During my adolescence I lived with a serious problem of pimples that appeared, just like that, reddened and swelled with the greatest ease. It was enough to squeeze and then swell. As I became an adult, the problem disappeared as if by magic. Until one day I felt a nuisance in my bag and, upon checking it, I discovered that there was a hair starting to ignite. I went to a pharmacy and the clerk suggested applying an ointment, ensuring that the ideal thing would be for me to do a hair removal, thus preventing the problem from recurring.
Although the ointment had given the result and removed the spot where the hair was inflaming, I decided that it would be better to listen to the advice of the pharmacy boy. The only problem is that I didn’t feel safe being seen at a clinic. I had never done hair removal before, for sure, I would be embarrassed and very ashamed in the presence of strangers. So, I searched the internet until I found one of these beauty and hair removal professionals who attended at home. We agreed that she would do her job in my apartment.
The doorbell rang and I opened the door for her to enter. White, wavy black hair, slim figure, a beautiful face and a beautiful smile. He wore a white apron with the ones nurses wear. “Hi, I’m Adriana”. I greeted her and told her to feel free. She quickly opened the suitcase she was carrying and set up, right there, in the living room, one of those small portable stretchers, which beauticians and massage therapists use for home care. “Take your clothes off, lie on the stretcher and you can rest easy”. While I lay down, she laid out the material I would need to use on the coffee table, put on gloves, using a spatula to apply a thin layer of wax to my body. “On the phone, you told me you never shaved. It is true? Can I do what I think will be better? ” I said yes and asked how it would be. The answer he gave me was very technical and professional ”I will shave the entire upper frontal region of the pubis, which is the most obvious choice, which everyone makes, but the ideal is to also take care of the sac, especially around the penis. And, if you really want me to go for it, I can extend the process to the groin ”. I agreed, of course, since she was an expert. “You won’t be in trouble, no. It will be easy to shave. You have little hair. They’ll like it, ”she hinted. “I’m shaving, it’s not because of sex, no. It is to prevent the hair in this region from igniting, ”I told him. She laughed, “I know. I can see where I had one ”and ran his finger over my bag, exactly where there was inflamed hair before.
While talking to me, she was doing the epilation, starting with the groin, removing the wax from my skin. Painfully. She was removing the wax with one hand with quick and safe gestures, while with the other she was smoothing the skin from where she had removed the wax, to feel if there was any hair left. In this movement I was going to get bad on my dick, taking it, squeezing it, turning it from side to side. As I waxed my groin, I looked at my club discreetly and sneakily. It didn’t take long for my cock to harden and then I told him that, like that, I was going to end up being embarrassed. She looked at me smiling, saying, “No need to be embarrassed, no. Relax and enjoy. There is no problem unless you don’t like it ”. It was just telling the fuck to harden up for good, as if obeying an order. She continued her waxing work, but now, stroking my cock, which glistened with oil. I noticed that her breasts were stiff, upturned.
Since the game was that, I decided that I would also play. I started to run my hand over his legs, in the middle of them, on his thighs and grab his ass, squeezing, pinching, squeezing. From time to time she would let out a muffled moan as she squirmed, rolling slightly, without stopping to shave. I no longer felt any pain when she removed the wax. “It hurt alot?. Now we just need to do a review ”she said while rubbing her hands with a liquid that she took out of her bag. “This will make the pores recover without leaving any irritation. It’s very cold and can soften your dick. ” I just replied “OK. Let’s see what happens”. I kept thinking to myself, I will let it happen. And it happened … she started a slow wank on me and whispered in my ear that she would give me a supplement, but that I would have to keep it a secret because it was not her custom to do so, that it would just make up for my pain. I just nodded in agreement. She then starts to bite me, my cock was completely inside her mouth. It was beyond exciting. It was my first waxing, it was at my house, in my living room and so that moment was being very special. Adriana not only sucked, but also sucked my eggs, she was delusional from being so horny. That was when I felt I was going to come, but there was no time to warn, I poured an abundant amount of cum into Adriana’s mouth who, with the whole class, didn’t let a single drop fall out, swallowed it all, gave me a smile and told me that the job was done. I paid for it and we said goodbye with a long and lingering kiss on the mouth, promising each other that we would repeat the session on another day, later on.

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