We were friends of studies. We saw each other practically every day. We exchanged ideas, discussed theories, shared knowledge. Anyway, we could say that we already missed each other, when we didn’t see each other. Friends, yes, for sure. Lots of friends.
It had been a busy year, with a lot of work, a lot of pressure and little rest. I felt my body heavy from daily fatigue, all my muscles and bones screaming for help and a while doing nothing and my head dreaming of a beach. I decided that it would be so. Beach. Sea, lots of sand, coconut water, shrimp on the skewer and people almost naked. Too much bikini parading in front of me. Ah, I wanted to rest. I was going to have rest.
What was my surprise when one night, returning from college, I told her about my plans for the extended holiday ”How about. Are you ready to go with me? ” and she, immediately, without even thinking, answered me: “I’m in it. I’m in. I will go with you”. So, just like that, we took a bus one night and embarked for the coast. Towards the sea. And after traveling a whole night, me, she and her five-year-old daughter came across in the morning with the blue immensity of the sea dominating everything, in front of us. End of trip. Beginning of rest.
As soon as we left our bags in the apartment, which was just a block from the beach and where we could see the sea waiting for us, we went to the beach. We were excited but the one who showed the greatest happiness was his daughter, who had never seen the sea until then.
I left them playing in the sand and went to look around, to familiarize myself with the environment and when I came back I saw them, walking on the sand. The two were talking animatedly. My friend was completely relaxed. I could see that, in that short time by the sea, it had already undergone a great transformation. The heavy countenance had been replaced by a lightness that could be perceived from afar. She, who was already a beautiful woman, was simply beautiful. Beside her daughter she was charming. Then, something awoke inside me. And I wanted her like that, from a distance, delighted, without being able to take my eyes off her. Suddenly, there was no one else on that beach, just her. I didn’t even see your daughter anymore. Just her. No sound in the air. Just your laugh. And the waves of the sea breaking at your feet. The sea paid homage to its beauty and fell, quieted its waves at its feet. And she, without caring for anything around her, walked on the sand, moving her perfect body beautifully, in a smooth walk, her hips moving in an insinuating roll.
I don’t know how long I stayed there, from afar, just watching the two of them playing in the sand. It shouldn’t have been for a long time, but it felt like forever. When they saw me and turned to run towards me, the spell broke as if by magic and I tried not to let everything I felt when I saw them before be perceived by them. But the seed of wanting had already been planted in my thoughts. I wanted her.
As we were looking to rest, I decided that we would not make food at home and that we would try to eat in a restaurant right in front of the apartment. We just had to cross the street and we didn’t even need to change clothes, because there we were allowed to wear swimwear. So, we had our first meal together, the three of us. Then, at her suggestion and not paying attention to the protests of the daughter who wanted to go back to the beach, we went to the apartment to get some rest, after all, we had traveled all night and, although happy, we were tired. “Then we go back to the beach and stay until late afternoon”.
Before going to bed, we take a shower to remove the sand from the body and sleep from the eyes. I let them use the restroom and used a small bathroom just after the kitchen. As the apartment had two bedrooms, she stayed with her daughter in the double room and I stayed in one of the bunk beds placed in the next room.
Lying down, I couldn’t fall asleep. The desire to be with her grew stronger and took over me. I felt thirsty and went to the kitchen. As I headed for the fridge, I saw the two pieces of her bikini lying on the small clothesline in the corridor leading to the small bathroom. I instantly imagined her naked, her white body beginning to brown in the sun, her breasts loose, free, upright. For the size of the bra, they must have been small. Did they have normal, pink pouting? Would the nipples be big? How would they look when I touched them with my hands? And when I put them in my mouth and sucked them gently, how would they react? So thinking I felt that sleep was lost for good and I was taken by a lust that hardened my dick more and more, standing there in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator. Impossible to resist. I went to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and let the warm water run down my body while I banged a delicious handjob imagining I was screwing it. I came a lot. Back in the room, I fell asleep almost instantly.

Most of the afternoon we sat on the sand, under a parasol, talking and watching her daughter playing in the sand.

On the way back to the apartment, we passed a sundries fair and bought some trinkets, ate in a tent and sat on a bench aimlessly, watching the moon moonlit all night hanging in a sky full of stars.

When her daughter showed signs that she couldn’t stand to be awake anymore, we went to the apartment and she settled her in bed and came to stay with me, in the living room, watching television, sitting on the floor, at my feet, head resting on my knees, while I caressed your hair, lightly.

Before long she narrowed her eyes and I realized that I was sleepy. I asked if I was sleepy and she said yes. I helped her to her feet and told her that I would still be watching the TV some more. She went to the bedroom and I followed her with my eyes, ecstatic.

During the time we were together in the living room, we didn’t speak much. However, the way everything went left me with such peace that it touched me deeply. To be with her sitting on the floor with her head resting on my knees, letting me caress her hair was to share her intimacy with me in a pure and innocent way. When I went to my room, I felt happy, completely happy.

As strange as it may seem, I understood that she had shared the intimacy she wanted to share with me. I wanted her, very much, I wanted to fuck her in all the ways that my desire imposed on me, but I had to understand that she hadn’t accompanied me to the beach to fuck me. She was with me, taking her daughter, to become a companion and accomplice in my happiness. And at the same time, letting her daughter live such beautiful, wonderful and happy moments that she would never forget. She was there to be happy with me and not to become my lover.

We stayed a few more days delighting ourselves with sand, sun and moonlight. During all the time we strolled a lot, we had fun and made your daughter have more fun than she could.

Every night in the apartment, she let herself sit on the living room floor, her head bent on my knees while I played with her hair, until sleep made her go to bed.

Not once did we talk about sex. What she never knew is that I kept wishing and wanking every afternoon and every night, in the bathroom imagining that we were fucking and doing other “bad things”.

When we returned to Belo Horizonte we were really rested, happy and sunburned. She and her daughter showed that they were really happy. She was certainly ready for a new workday and study. I, for my part, was ready to start a dream season.

Ah, how I wish I had kissed you. How I wish I had eaten it. Oh how I wish she could come back to that beach with me, this time knowing all that she hadn’t known until then. Would we fuck? what do you think?

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