We were very well received and felt at ease. The atmosphere was comfortable and peaceful, which reduced the stress that was caused by our work.
I’m not sure when it happened, but it happened one day. I realized, from where I was, that I was being watched insistently by the owner of the cafeteria, whom we called “neighbor”. Curious, not knowing why that insistent look, I asked her on one of my trips to the café: “Earlier today, I saw that you were looking at me from here. Did you need anything?” She gave me a smile and said no, that she was looking just because I was an interesting figure to look at. He concluded, “Do you mind? Don’t you like to be looked at?” Without waiting for me to say anything, he turned his back and left me there, still.
The rest of the day we exchanged looks, she at the diner and me at the supermarket. Until then, I, who already thought it was beautiful, started to think it was also hot, very hot.
From that day on, whenever I could I ran to the cafeteria, with or without reasons, hungry or not hungry. I just wanted to see her, talk to her. I was very interested in her and I was sure she was interested in me.
As always happens, when a man shows that he is very interested in a woman, the signs are so clear and easy to be recognized that, even trying to avoid flagging, we open ourselves up to those closest to us. So, those who worked with me soon realized and started making fun, making jokes and playing green to harvest ripe. My only defense was to always say that it was not true, that we had nothing, that I was committed, etc. But in reality, I knew I didn’t convince them. So, when we went to the cafeteria, my companions soon found a way to leave me alone with the neighbor.
I realized that she was hinting more and more every day. A joke, a loose word, always a steady look in my gaze, a touch of the hand. I increasingly appreciated those little signs. She was disorienting me. But nothing was more serious.
In my head, things were very clear. I was married and didn’t want to betray my wife and jeopardize our marriage. At the same time I saw myself fucking the neighbor in every way. As a result of this confusion, when I was at my house I swore to myself that I would stop going to the cafeteria, that I would no longer see or speak to the neighbor. But when I arrived at the supermarket, even before I started to work, I went to the cafeteria. looking forward to seeing you, as if my life depended on it.
One day, a colleague told me that he had discovered why I went to the cafeteria so much: “He goes there to smell the neighbor”. It was a general joke and I just had to deny my interest in her, without anyone believing, as always. That same day she learned of the mockery. Then she asked, smiling “What if I like to be sniffed by him?” When I found out, I immediately found an excuse, a sudden hunger, and went for a snack. When we were alone together, in a corner, I told her that it was true that I would like to be able to smell her whole body, but that it was impossible because I was married, I didn’t want to betray my wife. But he was no longer holding on to her desire. She heard me and said nothing. Just heard.
From that day on, she lessened the momentum in her eyes and I realized that she was getting cold. My God, I’m going to lose it, I thought, terrified. So I started to try to stay close to her whenever possible, offering to help her in the cafeteria whenever I could, to indicate contacts who could be suppliers, everything that would allow me to prevent her from leaving me. Until one day she told me that she would like me to take her to a natural food supply center that she wanted to see and that was located outside the city. We arranged for the next day.
When I saw her I felt that nothing would be the same. She was beautiful. He wore a suit with pink silk shorts, a long-sleeved white shirt and an almost brown blazer, open at the front. He wore flowered sneakers.
The shopkeepers almost went out on the slap, vying for the right to serve it. There was no shortage of whistles and sighs from the most exalted. Beside him, I could feel how he was envied by everyone. After all, we passed on the idea of ​​being a loving couple. She managed to sign some supply contracts for what she needed at the launch

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